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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starve The Beast: The American Way & Superstructure of Class Destruction

I stumbled across this ad during the commercials on TV:

Orbeez Soothing Spa can be yours for $29.99 plus tax.

Yes, I’m sure this contraption has been marketed for the “upper middle-class” girl who had to handle one too many algebraic equations for one day.

Being sold across the globe, allowing privileged pre-teens to recline and “de-stress”, such a difficult lifestyle to maintain and uphold for such a youngster living within a hostile world.

This theme of pamperage and coddling has been reoccurring throughout the generations, even going as far as enforcing entitlement measures that have created long-standing racial divides.

Anyone lining up to see the new movie “The Help” would be able to easily recognize the social and racial entitlement that was a part of American nomenclature not even 50 freakin’ years ago.

I wonder of the demographic information compiled from “The Help’s” ticket sales, particularly those who find the levels of injustice and demoralization that is the story’s makeup as a form of “heart-warming” entertainment. 

Nevertheless, a theme of pamperage and coddling was very much galvanized during this era, which confirmed the Social Superstructure for the American populace, with race & ethnicity being core contributors. 

The American Way realized a la Kentucky 1937:

It was expected for a certain social group to live their lives among the lowest of the low, to fend for whatever opportunity that has been casted upon them; factories, fields, construction, domestic servitude. Receiving the luxury of formal education was, for most, a cultural sweepstake with its novelty becoming more and more transparent during the flood of our nation’s job market.

The American Way realized a la Atlanta, Georgia 2009:

Is there some way to categorize this uncaged epidemic as a part of carefully crafted strategy for economic sustainability?

Enter the “Starve The Beast” campaign. According to syndicated columnist and former U.S. Treasury official Bruce Bartlett, its definition:
“"Starving the beast" is a fiscal-political strategy of some American conservatives to cut taxes, depriving the government of revenue that enables spending on social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, in an effort to create a fiscal budget crisis that would then force the federal government to reduce spending.”

The airways are filled to a deafening level of politicians demanding urgency for cutting immediate “government spending” that have breached the 1-Trillion Dollar mark. Their target programs have been coincidentally designated as “entitlements” that are making social contributions in the hands of the people.
I have developed a visual aide, basically through my personal interpretation on the dynamics of this potential cataclysm they are so desperate to enact:

I have visualized our national budget in the form of a septic tank that many Americans have in their backyards.

In fact, here is a more literal diagram of the building-blocks of the septic tank itself:

Notice the pipeline set in place that pumps the sewage and sludge into the cavernous pit, ensuring that the homeowners’ refuse is discarded with the hopes never to be seen again.

Well, over time and left unchecked, the sludge can become sedimentary and its backflow will form layers of sludge to an unmanageable degree. Then creating a homeowner’s worse nightmare: Septic Tank Overflow. The sight, smell, texture, and long-standing effects of this event would be something we all would strive to avoid at all costs.

However, this schematic of septic tank overflow can relate to our current economic crisis, with the sludge of our spending causing the “budget tank” to buckle breaching structural integrity.

If you translate the diagram above and fuse it with our budget concerns, you can see the drastic similarities of unchecked government spending according to recent Congressional data:

I will be celebrating my 30th birthday within 6-months, of those 30-years, nearly 20 of my years living in on this Earth have been spent under Republican Rule. Those 20 years were also occupied by tremendous exaggeration of government spending year by year, generating levels of debt unseen by the years before.


The current President made great strides to assure that changes would be made through various means of bipartisan corporation. By some means, if you have been completely removed from society and emerged from mountain-living for the past 5-years, one might surmise that very little change has been made at all. In fact, a sharp decline in American prosperity can be arguably assumed from the disconnected few. To be honest, after observing 20-years of conducting governmental business practices that would ensure “conservative” establishment, one might also surmise that installing a “fall-guy” commander-in-chief would be an eloquent exit from previous Republican Rule. 

After all, they wouldn’t want to relinquish their power so easily and lose years worth of diligent momentum now would they?

Of course, the government’s method to keep the budget in check is to tax the American citizens, as the government is very eager to arrange that transaction as frequently and plentiful as possible. The problem is that, many of those aforementioned 20-years were operated under the guise of substantial tax cuts/tax breaks for certain individuals in our society. Individuals earning incomes within the tippy-top 10 percentile have been enjoying executive privileges by avoiding the level of taxation the remaining 90% are mandated to pay from our wages.

So, by removing what could have been a large chunk of tax revenue from the super wealthy, the government is forced attempting to “squeeze blood from turnips” in order to pay for our nation’s backflow of debt. Rising costs of war, both internationally and domestically, have in turn made members of a certain class wealthier than before. Above it all, the invoice is routed right back to the government for the lowly taxpayers to cough up the cash. Those individuals who are able to amass their wealth during this time period can run for office to ensure the perpetual cycle can run its course unaffected. 

Flooding the budget with debt would cause for public demand for balance and correction, by any means necessary. Connecting our bursting Septic Sewage Tank analogy to our Debt Sewage Tank predicament that is stinking and spilling our lawn. 

Their sense of urgency for cutting immediate “government spending” will target “entitlement” programs that are critical for low-waged families and households. According to their plan, once those programs have been reduced or removed (hence “Starving The Beast”) ***TA-DA*** the budget can now be balanced and all is well with the world!

Success! All for the sake of attaining the lofty goal of The American Way, exploitation in its purest/capitalist form, on stage for the world to see.

If and when the “Starve The Beast” campaign reaches completion, the lines of social division will be fortified for generations to come. The American middle class ideal will become a thing of the past, much like the steam engine and the fax machine (oh, people still use those things, ooops, you get the idea…). Simply leaving the 90% of the population, the poorest of the poor, enslaved in desperation.  With reduced or zero federal aid, these individuals have no choice but to work. Work until their arthritic limbs are mangled and untreated (by the way, whenever you go to Wal-Mart, if you see Carl Grossman, be sure to say hi, he’s a World War II veteran).

Work for the upper-classmen for laughable wages. Working for a meal, living amongst themselves, clinging to life in the slums down below.

All of whom will be tending to the needs of an unattainable society, the shiny supreme land owners of the north. The little girls, after a strenuous day, coming home from their ballet try-outs, will be able to submerse their dainty feet into their scented and synthetic Orbeez Soothing Spa.

We should be grateful of the wondrous opportunity the Orbeez Company has bestowed upon us to work in their production plant to create their catalogue of products in enthusiastic demand. It is with great regret to inform you that said plant is not in America; the label on the Orbeez Soothing Spa says “Made in China”…

Check out the active petition hosted by who are making strides ensuring all Americans, including the billionaires, are taxed without exceptions.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

WTF! Who is buying "Well Tabs"?!?!?

Only in the land of Mega-Churches, For-Profit Hospitals, and sky-rocketing Drug Incarcerations.
As I came across this commercial last week, I can only say.... Wow!

Where has the rationality of a strong, industrious nation, not able to see that a group of business men are pulling another con in the form of a placebo sugar-pill.

Pure Medicinal Quackery!

Although, these sales tactics have been used before:

Crowds of yester-year have been drawn in by the pageantry of salesmen armed with charm and lure, promising to have a tonic that provides a cure-all to ail you (minus the speaker system as depicted in this photo of course....)

Any coincidence that salesmen of this caliber made their claims in order to make a quick buck, while maintaining a mobile and nomadic lifestyle on wagon-wheels roaming from town to town.
Once the word begun to spread that his elixir has been deemed fraudulent and worthless, locating him would prove to be very difficult as the dust settles with his wagon-wheel tracks embedded in the ground.

This collective of Well-Tab well-wishers must stop purchasing artificial stimulants as they have proven to be trinkets for profit-driven corporations.
Hopefully within a year's timeframe, Well-Tabs will become a relic of the past.  Of course, these corporations will always be less than forthright detailing the legitimacy of their products.

Products such as these can be filed along the ranks of artificial sweeteners using Saccharin and pain relievers like Celebrex that consequently, generated a rolodex of adverse effects on the human body.

However, elder scrolls have described another medicinal source that countless of subscribers have used and loved throughout humankind. Use of cannabis/hemp detailed a multi-faceted mass-manufactured approach by our country’s forefathers.
A quote taken from America’s 1st President:

Thank you George Washington!
There were quotes from industrialist Henry Ford who was a proponent of hemp agriculture with its vast potential.

Here is an outline which he proclaimed over 60-years ago stating the use of what was described as “Biomass” fuels in completion with temperamental Fossil Fuels.


Kudos to Mr. Ford, and to cannabis ambassador Joe Rogan for his advocacy on the more recent corporate prohibition of hemp use.


Also, please follow along with Mr. Jan Irvin’s videos uploaded via YouTube as he chronicles the historical tapestry of hemp & human civilization.

 “Well-Tabs”…. Its a f**kin' joke with only the tyrannical tycoons to laugh at our buffoonery and their monthly invoices.

These companies will make millions, cease production, and within time, resurrect their efforts with a new concoction to sell to the masses. Such salesmen tactics that has been used time and time again, exploitation that I'm sure certain American dynasties has become very keen to master over the past century:

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Here's a new equation for you to ponder over:

Guns + God x Blackwater = Loafers Grenades (???)

There is a great margin of duty and responsibility bestowed upon what many have unconventionally labeled as the great "American Burden". It has been a mantra that has been written in patriotic stone to wage genocidal war for the sake of spreading democracy. Given our county's prominent display of imperialistic conquest, we have earned a world-wide reputation of a shoot-first "with guns blazing" set of mannerisms. 

What can also be taken into consideration is the acquired gun culture the United States have maintained for centuries, most likely enabled by our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms ( along with the estimated 5,000 gun shows take place each year in the U.S.  according to Michael Bouchard, Assistant Director/Field Operations of ATF).

Furthermore, the U.S. Armed forces are fulfilling the need to exercise a rather boastful obligation for the rest of the world to uphold ideals of righteousness and independence. As seen below, a warrior's plea towards those who have become increasingly apprehensive about our country's Middle Eastern engagement.

Unfortunately, I was one of many who was not able to cultivate sympathies for this wayward solider. An arcane desire to willfully put oneself in the line of hostile artillery for the sake of using government issued weaponry has not justified the concept of foreign bombardment. This "American Burden" of engaging war-minded activities for the sake of “democracy” and “liberty” is a masquerade, a farce.
Instead, our country has remained steadfast in its war profiteering programs, our contributions funding wars (both in economic cost and human lives) are double and triple (quadrupled?) in comparison to other countries as well.

Studies have shown our country's priorities of war and education has been deemed to be a comedy of errors. Which proves to benefit a certain sector of stock holders invested in war with Capitalistic intention, the means to turn a profit no matter the cost.

The "progress" made by our troops both achieved thus far and to be determined have been victories that have yet to make any substantial impact on the daily lives of those living on American soil. If anything, these crusade-like activities have only "stirred the hornet's nest" creating anger and discord across both shores. A timely incident that reflected an occupied region's level of discontent toward an over-zealous dictator who prioritize his own self-interests over those of the indigenous people (duck, Leather-Loafers INBOUND!!!) was a modernized version of the shot heard 'round the world:

There has been punitive evidence placing a spotlight toward recent presidential campaigns that have made our international occupations comparative to a rich man expensive game of chess. There has been a increase of private military outfits that have been constructed and heavily engaged in heavy-arms combat. A clandestine group previously known as "Blackwater" (recently changed their name to "Xe" pronounced "Z") have distinct ties to our government's branches of defense that have been aggressively fighting for, again, the sake of spreading democracy.

Resources used to fund these and other countless projects engineered to support our troops locked in combat ultimately must derive from an outside source. A source that virtually untapped and is nearly self-replenishing that can enable mounds of surplus streams of cash. That source has been the national budget that was meant to sustain our country's growth and means for prosperity. As shown in the collection of insurmountable debt that has done nothing but reach critical mass levels with no signs of debt stabilization.
Illustration pertains to recorded data pulled from our very own Congressional Budget Office ( These debts originated fulfilling the needs of our great "American Burden". The invoice for this ultimate cost are increasingly redistributed and paid into forms of gross taxation, specifically targeting individuals of certain lower class and rank amongst society. A former President's "War on Terror" has and will cost taxpayers a great deal, in regards to monetary disregard and overall cultural detachment.

View the counter linked below that provides a "real-time" ticker of the rising costs of war orchestrated by fellow humans demonstrating power beyond our control:

Recent activities of war have been executed solely for the means of occupying foreign territories and exploit its resources to increase profit margins.  The costs of war, affected in both physical and metaphysical needs across the globe, are losses that have proved to become less than genuine as the decades progresses.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dallas' Running of the Bulls

Last week, thousands of people lined the streets with enhanced levels of excitement and anticipation.
Many people have gathered around from various lands to participate in an extreme act of desperation that was observed by many spectators to survey the carnage at hand.
Once the announcement of this event spread throughout the masses, a surge of participants made sure that they can maintain their spot ahead of the competitive pack, charging on foot and braving the elements that beseech them.

No, this is not reflecting the time honored Spanish bull-run tradition of 2011 that's full of laughs and leisure:

These refers to the despicable arrangement in Dallas for housing public assistance taking place @ 6AM:

According to Human Services Department director Dr. Zachary Thompson. "Of course, we have people break line, running. That's to be expected." The scores of participants exceeded the department's expectations, but everyone who wanted an application got one in due process.
Mass confusion arose as the police forces where ill-prepared as well, leaving both public managing departments blaming each other for the amount of discord.

Not very surprising, after pulling statistical information from the United States Federal Reserve database, the rate of unemployment has breached nearly 9% of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington tri-city area (4th place largest metro in the U.S.). Given their population is nearly 6-million, that means over 500,000 without work, many looking for assistance along with those of the working poor engulfed with expenses.

These sort of events are far from isolated, a similar fallout took place in Atlanta less than 1-year ago, where the scale of human desperation reached tidal wave proportions.

Hmmmm- Video Removed... Try again:

When the crowd thinned out at the Tri-Cities Plaza Shopping Center, the parking lot was a sprawling mess of discarded water bottles, crushed soda cans and cigarette packs. Kim Lemish, East Point Housing Authority executive director, said the Section 8 housing applications were made available by the city for the first time in eight years because a waiting list had been depleted.

Of course, it was a listed as day a success coming from East Point officials, as every applicant who arrived and desired an application received the application. Going further, the unemployment rate has reached a new critical high, hitting nearly 11% of the city's population of 5-million.

Was this a glorified game of chess; some mangled scene of sport meant to entertain the populace? Is this fun to watch from a spectator's perspective, watching humans surge about like a swarm of piranha?

There is much debate over the given ratio of people who look and use this kind of public aid. Many associate this course of action as taking hand-outs for the lazy, the term "parasites" have been used in frequent debates as well. There is a level of objectivity that must be used in reviewing a crisis of this magnitude, how are people trying to better themselves so that they are not included in this statistic?

People have an inherent desire to work, to achieve, there is a mechanism within us that has evolved to execute problem solving tactics. The most obtainable solution would be finding someway to support oneself, hence grabbing a spot in line in a job fair may place yourself in a different bracket of opportunity:

An even heavier, weighty debate that concerns many middle class men and women focusing on the very opportunity for jobs and prosperity. It is, very much indeed, the platform based on economic strategists that have outlined theories of "Trickle Down Economics". A platform bearing very obvious results that proved to be impactful to say the least, with constant scenes of desperation that appears to be mirrored with class-favoritism and one-sided rewards.

FAIR USE NOTICE: These videos may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Showdown @ Target

A continued momentum from the likes of Lady Gaga herself has been made to reconfirm the public's stances toward LGBT Equality. Gaga terminated her deal in Q1 2011 with the retail giant in order to set a precedence of much needed reevaluation while dealing with corporate intolerance.

There have been various efforts across the country that have been engineered to increase public awareness of Target's business practices of funding more than $150,000 towards Anti-Gay government benefactors. Protesters further spark the debate pertaining to these funds directed toward conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer opposes same-sex marriage and utilizes his campaign engine to proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Perfection, thanks Rachel Maddow!

Target's approval rating from consumers have taken a noticeable nose-dive after these backdoor business tactics became public:

Emmer & Target, however, defended its donations as they're primary objective is to advance the organization, MN Forward, a political action group that advocates job creation within the state of Minnesota.

These terms proved quite contradictory coming from the LGBT community, now betrayed mainly because Target Corp. has long been seen as an ally by the gay rights movement.

The backlash has resulted with pockets of resistance all over the country and thankfully recorded in various fabulous forms:

Such dedication and complex choreography within the Target sales aisles is commendable and applaud worthy 4sure! Plus, the dude in the tophat and faux-tuxedo makes me smile everytime :c)

For the "announcer" to read her message with a straight face is admirable. Totally grossed out with "My Store" "My Building" robot speech. An unfortunate mind-wiped corporate-clone.

Shoppers with her mindset would impact Target in the most vulnerable weak-point. Yeah, I was thinking a kick to the family jewels too, but the sales revenue would speak louder than any speakerphone and flash-mob routine.

Plus, check out "LavenderPoppin's" blog which contains a response letter from a Target zombie Client Representative"

Try Again TARGET

Monday, July 11, 2011

My, What An Expensive Bottle Of Wine You've Got There...

Politicians… So crafty and so cunning.
Master manipulators that can easily carry a shroud of virtue, all the while, meticulously orchestrating an ulterior motive for selective advancement.
This level of deceit carries over into both major political parties, does not matter if they are an elephant or a donkey. Exploitation is a human condition; it is boundless, it is without race and nationality
The primary goal is to retain an office of political weight, in order distribute public tax dollars and fund their agendas.
John Edwards was caught in a media firestorm for a frivolous haircut costing $1,250. It’s egregious for a very public official to spend money from a questionable source.

Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Torrenueva tells the Washington Post that one of his haircuts for Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards cost $1,250 because Torrenueva had to fly to Atlanta and missed two days of work as a result. Torrenueva's role came to light when two $400 cuts showed up on Edwards' campaign spending reports.
A recent run-in with another pretty-boy politician surfaced in early July dealing with Paul Ryan, a fan favorite that have won over the public’s hearts. Well… maybe not the entire public according this recording:

After maintaining diligence to alter the course of Medicare government spending, it would be in good karmatic interest to display economic understanding while in the public setting.

Krama, sharm-a…

This dude had a grand evening, while in company of a couple of affiliates/lobbyists(?), by drinking TWO bottles of $350 wine at a luxurious Washington D.C. bistro. A vigilant observer was able to take notice of the Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru offered to Ryan and his guests, the most expensive wine in the house along with one other with the same pricetag.

According to TPM website, the receipt was obtained and photographed below:

Apparently they were able to successfully split the bill. That still doesn’t ensure any increased level of chivalry towards his cause.



Politicians… as Mark Twain said, are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Debates with Capitalist Conservatives, Vol. 4

I will be chronicling my conversations with those who appear to be oblivious of social awareness, and quite surprisingly, quite comfortable with our current system of administration thank you very much!

Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own protection, but their avatars are just way too precious):
Topic: Left Action- America “For Sale or Sold Out”
   Tim E-fat Smith 
‎"Capitalism is slavery in a very polite form, you and I are only worth so many dollars, and that form of currency is depreciating by the hour"
      •   Grandy E.- You got sold out by the left who does not care about you unless you specifically agree with their narrow mindset. As for capitalism, where to do you think the money for jbos comes from (the lettuce patch)?

      • Tim E-fat Smith - Huh... lettuce patch? Ummm, job creation is the result of commerce. Multi-millionaires condoning slave labor camps in order to make a profit is completely different & sinister. You should ask yourself: WWJD?

      •  Patrick H. - You're right, Grandy... They don't get it!
People who work their asses off their whole life are greedy "evil" rich people BUT the people who don't want to work and think that it's their "right" to have those greedy "evil" rich people support them.

Now I ask, which one of them are REALLY the "greedy" ones?

      •  Marla L. - People must come before profit. 
      • Tim E-fat Smith - There's no greed here, only requesting equal taxation amongst ALL Americans. If you make more that 106K, the remainder is exempt from Social Security taxation. Otherwise, all of your check is taxed. Where's the equality in that?

      •   Patrick H. - @ Marla - It's the profit that allows a company to HIRE employees!

      • Tim E-fat Smith - I've heard that argument before... Check the unemployment statistics. Check the jobs that are outsourced for pennies on the dollar. If you say "BLAME OBAMA", I will LOL & lose all respect for you...