Thursday, June 16, 2011

State Capitol Domes + Golden Rule = Golden Domes????

I was a Senate Page during one summer back in my high-school days (my god, I'm starting to sound like that guy).
I remember being of part by assisting distinctive members of Congress by running errands and coordinating documents. 
I also remember the grand exteriors and interiors of the palace-like State Capitol, and formulated a bit of sickness in the pit of my stomach.
Knowing that your and my tax dollars were supplying such luxury towards frequent bureaucratic corruption.

Since then, I've been able notice a grandstandingly audacious trend within State Capitol architecture: Golden Domes!!!

The sight of them makes me nervous as a tax paying citizen that is classified well below any aristocratic measures. Perhaps a better term for myself and the millions of like-ranked citizens as "tax paying dispensaries" instead.

Golden Domes!!! The sheer arrogance and audacity to erect such mockery, such showmanship is practically a slap in the face to those citizens. Even more so, its a obvious tell-tell sign of Capitalism with all of its greedy intention.

Oh, the nation is teetering on the edge of a "double-dip recession"?
Economical collapse is imminent you say?
And your solution is to, what,  "BLAME OBAMA?"
Uh, no way, your way off track my unfortunate friend.
No way, there's GOLD in them-there hills boys, GOLD as far as the eye can see, let's go to work boys!!!

Certain organizations have linked up to maintain the "history" or "cultural significance" of these eyesores have sparked public demand for restorative donations.
Citizens volunlinteer and "get involved" by giving dollars in support of a noble cause such as this one.

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