Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mcdonald’s Wants To Feed You…

During a routine walk back home late evening, I was very much distracted by an ominous sight.

Amongst the nighttime fog and the glow from the overhead crescent moon, a surge of light filled the skies along a busy street-side intersection.

No Batman, you will have to wait your turn.


It was this, a rotating beacon that demanded the attention of the meek and the weary.

The white light has been placed to pull in more hungry consumers to fill their dual-drive thru lanes and spend their money on Mechanically Separated Meat Product (MSMP).

Oh, allow me to clarify, MSMP is a paste-like batter that is comprised of bones, eyes, intestines, etc. Once its packaged, this assortment will take a new form:

The “meat” will need to take on a more attractive color to entice their customers brimming with dollar bills. It is most definitely dyed to match their specifications, in addition to the concoction of secret spices needed to mask the ammonia & other anti-bacterial compounds.


These items are fairly inexpensive to obtain, therefore the “low cost” of the final result: Your #10 Combo of Chicken McNuggets with optional Honey Mustard dipping sauce.

Notice how I made sure to qualify the aforementioned barely digestible food product as meat. The USDA has mandated this heavily labored profit generator must be labeled with the clear distinction as Mechanically Separated Meat Product for legality purposes.



So yes, the supreme McDonald’s overlords want nothing more to fill your intestines with the intestines and other miscellaneous edible tissue of fallen foul and bovine.

The required wattage to power that bad-boy must be quite costly. No matter, the surplus of profits originating from our dollars are paying for 
it time and time again (in addition to paying for it atop a very unsuspecting toilet as well). 

I was able to spot that white beacon while driving the downtown highway, calling to serve the billions and billions they rightfully broadcast upon introduction.

I sat down to enjoy my fries, apple pie, and $1 large drink, in addition to enjoying their amazing Free Wi-Fi setup. Of which is being used to post & upload this delightful dedication of their fine McProductions.


Thank you to Bruce Hampton for providing the references and detailed research, listed here:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Who's The New Girl?"

How reassuring to know that your employer has just installed safety nets overhead.
Wouldn’t that make you feel like a lucky, valued human being?

The disproportion of wealth has become glaringly obvious.
As seen here, the workers are often left with an absolute choice in order to remove themselves from their antagonistic bonds:
God bless America & butt-fu*k the rest….

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Walmart CEO Makes Average Workers Annual Salary Every Hour

P is for Profits!!!


I really hope you enjoy your Gap boot-cut jeans...

Monday, January 16, 2012

HIV: Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds

Perhaps the greatest innovation within our human legacy has been the advances of salesmanship.  A great salesperson has been known to fabricate public demand for a newborn product that is generally unknown by the public.

Nobody has seen “Product- Z” and quite frankly, nobody has declared a specific need for “it” either.  The old parable of selling ice to Arctic Dwellers definitely comes to mind.  The potential is limitless once the core inception of selling “Product-Z” to the masses of drones and the depletion of their pocketbooks.

Watch Telemundo & BET, product placement for corporate banking, investment options, luxury cars, and lavish pet products seldom appear on screen. To the contrary, there is great desperation to sell low cost Ford Fiestas, “pre paid” credit cards that advertise “No Annual Fees” but would charge “Monthly Operation Fees” and nursing/community college advertisements.  Minorities were never expected to breach the borderline of the working class barometer.  One must follow the “bread crumbs” or the methodology of corporate cleverness to understand their strategic intention.

Case in point, after attending a number of local Black Gay Pride festivals, a prevalent banner was draped across a number of booths and leaflet literature. Merck Corporation & Gilead Science Corporation’s logos were printed on complementary gum samples, necklace lariats, and “free” STD testing booths to a dizzying degree.

Gilead’s revenue breached 7-Billion Dollars as of 2010, Merck’s revenue breached 45-Billion Dollars as of 2010. Both corporations are headquartered in the United States and are specialists within the
pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry.
Their obvious expanse with corporate sponsorship for this event was so prevalent in fact, that it became very off putting.  I managed to make my prompt and disappointed escape before intentional corporate assimilation.

Curious, if one would attend a dog show, for example, one would expect to take part in activities involving your beloved pet and purchasing supplemental doggy products.   It would take a rather jaded level of presumption to auto-associate yourself within the Black Gay Pride  community along with big-pharma corporations.  By aligning the facts bestowed onto me, one would question both Merck & Gilead’s involvement within this, a target market.

Going further, if you would exert the effort of scanning any Gay themed magazine in the market today, you will become easily frustrated to notice the overabundance of STD related advertisements. Many bold enough to cover two-page spreads announcing the latest and more user-friendly anti-viral medication.

I'm confident once I review the latest edition of Redbook or Good Housekeeping Magazines, there will be print ads showcasing the latest Estee Lauder skincare product or a new scent with powerful cleaning potential coming from The Pine-Sol Lady (insert sassy sista neck-roll here). Why these products and those magazines; to maximize the product potential for profitability within a chosen target market.

This blog directly correlates with a previous entry: U.S. Patent #4647773

A direct pipeline towards a client base depleting both pocketbooks and biological stability to attain Anti-viral medication product (“Product-Z”). Current HIV and related anti-viral drugs are known to weaken the immune system even more, wrecking havoc upon the user’s internal organs. The profit generating drugs are usually prescribed within a strict daily regiment in order to stabilize precious T-Cell proliferation.
Even still, listed programs and institutions claim to give you “treatment” for free or a little cost for their subscribers to combat HIV & AIDS.

The government will draft funds from “healthcare prevention” programs from taxes to help generate income for themselves and its many affiliates across the globe. In fact, there are church & governmental based programs that “help” people in their time of outbreak and crisis. Government funded programs like PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) will teach people about the dangers of the HIV virus, distribute condoms, promote abstinence and administer palliative care (end of life care).  None of these programs actually facilitates HIV elimination, only prevention and info on how to contact doctors for more governmentally funded drugs.

But where do the invoices go for said medications? This is a Capitalist society above all else, these institutions will not operate unless they stand to profit somehow.  The funds are often distributed from tax payer dollar, which in turn, help to perpetuate the scenario as it remains a formidable job-creator of sorts…

Smallpox & polio are on the verge of eradication for years now, only because it was affecting the young and the innocent within American suburbia. Anything that effects an undesirable population (gays, blacks, elderly) is less than a concern.  Furthermore, the cost of treatment usually boomerangs back to those affected by certain conditions (sickle-cell, diabetes, HIV, cancer) at the expense of the infected thanks to privatized healthcare. Of which, HIV & AIDS have shared their unfortunate ancestry within the African region carrying statistical information that personally disgusts me to no end.

With the stigma this disease gestated from Africa is even more of a cultural “dis” toward our people.  I've subscribed to the facts that have been obtained from the Tuskegee syphilis experiment parallels greatly with the current AIDS epidemic.  The U.S. government takes great pride and dedication toward genocidal observation and social experimentation.

Its questionable origins remain unclear, scientists cannot qualify the vulnerabilities of this "disease" due to its resistance and mutation. The “Bushmeat theory” is revolting and insults the intelligence of human beings across the globe; it carries zero weight as rural/indigenous Africans have fed on livestock for generations despite artificial coincidences and poaching crises. Eugenics, planned parenthood, sterilization vaccines, all of which are tools shrouded in governmental conspiracy used for human de-population.

Every manufacturer knows if there isn't a demand for a product, you have to "create" the demand.
How coincidental the epidemic of HIV/AIDS came about during the peak of our country's Sexual/Cultural Revolution during the 70's/80's.


Quickly distributing this "vaccine" amongst the new test specimen: African children.  Of course, the details were not important...

1970's-The government's Department of Defense begins "Special Virus-Cancer Program" is in full effect. Programs have been funded with millions of dollars to develop bio-weapons and dutifully supplied by Litton Bionetics back in the day. Specifications described functional viruses that displayed HIV/AIDS mechanics. Hmmm, where did the preliminary research come from to boast such an elaborate plan for "population control"?

1980's & 1990's- "Population control" indeed, gays and Blacks were falling like flys. New Yorkers were given Hepatitis "vaccines" who later died to AIDS symptoms.
No problem, you can buy "retro-viral" pills (a fruit cocktail of drugs that aren't covered by insurance policies) often cause even more complications and are $$$$$$$$.

The vid below was removed from the YouTube database for undisclosed reasons. The specifics it details revolve around the specific concentration of HIV outbreaks in New York and other U.S. hot spots.

Hmmm, Deleted again... Lets give this yet another try....

U.S. Patent #4647773- its posted to destroy AIDS virus and immunity suppressing pathogens.
Corporation & government regulation are well known to quickly discredit any opposition. People demand to have bureaucratic transparency but they are promptly told to "move along, nothing to see here".
Of course the scientific community will deflect any responsibility of this human event, this is their greatest prize yet reluctant to take ownership. If they did, that would take away much needed cash flow.

Question Everything!
HIV is fantasy!

*** Ruse Complete***

*** Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds- Part 2 ***

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Class Domestication- Modernized Slavery

Yes, recent gestures displayed by our governmental powers indicate that f-ing slavery is soon approaching.
This unfortunate event within our society transcends race, gender, sexuality in voluminous detail.
Rampant under/un-employment has subjugated over 90% of the lower class households (usually minorities) into poverty and despair.

Taking into consideration the following items that suggests an underlining method to execute patriotic serfdom:

-Recent political candidates running for President have demonstrated great enthusiasm in regulating civil rights reform, liable to send America into a segregation relapse (Romney, Sanctorum, Paul). The current Obama administration has not generated any sign of upholding the needs of the People creating a political vacuum for taskmaster-like tactics.

-According to "Shooting Illustrated" magazine, gun sales in the U.S. have exceeded expectations. Allowing those who would like to protect their property & fortunes by firing shells of ammo into "suspicious" suspects.

 (pisst, notice the advertisement for "Crossbreed Holsters"??? Yeah, cute....)

-Our government have spent tax payer dollar to play “Grand Theft Auto” with real life citizens. In the midst of national budgetary crisis, Montgomery County Texas will deploy police drones to chase & taze “suspicious” suspects.

-Our government’s NDAA will use tax payer dollar to kick down the doors of “suspicious” perpetrators with minimal due processing. Reminiscent of past totalitarian rule and regulation American troops have met with bloody warfare to eradicate.
Those oily pigs continue to get away with ruthless bulling that is totally sanctioned by our lovely government.
Current police brutality is but a tipping point, they are minor social infractions of the cruelty yet to come.

-American troops that are scheduled to make their grand return back home, allowing them to regroup on the homefront. Thus exacting a well-timed performance by our government’s behalf and overpower said “suspicious” suspects into indefinite detention with American Stormtroopers. I'm becoming more revolted by our country's forms of diplomacy. With the introduction of NDAA, U.S. soldiers will soon have American citizens on the ground face-first for their barbaric amusement.

Marines Humiliating dead Taliban insurgents by urinating on their bodies:

-Once incarcerated, the enforcers overseeing the "detainees" might as well be placed into a "work program". Involving low-overhead that would surely jumpstart our deflating economy, causing profits to soar while citizens are bound with iron chains & collars, like a domesticated Boston Terrier.

This is the beginning of 2012, the beginning of a new despotic era that will spawn great hostility within our borders and abroad. A disturbing outlook that garners great urgency for social reform and the need shake the foundation of modern American democracy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Know Your Bones", coming soon...


"Know Your Bones" will be included in the next blog post entitled, "Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds".
Centralized themes will be the influence of capitalistic intention for imperial might, modern eugenics, and "target" markets.
Stay tuned kids, thanks again.


Monday, January 2, 2012


This post was inspired from a previous entry: 



In time, I would magnify and mount the image of journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi as a rightful act of defiance. His statement was blatant and clear, shouting : "This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog!" 

According to associate information, al-Zaidi was "severely beaten" by security officers after he had been dragged out of the room following the shoe-throwing incident. As the man's screaming could be heard outside, Bush said "That's what people do in a free society, draw attention to themselves." 

A "large blood trail" could be seen on the carpet where al-Zaidi had been dragged by security agents. Dawa-owned Afaq TV reported that security forces kicked al-Zaidi and beat him. His family reports that it has received many threatening phone calls. 

The United States Secret Service and the Iraqi Police took custody of al-Zaidi. Al-Zaidi was tested for alcohol and drugs, and his shoes were confiscated as evidence.

Al-Zaidi was interrogated by Iraqi and U.S. agents to ascertain whether anyone paid him to throw his shoes at Bush.

In an interview with BBC News, al-Zaidi's brother, Durgham al-Zaidi, reported that Muntadhar al-Zaidi suffered a broken hand, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and an eye injury. 

There were calls throughout the Middle East to place the shoes in an Iraqi museum, but the shoes were later destroyed by US and Iraqi security forces to prevent this. Al-Zaidi's shoeing inspired many similar incidents of political protest around the world.

On 15 September 2009 he was released for good behavior, after serving nine months of the sentence.