Saturday, October 26, 2013

Absolution- Hamsa Realized

Hamsa Meaning of "el Ojo en la Mano" (Eye In Hand) or Hand of Fatima-
A Universal Symbol of Protection - Studies have shown that this image and belief started to solidify in the time of early Hebrew/Egyptian civilizations in two basic forms.

With the fingers pointed up, the Hamsa symbolizes a "stop sign" to the adversary, in other words, for Defense (Spiritual, Psychic, Aetherial). 

With the fingers pointed down, the Hamsa symbolizes "God's" goodness and blessings coming down to the wearer or to the room where it is hung. The interpretation of the Hamsa is for the individual who owns it.

An arcane ability granting them protection from harm against the evil forces and bring them goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. 

This being a distinct variation of Buddha's Palm constructed through cultural admiration, matched with the shine and strength of solid bronze as a spiritual catalyst.

The deity Buddha, as depicted below standing 88-Feet tall adorned with rows of "Bantu Knot" spirals, welcome global visitors in silent devotion while communicating this universal gesture onto respectful onlookers.


"Absolution- Hamsa Realized"
A product of a vision, involuntary transmutation of cosmic energies, perhaps ;c)

Beautiful Badu! 
I'm sure it was the bomb  she had a blast while in Israel...

As to whether it is appropriate to use the Hamsa (some call it Khamsa) with the fingers pointing up or down, it depends upon whether you wish for protection against the evil eye, or for luck and success.

Latest version of E-FAT "NewLight Realized" Calling Card, in association with the Absolution Series. 
The ever-present, eternal light that dwells beyond sight and sound, an interpretation placed on full display for real-eyes to inquire and admire.

Continuing the discussion of expanding symbolism and collective consciousness in the previous post below:


Absolution- Merkaba Realized


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Absolution- Retrogenesis

When in doubt- Hit'em with some Hendrix  ^_^
Abstract art inspired by '9 to the Universe', in addition to the vast amount of metaphysical bonds and interactions within realms beyond rudimentary senses.

The latest edition within the 'Ab-sol-ution' collection.
Return To The Source.
 Ultimately interpreting Conditions of the Mind. 

Gaia- Creative & Compassionate (The Materialization Realm).
Tundra- Vengeful & Callous (The Survivalist Realm).
Logos- Observant & Analytical (The Judgment Realm).
Helios- Dynamic & Boastful (The Rejuvenation Realm).

"Animated" GIF sequence here.

YouTube explanation here:

Retrogenesis - YouTube 

Of course, there may be some mechanics within the term 
"Seeing Red" pertaining to mental conditioning/mental programming.

Subtly within art & propaganda are engineered to affect the senses for those who seek or take comfort while operating in a "Red State" of mind.

Fortunately, some of us grow increasingly resistant against suggestion & agitation in order to manifest growth, to develop our awareness with aforementioned metaphysical bonds and interactions.

Prints of 'Gaia' available below, others shortly.

Various prints/cases available via Society 6  &  Redbubble.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Raising The Golem: The Alchemy & The Psychology

The Golem- a towering, often silent minion fused with various Earth bound elements summoned into servitude and constriction by "Modern" Jewish mystics.   

A series of seals will ensure this alchemical contract, a life-force sacrifice is required to metaphorically represent the meek in deserving control of the mighty.  


The Golem is contracted to perform the duties as a servant, as a Beast of Burden, upon a successful sequence of blood-bound contracts, soul transference, etc. 
All of which, another metaphor sympathizing usury and one-sided sacrifices reflected within modern culture, is apparently revered within Contemporary Jewish mythos and is disturbingly accurate on a social level. 
Control of man, or any of its derivatives, appears to be an achievement of the highest order in such a fable.  

Resurrecting a Beast of Burden from earthbound elements in vain would definitely mark the rabbi for future Retribution.

However, does such a concept exist given the quantity & scale of the sacrifice if the underlying theme is affluence & excessive self-preservation

Coincidentally for both, this could be just another metaphor sympathizing usury and one-sided sacrifices reflected within modern culture.

A mythology that, perhaps, became a demonstration of properly allocating control/power among those deemed worthy while minimizing karmic backlash.


These allegorical Beasts of Burden, such as The Golem, appear to have a high amount of demand.
Frankenstein's Monster was conjured via alchemical means as well, another variation of The Golem to symbolize intimidation, power & rage far beyond a mere mortal's capacity.

"The Golem" circa 1915, a silent film.

Apparently, the rabbi-man constructs this creature as his personal Beast of Burden to protect his territory; the narrative takes an interesting turn when The Golem makes advances toward the rabbi's wife.


The rabbi objects, obviously, despite the fact of conjuring him as a heavy lifting tool as the wife lies in waiting to test the beast's unnatural might elsewhere o.0


Subtlety never dies as this translation is a feeble disguise behind real world objectification.

The painting below came from a Kabbalistic/Mystic board re-interpreting The Golem’s “predicament”.

 The public’s response:


Completely astonishing!

Servitude, gratification & entitlement are prevalent themes illustrate such a context upon command and disposal, yet the Golem is vilified becoming a narrative rife with relevant contradiction!

Group consensus of an auto-association to race & symbolism inferred the Golem in question as a black man is attempting to rape a defenseless white woman (color me surprised).

There's a common theme of disposability & ostentation that bleeds into real-world sociology, a superficial attempt to achieve power-positioning. 

In Modern Hebrew, golem is used to mean "dumb" or "helpless". Similarly, it is often used today as a metaphor for an uncultivated person, or entity who serves man under forced, contrived conditions.


The "Golem" dangerously similar Yiddish term “goylem”/ “goyim”  meaning “gentile”, non-jew, even elevated to a derogatory, non-subtle slur “cattle”.

Pride, dominion, constriction. These real world aspects alone provides motive for such extreme alchemy, creating an imbalance of nature to preserve the luxury of leverage at the behest of such a fragile yet reclusive orthodoxy 

Beasts of Burden indeed, globalized domestication that is celebrated in fable now justified by investor-class spell casters to funnel social consciousness into “One Direction”.

Instant gratification, no matter the penalty, has become an attachment to our synthetic social construct; the fable in question provides a direct link between the rabbi’s alchemy to resurrect his golem and corporate division binding citizens into constrictive debt servitude.

A theme of expected servitude impacting human interactions & respect (or lack thereof) based upon their social positioning is a puzzling sociological abstract, either for those having difficulty trying to grasp such a concept, or those who scoff at the idea due to their own ostentation. 

Continued symbolism most definitely a celebration among puppermasters & proxies within a presumption of power dynamics. Presenting the true nature behind arranged authority and generational domestication having advantages on reserve by the pull of the chain string.

This, a sociological study revealing Puppets, Golems & Goyim are synonymous 4sure.
A fable condoned as a dismissive joke is a shameful exercise in hidden racism and "control" of the Beast; expected servitude among those you can control through artificial leverage/power/$$$. 

Power manifests into legislation, lust and luxury; nothing more than Alchemy to benefit the carnal Man.

As Mr. Henry Kissinger’s words personifies this appointment nicely:

Monday, September 2, 2013

African History In Atrophy: Wiggle Your Big Toe

A hypothesis states if an infant is restricted from light sources for prolonged period of times, the infant never gains the ability to see and can be blinded for life. 
This is due to its non-exposure to outside elements of certain optical patterns that were never used during crucial developmental periods. 

More appropriately within a more tangible allegory, a “use it or lose it” scenario with a chance of developing atrophy: 

The wasting or degeneration in size of a body organ, tissue, or part owing to disease, injury, or lack of use.

Remember Kill Bill Volume 1: "Wiggle your big toe"

How metaphorically accurate, a wayward soul now liberated from bondage searching for sanctuary in order to properly meditate for rightful restoration.

 (images above from Miramax Films)
  Thanks Quentin Tarantino, I'm a huge fan...

So exactly, awakening from a comatose state is a painful progression, a restrictive state which Elements of GameMaster Capitalism reaps generational profit within the educational sector.  Collective social atrophy, particularly in the U.S., is reaching critical mass as culture –most definitely- has been 
targeted to incorporate a form of social domestication.

No question as Empire-Building of this magnitude has been maintained to realize Churchill-ian levels of HIS-tory restoration.  

What primarily inspired this post was one of many discussions with a 12-year old cousin and his current interaction/entanglement with the public school system deemed acceptable through GameMaster Administration, of course.

Noted, recognizing the karmic repercussions of interacting with this young lad becomes more and more obvious as the year progresses, granting additional bird’s eye perspectives of which I grow to appreciate daily.

He was very enthusiastic to show off his shiny, foiled covered Social Studies book distributed by aforementioned Administration.      

No doubt, the contents within have been screened and diligently inspected to appease GameMaster curriculum.

I thumbed through, a page-turner for sure, particularly with nearly a dozen chapters dedicated to geographic and statistical info of the world’s continents, only to find additional disgust as I asked him:
What about Africa? So there’s no chapter dedicated to Africa?!?”
He grabbed the book in amazement as he is keenly aware of Africa’s sheer size and relevance of heritage; stunned, he thumbed back and forth throughout the book’s Index and Table of Contents, only to return ambiguously victorious:
I found this part about African Americans on these pages here!”
No- what about a chapter about Africa and its culture?   Every other continent has a dedicated chapter and not a single section on Africa?”

Unfortunately, the little guy came up short, possibly sparking a question that will be answered to him in time through GameMaster interaction, or lack thereof.
Through references and association, young minds begin to develop their esteem; following current GameMaster trajectory alone would omit an entire continent from its discussion of HIS-tory fostering cancerous cultural

"The Empire That Never Was"   
by- E.M Kadarr  
(Attributed to Australian Aboriginal & African legacies)  

Selective amnesia of this degree is difficult to refute, a strategic suppressive weapon without a doubt, now distinguished as a cash-crop to maintain a lack or restriction of knowledge that fortifies class disparity, which is an unspoken hallmark of American industry.  

Capturing under-classed youth 
(livestock) as an obvious social invention  (systematic school closings- another flagrant effort on their part) towards cultural domestication.

Intention is key as “African American History Month” bestowed upon us strategically the shortest of twelve, we should all be boot-lickingly grateful,   I suppose. In addition to cinema’s bombardment of segregationist/slavery themed messages obviously granted approval by our nation’s Ministry of Propaganda.  


What association can be made witnessing an assortment of entertainment’s “Black Elite” thrown into a sweatin' and sangin' and shackled formation?   

Offering images of human domestication leading powerfully inquiring minds astray is pure GameMaster misdirection.   

The next step would be placing images of our glamorized America’s “First Lady” just-a sweatin' and sangin' and tendin' to the field like a regular….  Oh wait:   
Check and mate with the Endgame staged so,so long ago.  
Altogether, levels of cultural atrophy have terraformed the mental landscape of developing youth, all to guarantee unseen and unchecked social advantages for the investor-class. 


 "Oh- u mad bro?"

I will admit, their efforts, via Borg-like 'assimilation', are comprehensive without question; a calculated effort of selective cultural omission has created the silent war within forming the bonds of Mind-Lock.   
Truly, a “use it or lose it” scenario, again, how metaphorically accurate, a wayward soul now liberated from bondage searching for sanctuary in order to properly meditate for rightful restoration.

Although, personally, I am not (yet) a scholar nor a historian by any means, however, I will set forth every effort to reveal GameMaster intention, as we all should to minimize Mind-Lock thus advancing our evolution.  

No matter how subtle, gotta dissolve misdirection that ultimately encourages members of a conquered nation to remain in a systematic comatose state. 

Those karmic repercussions  mentioned previously have materialized more tangible in form without resistance;  personal intention will always investigate African history  
-beyond bondage-  
lifting any degree of doubt towards my generation and our 6th grade Social Studying successors.