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Raising The Golem: The Alchemy & The Psychology

The Golem- a towering, often silent minion fused with various Earth bound elements summoned into servitude and constriction by "Modern" Jewish mystics.   

A series of seals will ensure this alchemical contract, a life-force sacrifice is required to metaphorically represent the meek in deserving control of the mighty.  


The Golem is contracted to perform the duties as a servant, as a Beast of Burden, upon a successful sequence of blood-bound contracts, soul transference, etc. 
All of which, another metaphor sympathizing usury and one-sided sacrifices reflected within modern culture, is apparently revered within Contemporary Jewish mythos and is disturbingly accurate on a social level. 
Control of man, or any of its derivatives, appears to be an achievement of the highest order in such a fable.  

Resurrecting a Beast of Burden from earthbound elements in vain would definitely mark the rabbi for future Retribution.

However, does such a concept exist given the quantity & scale of the sacrifice if the underlying theme is affluence & excessive self-preservation

Coincidentally for both, this could be just another metaphor sympathizing usury and one-sided sacrifices reflected within modern culture.

A mythology that, perhaps, became a demonstration of properly allocating control/power among those deemed worthy while minimizing karmic backlash.


These allegorical Beasts of Burden, such as The Golem, appear to have a high amount of demand.
Frankenstein's Monster was conjured via alchemical means as well, another variation of The Golem to symbolize intimidation, power & rage far beyond a mere mortal's capacity.

"The Golem" circa 1915, a silent film.

Apparently, the rabbi-man constructs this creature as his personal Beast of Burden to protect his territory; the narrative takes an interesting turn when The Golem makes advances toward the rabbi's wife.


The rabbi objects, obviously, despite the fact of conjuring him as a heavy lifting tool as the wife lies in waiting to test the beast's unnatural might elsewhere o.0


Subtlety never dies as this translation is a feeble disguise behind real world objectification.

The painting below came from a Kabbalistic/Mystic board re-interpreting The Golem’s “predicament”.

 The public’s response:


Completely astonishing!

Servitude, gratification & entitlement are prevalent themes illustrate such a context upon command and disposal, yet the Golem is vilified becoming a narrative rife with relevant contradiction!

Group consensus of an auto-association to race & symbolism inferred the Golem in question as a black man is attempting to rape a defenseless white woman (color me surprised).

There's a common theme of disposability & ostentation that bleeds into real-world sociology, a superficial attempt to achieve power-positioning. 

In Modern Hebrew, golem is used to mean "dumb" or "helpless". Similarly, it is often used today as a metaphor for an uncultivated person, or entity who serves man under forced, contrived conditions.


The "Golem" dangerously similar Yiddish term “goylem”/ “goyim”  meaning “gentile”, non-jew, even elevated to a derogatory, non-subtle slur “cattle”.

Pride, dominion, constriction. These real world aspects alone provides motive for such extreme alchemy, creating an imbalance of nature to preserve the luxury of leverage at the behest of such a fragile yet reclusive orthodoxy 

Beasts of Burden indeed, globalized domestication that is celebrated in fable now justified by investor-class spell casters to funnel social consciousness into “One Direction”.

Instant gratification, no matter the penalty, has become an attachment to our synthetic social construct; the fable in question provides a direct link between the rabbi’s alchemy to resurrect his golem and corporate division binding citizens into constrictive debt servitude.

A theme of expected servitude impacting human interactions & respect (or lack thereof) based upon their social positioning is a puzzling sociological abstract, either for those having difficulty trying to grasp such a concept, or those who scoff at the idea due to their own ostentation. 

Continued symbolism most definitely a celebration among puppermasters & proxies within a presumption of power dynamics. Presenting the true nature behind arranged authority and generational domestication having advantages on reserve by the pull of the chain string.

This, a sociological study revealing Puppets, Golems & Goyim are synonymous 4sure.
A fable condoned as a dismissive joke is a shameful exercise in hidden racism and "control" of the Beast; expected servitude among those you can control through artificial leverage/power/$$$. 

Power manifests into legislation, lust and luxury; nothing more than Alchemy to benefit the carnal Man.

As Mr. Henry Kissinger’s words personifies this appointment nicely:

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