Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well Played: The Aurora Theater Murders

 This blog entry is solely dedicated to the victims and family members directly impacted by this diabolical act; this course of action manifesting the ultimate betrayal of humanity.


Our news industry ignited the airwaves on July 20, 2012 concerning the horrible mass shooting taking place, of all locations; at a cultural refuge, a darkened public movie theater. 

This strategic setting, most definitely, enabled the solo gunman to maximize his destruction within a densely populated area.    
A well armed/heavily armored "suspect" by the name of James Holmes, utilized a number of militarized combat tools and shoot-to-kill tactics against innocent, unarmed citizens.

Holmes, at this point in time, will not receive any recognition on this site; the body count and wounded count will not be tallied on this page, as it will become an inverted form of ego-stroking for those sharing a similarly vile, sadistic mindset.

It is, with great disgust, my intention to place concentration within the many efforts of distraction brought upon by our national media and their ever expanding list of affiliates.  For the greatest sin ever committed by this influential institution has taken place before our eyes with unyielding momentum on their part.

The volumes of accounts coming from eye-witness testimony was personally, enough indication to frantically wave my red & yellow Bullsh*t Flag (***cough***a false flag)

Similar buzzwords used from multiple witnesses included:

“part of the show, thought it enhanced the entertainment experience” (I might have said the same thing, “enhance entertainment experience” sounds borderline contrived/corporate)
“bear-crawled on the floor for safety” (ummm, isn’t that, like, a military or SWAT term?)
“the hot shells from the bullets hit my neck/leg”

Some were more descriptive than others with slight variations, but most included a connective, scripted thread by force-feeding these phrases while standing in front of a live camera.
Oddly enough, “Newscasters” have also doubled as James Holmes Sympathizers, throwing conjecture into the conversation.  The debate circling around his state of mind/mental conditioning during his well-planned mass shooting was an unfortunate waste of airtime. 

Allowing these “experts” to express caution while describing his intentions as “evil” while considering a possible list of mental instabilities offers zero function for much needed public bereavement (***cough*** false flag***cough***) . 

Additionally and quite frankly, I don’t give a flying fu*k about the brand name of weapons used by suspect Holmes. These were consistent reminders across all networks; they created a graphical inventory display like some Grand Theft Auto power-up to reveal his (very accessible) weapons of choice.   

What I actually give a flying fu*k would be tear gas was purchased by a civilian; what preventative measures were used courtesy of our government funded Homeland Security?  The complex and robust network relating to Big Brother didn’t bother to investigate any suspicious purchases that could have disastrous/deadly results?

Instead, the American public must remain calm as we are constantly bombarded by the multimedia. 
We remained gripped of the possibilities of any average White college student, with an average height of 5’7” or 5’8”, driving an average Hyundai sedan, with possible aggression issues, can successfully orchestrate such gun-filled madness, standing alone as an unstoppable one-man army.

What is the overall message being conveyed above all else?

Atop from being a trending topic soon filling a desperately slow news week with sensationalism, to steer the public focus away from this now rancid Presidential competition (namely the magnifying glass placed on Mitt Romney’s nefarious business practices).

Is this an attempt to impose viewpoints taken from our media overlords (Murdoch and co. definitely included) to desensitize public outrage toward Holmes?  Possibly condone the actions from someone who “appeared to be a normal young man (what could have possibly caused him to “snap”)”?

This and our government’s historical parade injecting fear and to permeate social suspicion, with shadowy intention, streamed on the world’s stage to justify their sick/twisted needs (***ack*** false flag***cough).

Sorry, summer allergies…

Ahem, False Flag Operations are duplicitous actions taken on by secretive governmental parties involving the use of violence, death, and/or destruction, placing blame on an enemy faction or fall-guy.  The end result more than likely concludes with said governmental party proposing/passing a form of legislation that would “solve” the problem that was created by them from the very beginning. 

I’ll allow Sir Alex Jones to better illustrate these monstrous terms:

What we have is a prime example of more Dirty Nazi tactics, such deplorable means force-feeding their ideology onto American citizens, at the cost of employing trigger-happy sick fu*kers living amongst us.

More Dirty Nazi tactics, stemming from a coalition of socially detached warmongers, for your convenience, posted on my previous blog entry Unhinged: The Mirror Image of Nazism

A minor setback as (in their ultimate viewpoint, and I say with wrenching self-resistance…) the loss of life is inconsequential to bring their plans closer within grasp. Perhaps, there are sad/sadistic statistical analysts out there taking into consideration the box-office impact of the opening weekend of the most anticipated movie of 2012.  To see the physical implementations of striking fear into potential movie goers being deterred from enjoying the cinema.

These actions have been necessary methods for cause and effect, the creation of this tragedy (cause) will allow governmental methods of “security” to be enhanced even further (effect).   Warranting additional security searches, surveillance, and possible up-swing of incarceration fosters tremendous possibility for… job creation.

Follow the freakin’ trail, the 9/11 attack was the necessary tool to jumpstart the many restrictions we have come to deal within our daily routine, all the better excuse to justify additional police (both privately contracted or branches of military) onto our city streets.  Again, loss of life is inconsequential albeit the lives lost are sacrificial lambs at the cost of being awarded a multi-billion insurance payout.

Innocent Americans have been wounded and killed while attempting to find enjoyment watching their favorite super-hero.  Now those sick fu*kers have managed to seep their murderous, perverted intentions onto this aspect of our lives.


There will be some new “policy” enacted due to this “act of terror”, one that will jump-start public outrage and disenchantment.  With policy-makers who arrange small gears of events such as these into motion, as they thrive and dine, longing for the next “catastrophic and catalyzing event” to feed from.

This, again with great resistance, great unfortunance, will become our new saga that can effortlessly be foretold from the pages of history.  It is a resurfacing of evil, a fruit budding of pure venom, which does not seem to easily rot from the vine, causing a wave of pestilence, thus the suffocation of human life, of human potential.