Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nevermind The Backlash

A warning for most, the observations and depictions below could become branded as offensive, or depending on your perspective, quite an awakening experience.

A direct compilation of hostile intent continues to surround our way of life within the USA (or United States of Amnesia) given our democratic rights can/will be recalled akin to any despotic kingdom generations prior.

Given the source material, an ongoing theme of culture conflict has been encouraged by choosing to ignore this very evident crisis of obvious corruption & deception.

The manufactured fervor behind the Obama Umbrella Chronicles can be processed as a moment of stewardly dedication:

…has been mutated to deliver a whimsical message of knuckle dragger wit:

The anticipation is without question, verified through public applause and sentiment, speaking in volumes of unpatriotic condescension

A connective portrayal has been posted previously entitled : Stand Your Ground Soldier, and Reload!


Well-wishers were allowed a glimpse within an alternate reality showcasing Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s authoritative might to set the uncivilized half-wit in his place.

Someone took the time to alter said photos to express evil intention. It’s so overwhelming at times, strategically unavoidable by design. The hate and evil they promote has reached an unsettling consensus & glamorized as common-place civility.

A dreadful depiction of free will, I know.
I was appalled, completely disgusted.
However, that mindset is shared amongst our neighbors and I deemed it necessary to broadcast and cast an illuminated light onto this form of cowardice.

To realize the purpose of this humorless joke, this visual attack; low-level instigator comedy set to charge our most basic, primary emotions.

Lest we forget, this similarity of wickedness celebrating social ostentation was previously demonstrated via postcards as a keepsake. 

To adorn the memory of social superiority above their fellow man as a form of amusement during our Industrial Era.

"The Whipping Post", February 7, 1921 
(wish you were here!!!)

Make zero hesitation in the construct of disconnection through self-righteous hands have remanded lax and dormant during modern times.

Often catering towards Neanderthalic aggression, a need to churn a variety of socially destructive gears remains:


1. Civil unrest; to incite hostility through emotional aggravation.

    2. Desensitization; exercising the use of violence, promote misogyny, and patronize class conflict.

    3. Social backlash in preparation towards an elected official unlike anything humanity has previously encountered.


To do so would provide sympathy for the psychopath, for the spiritually depraved, whose descendants  stripped once fertile lands into barrenness plots that have been hollowed via cancerous ideology. 


Above all, once you have received this cautionary message, please continue onward with little hesitation in your daily quest.   

Please continue to view these primal images being engineered to ignite a flame of hatred that, consequently, dwells within these aforementioned Neanderthals and their sympathizers.

Please continue to laugh at their elementary intellect that is so garishly on display for the world to see as they patiently attempt to build their political lightning-rod, their prized sell-out scapegoat. 
For the humor never lies within the idea of shooting an authoritative figure in the forehead at close range; the humor lies with the idea of instigators’ childish attempt to plant hatred in your heart, manipulating you to re-act as the uncivilized savage they are ever so desperate to accuse.

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