Friday, June 24, 2011

Debates with Capitalist Conservatives, Vol. 3

  • I will be chronicling my conversations with those who appear to be unaware of social awareness, and quite surprisingly, comfortable with our current system of administration thank you very much!

    Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own protection):

    Topic: Constitution, Smonsitution

    Constitution, Smonsitution: Its theory and the parchment its written on are both tragically outdated...

    Its "freedoms" and "rights" described within have become corrupted over the past centuries.
    Silly rabbit...
    You actually have no rights, its kinda a scam really, all set in place to collect tax dollars from the majority of the populace...

    Marxist fundamentals with modern sarcasm advocating equality in multiple fronts.
    Its about time to spread awareness between Ultra-Communistic and Marxists ideals.
  • Rj R.

  • Christopher A.
    Thx for that pile of Bullshit.

  • K....any responses with some substance?

  • Christopher A.
    Well, to be fair, your post doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me. Could you please briefly re-state what you mean. I really didn't get what you meant with that last part.

  • Rj R. 
    Yeah thats what I am asking too, I am not quite sure what you mean. Are you pro Marx or anti Marx?

  • Christopher A. 
    I'm neither. I like some the things Marx wrote and some I thought was kind of dumb. I think he had good ambitions. Communism was a complete failure though.

  • Rj R. 
    I personally am a full on Communist. Technically I can't be considered a Marxist because I don't agree with the dictatorship of the proletariat and some other characteristics, but I pretty much agree on almost everything else. The tendency I describe myself with is Anarcho-Communism, because I am also an Anarchist. What was it you were talking about up in your original post? It sounds interesting.
  • Christopher A
    Communism doesn't work. I love and respect Noam Chomsky, but I just think the 20th century utterly proved the superiority of capitalism to communism.

  • Capitalism has fallen, its caused the insurgency of involving American troops into an unnecessary Holy War. All based on oil resources & territory.
    The housing market forecast is going further down the toilet, allowing certain sectors to benefit from the financial disaster.
    Ultra-Communistic dictators murdered and plundered for social advancement.
    A clear difference between Left Communist & Right Communist ideals, the blog speaks for itself as well.
  • Christopher A.
    Capitalism has built this modern world we live in. Communism, I whole heartedly believe, was a reaction to the emergence of unrestrained capitalism. Since that time, countries with capitalist economies have instituted social welfare programs in order to placate those who do not flourish in the capitalist model. I'm a supporter of such programs and the formation of unions. These political institutions act as a counterweight to the heartless nature of capitalism.

    Capitalism isn't the cause for America's middle-eastern wars. Regardless, the costs associated with such conflicts aren't small, but they aren't overly significant either. America's debt crisis is due to low taxes more than anything. We definitely have much to work on as a nation. There are still many issues to address, but overall, capitalism will remain. It's all about efficiency. Communism isn't efficient and the product of communism has been workers who show little initiative. Research the problems of integration Germany has had. The former Communist East Germans are not willing to work as hard and produce as well as Western Germans. This has caused considerable tension because they are now having to compete. In East Germany, they were used to being paid the same wage and guaranteed a job regardless of performance. Thus, there is no incentive to work hard. Another issue is that Central planning simply fails. It always has. If you can somehow get over these hurdles and create an efficient, innovative, communist economy, then hey man my hat's off to you. I just don't think it's going to happen.

  • We've based our way of living that revolves around the dollar. Human beings devalue themselves in order to obtain said dollars, turning us into cut-throat buffoons by every generation.
    Capitalism is the bastard child of feudalism from the Medieval times, where you are valued by land & resource accumulation.
    Capitalism is a heartless monster that chews up society, digests it, and spits it out leaving the land barren and uninhabitable.
    Money, in a grand sense, is stupid, makes mankind simple-minded like a host of piranhas.
    I'm all about intercontinental commerce, but in light of Capitalism, outsourcing has been a common form of action for American companies. They are willing to amputate their left foot in order to keep the head CEOs profits alive.
    Levels of class create a division between human beings, we are all one, and we should fellowship in advancing society. Minus the unnecessary monarchy.

    In regards to our original topic: Our treasured Constitution are chalk full of no-brainer, moot stand-points. Hello, free speech and slavery are obvious subject matters. Progressive times require a new doctrine, a new "Magna Carta" in a sense.
    (to be continued.....)

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