Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blocked & Banned: Facebook Agents @ Work

If there was anyone still unsure or in need of confirmation of the GameMasters' use of social control, this post should be an eye opening alarm for ya.

The action of blocking activity without due justification is a sad attempt to strangle the peasant, to muzzle the workhorse.

A continued act of cowardice to maintain biased public opinion and silence vocalized criticism of socially-destructive privileged amnesia.

Something I said must have caused some serious aggravation amongst the tightly clinched MoneyPower circle. 

In case you've never received warnings from Facebook, here are some of the screens you will most likely encounter:


Now I can't comment, like, or add friends, only post within my personal page. 
The screen-grab below was FB lame "response".

Not only that, it appears Facebook has begun a progressive tracking campaign everytime I post online as well. 

I wish Facebook would open with at least an introduction before they start stalking my profile.

Thanks Facebook for contributing my view count ;)

Placing a previous post onto my Reddit account also reflects the opinion of a bored, rather attentive hive, ready to scoff and debase those exhibiting the audacity disrupt this commercially fragile utopian ideal. 

These troublemakers must be "put in their place" with autocratic restriction or face the wrath of the inarguable DownVote...

Twice. Twice blocked/banned/booted off because of this wickedly sharp tongue; likely to lash a wound most vulnerable without a resourceful rebuttal to quell my combination.
All of this, and for what?

My 1st offense was investigating the obvious landslide of Jewish influences effecting social disparity.

after posting the inquiry below:

For what?

Mentioning our country's trigger-happy mindset, exhibiting instinctive needs to conceal and carry loaded weapons to fulfill a false sense of invincibility?

The statistics are unsettling to the core, so much that caused a cancerous growth of discouragement that is bound to excite primitive instincts.  

Too bad our modern punishments have evolved from generations prior huh?

Either Facebook Blocks and spastic Down-Votes are effortlessly more tolerable than 20-lashes on the Whipping Post as a consequence for speaking out of turn.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent Awareness: Emotional Energy Transference

There was a typical day coming home from work, catching the train in a timely manner was no surprise.
Sitting on the one available seat before me, however, was a hand-written message, no, possibly a memento that was left behind from the previous occupant.

I, along with the rest of the domesticated people-pushers, take my seat silently and proceed to analyze the note with its cryptic etching.

The linear repetition taking the entirety of this eerie transcript sparked my interest for the remainder of train ride home.
The one word, hard to distinguish, phonetically puzzling and almost questionable penmanship…



Hand-drawn boarders occupying every centimeter, written in sequence that is mirrored on the bottom half in equal measure.
Additionally, the paper itself carried a different kind of weight, metaphysically speaking. 

Not because of a handwritten note existing in our isolated e-culture, rather some energy source began to become more transparent throughout every pen stroke.

In my eye(s), every letter began to emit a “glow”, becoming an emotional signature, akin to the Light Writing technique found in digital photography (thanks Picasso!).   

Going further, I would place my hand on the paper itself, allowing the sensitivity of my palm to rake across every handwritten indentation.   

Internally, waves of stress, frantic urgency and excitement began to consume within my shell; no doubt the emotional imprint left behind from the anonymous author.

Was this really happening? Or has this experience become the result of excess fluoride intake effecting brain functionality.
I began to fish the idea to friends and colleagues, showing the parchment to those who could be more receptive toward empathic inquiry.

One friend reinforced an original assessment that I aspired to be true, mentioning the possibility of “TUNNEL” being maniacally spelled from beginning to end. 

Naturally I gravitated towards that possibility, this in part of the Sci-Fi short story entitled “TUNNELS:The Darkest Nexus” I developed, of which my friend alluded, indicating this being “some sort of sign” (insert corny ghostly sound fx here). 

Why did I find this orphaned handwritten note, on a commuter train filled to near capacity, that appears to (aspiring empathic accessibility implied) exude a wavelength of transferable energy?

This note, of which has become a personal keepsake and continues to travel with me.
It will continue to keep me guessing of its metaphysical components, as well of guessing any level of brain matter lost due to possible fluoridic erosion...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Americans With Guns: The New Social Cancer

"One who advocates gun concealment will seek an excuse to stand their ground with carnivorous intent, with concealed enthusiasm."

-E.M. Kadarr

According to Huffington Post, The Discover Channel has decided to pull the reality series "American Guns" off the air entirely.
No repeats, no renewed contracts, off the air completely.

Despite the fact of earning a 50% increase in ratings, Discovery never confirmed whether or not this decision was based on the recent Sandy Hook school shooting at Newtown Connecticut.

***News Flash***
Yahoo has announced a spike in gun sales within the past two weeks, curious if this has anything to due with everyone's paranoia meter now cracked up to an 11.

What excellent holiday timing!!! 
Unsure what to buy the man who has everything?
For that special-someone who needs to have all the modern conveniences within arm's reach and minimal effort? 

Be sure to pick up a few M-16 mags as a stocking-stuffer for that all important quick-reload while fending off the Zombie Apocalypse.

Oh, unfamiliar with this pending disaster? 

Such highlights of the American Guns show included selecting the best selection of weapons to use during the soon approaching Zombie Apocalypse and expert opinions on maximizing the potential of your well preserved Civil War era cannon.

No worries, for those of us seeking additional televised artillery erotica, this American firearm pornography, fear not.

American Gun's not-to-distant cousin called "Sons of Guns" have yet to announce any cancellation of the upcoming season (despite the show's head honcho William Hayden being investigated by the ATF for numerous firearms violations...)

A prevailing concern pertaining to gun regulation has remained to be a lightning rod of American controversy, having a distinct possibility of de-legitimatizing our fabled 2nd Amendment Right. 

The adaptation of Switzerland's gun policies has brought forth an energized debate, whereas arms training is a mandatory requirement, they offer low statistical violence as a country.

With cryptic analyses such as this, it appears (on the surface) to justify the means of issuing high-powered firearms to every capable shoot-lusting citizen. One must be eager to incorporate such an ideal social model for the American populace, yes?

In fact, uh hell-to-the-naw... 

Is this true? Can this be? A possible blog related tie-in of a previous post earlier this year pertaining to the social challenges of gun control regulation and the Aurora Theater Shootings
Go Team 'Merica!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Return To Zero: Discovering The Metaphysical

The Human Species, we remain at the very top of the figurative food chain with little opposition.  Sequential generations have guaranteed our global dominance through experience and technology, leaving our only predator to be, with great irony, certain colonies of our own fellow humans.   
A savage survivalist display that have raged throughout organized time as a Darwinian race to the top of the pyramid have become more obvious in our modern era.

“Top of the pyramid”.  More on that subject later.

Given the fact that our human species continue to demonstrate progressive ranges of skill and mental capacity, there appears to be a generationally “dumbing down” effect that has afflicted our metaphysical growth.

Animals in the wild instinctively know to join together during times of crisis.
Utilizing their ordinary and extraordinary senses for migration, networking, bridge-building, all to ensure the resiliency of their species with minimal hesitation.

They also have a fraction of human brain capacities; we, as a sophisticated species, can only hope to learn from their evolutionary progress and silent optimism for preserving future legacies.

There are many agents out there who work tirelessly to ensure that human evolution/human awareness is kept at a minimum.
Advantages of the internet bestows the ability to pass sacred knowledge, unfortunately, the gatekeepers of said knowledge (or GameMasters) censor information in order to keep the sheep and keep the peace...
For example, take the (coils) hairs on your head.
They serve multiple primary functions, which include being receptors, or antennas (yes… antennas) to transfer unseen vibrations to the brain (further analysis on vibrations later on…).  Sound and atmospherical changes are very much detectable with these extensions of your body, sending electro-charges throughout our nervous system moving about with incredible speed


Many religious sects constantly reinforce this concept to make sure you continue to grow without restriction in order to operate to the fullest of your capacity.  The human female is usually more empathic and keenly intuitive due to her vibratory awareness thanks in part to her lovely locks.
Chemically filled shampoo formulas offer little nourishment and restorative abilities, this is a complete contradiction toward their profit making agenda. The end result is most definitely intended for repeat business to gradually strip all signs of life on your head, silencing your extraordinary senses. 
Of course, one of the first initiations within many brain-washing organizations, such as enlisting into our government’s Military, is to sever and restrict your connection to the metaphysical world.  

A crucial procedure to minimize independent thought and boosts your gullibility to mold you into expendable hunter drone #2112157.

A supportive article came my way via Facebook find from Brother Harry (... pun magic...) detailing the government's use of Native American tradition for Imperialistic warmongering.

These methods, and so many more within an incalculable degree, have been engineered to glorify human development into a very linear, logical wavelength.  Engineered to reduce you capacities for extrasensory awareness leaving the masses stuck in a uni-directional Logical state of mind.   
The ongoing oscillation of left/right brain activity represents masculine/feminine traits within us all and has been represented as follows:

Masculine Left Brain exhibits Logical functionality (Assertiveness, confidence, protectiveness, physical prowess, aggressiveness, risk-taking).
Feminine Right Brain exhibits Creative functionality (Empathy, sensitivity, passiveness, romantic drive, emotional drive, conceptualism).
The concept of these two hemispheres operating in unison, akin to the Earth’s North/South (Positive/Negative) Poles, is difficult to refute based upon the works of our ancestors.  Recognizing our internal dynamics of Yin/Yang characteristics is an attempt to discover many humanistic truths and uncovering connective bonds within our global community. 

A representation of this metaphysical circulatory system has been illustrated within a publicly well known symbol. Although it is prominently used throughout modern society, its core definition remains to be an unanswered riddle, until now.
The Caduceus (Ka-duce-is).
Widely used to represent the scholastic pursuit of medicine and wellness, its symbolism offers a deeply enriched outlook towards humanity and it’s potential. The twin snakes spiraling in a "double helix" pattern on the winged staff (more on that in a second) represents the duality of consciousness, our masculine (blue) (positive charge) and feminine drives (red) (negative charge.  

At each of the 7-points where the two snakes intersect along the winged staff represents seven focal points within the human anatomy.  Moreover, the seven points within the alignment of the chakra system found within our perfect center.
 -Crown Chakra (Mind)
 -Third Eye Chakra (Sight)
 -Throat Chakra (Voice)
 -Heart Chakra (Love)
 -Solar Plexus Chakra (Center of Gravity)
 -Sacral Chakra (Digestion)
 -Root Chakra (Reproduction)

One must come to realize the immense importance of each of these 7-Points of Chakra all aligning with core components of our complicated Endocrine Gland System.
This formation or stacking along the vertebra-like column has been represented as the winged staff (also described as a Rod of Healing, hence its consistent use in the medical field today).  
Exploring the dynamics of the chakra circulatory system has been demonstrated to materialize wisdom and awareness beyond conventional means. 

To teach these ancestral findings is said to place yourself on the path of enlightenment, attain higher consciousness/awareness, hence the demonstration of wings representing flight, elevation or ascension illustrated on the “winged” staff of The Caduceus.
The name Hermes Trismegistus remains to be the preeminent scholar concerning these findings. These great works have been inscribed within many schools of philosophy, conjuring up slight variations of our metaphysical inner plumbing.   

Hinduism, Schools of the Kabbalah, Hermetic Principles, many Asian theologies, all revolve their base around Egyptian findings, cataloged by the African deity of wisdom known as Tehuti (Te-hu-ti). 

All borrow from the 7-universal laws that govern the reality we perceive before us (7-universal laws, 7-points of charka, the coincidence is quite intentional and worthy of its own blog entry 4sure…).
It's a shame this kind of dialogue is not part of the media mainstream.
Afterall, with the vast and varying percentage of human life on planet Earth, we should have common knowledge of our natural composition.

Continued discussion has been extended onto another post:
Sol Grown: The Superman Synthesis

This is sacred knowledge that has been generationally handed down to a select few, only those deemed “worthy”.  During human’s early years of development, fables and folklore provided guidance to the young and was a gathering method for us to assemble and educate ourselves.   It is a great disservice toward the human race, as restricting said knowledge has been an ongoing practice to ensure collective Mind-Lock. 

A purposeful practice that could truly be categorized as the cruelest intention, or Evil, For All Time
To distance those who are very much aware and encourage generational misdirection as a ruling class, making this a survivalist race to the top of pyramid until the days of our doom.

Again, to recognize your masculine/feminine preliminary drives (Merkaba) is your best bet to receive, synthesize and exert the various vibrations around us.  It is a daily exercise, a daily balancing act to regulate pride & ego, to react upon human awareness and utilizing the characteristics from both poles. Many seek the use of minimization and meditation to obtain homeostasis, simple breathing actions, engaging and appreciating the calm and the still of every moment.

A shared grounding technique that lies at the core of our collective consciousness, our metaphysical tether that binds together. 
An invention by the ruling class, the GameMasters, to constantly divide us away from knowledge engineered to unify our ordinary and extraordinary abilities. 
These social arrangements are self-delusions set to celebrate pride of self; counter-productive obstruction engineered for human domestication alone. 
Thereby permanently developing social misdirection as a whole; mental dependence of pride as a replacement for dependence of instinct/intuition, thus humanity interrupted and success to the GameMasters.


It is an ongoing engagement to focus on intuition in various forms, to focus at the core within yourself and counting down our dividing stress triggers that bombard everyday life. 

This detachment from the artificial, from these pride-barriers, must be dissolved to regain complete unification with our natural traits, our instincts, to ensure our generational survival.
Once you find this core, you will follow a path that uncovers inner-truth on a repetitive basis. This can be a figurative countdown that will shed light onto darkness, helps you return to your center, learning that we are all one once we Return To Zero.