Sunday, February 16, 2014

Necrosis of the Mind: Prized Yellow Submarines

''To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
Voltaire providing invaluable insight regarding 'authoritarian' (Thor) mechanics of augmenting reality. 

This exercise has been marginally successful stalling tsunamic waves of heresy to a certain extent; might, symbolism and sciences (Alchemy) have retained its legacy among those exalting incurable obedience as life’s highest priority. 


Legacies of Voltaire and his contemporaries (slave masters, warmongers, charlatans/swindlers bathed in nepotism) often remain fortified as 'the works of masters' bearing the mark of Enlightenment remains to be a demonstration of Mockery glorified by those completely devoid of such a pious concept.  
This degree of latent irony will always unveil a massive, critical flaw within a subscriber’s altruistic pursuit towards fraternity and eloquence.
Homogeny among the disenchanted, among ancestors most besieged by “society”, foretells a vicious pattern of the barriers architecturally set in place. 


Self-appointed Kingmakers award ease of passage through barriers of strata aboard their prized 

Yellow Submarines, heavy with the weight of gilded knowledge and stolen legacies once preserved as rays of light for all those deserving.


A struggle for some to grasp; how wondrous of the contrast that remains unchanged particularly those entitled to freedom of speech and ancestry with minimal social restraint.

This arrangement often read as gibberish may daunt, even bore those benefiting from artificial detachments, ironically cheer with glee for the slow decomposition of human civility to properly delegate illusionary privilege and authority (Thor). 

In reality, its savagery from the top down within an Empire That Never Was, exposing infantile insecurities when it comes to co-habitation, of which detachment is encouraged via entertainment & sub-text.

Shared symbolism appears to artfully echo smiling savagery and anarchy as motivation, as an identity.

Anarchists tend to share a carnivorous appetite of defending/referencing “chaos” by design to remain aloof in the midst of others voluntarily pressed into service. 

A path best lead by deception/misdirection, in the attempt to find worthiness with a corruptive mythos, honoring the dishonorable (Infil-traitors) holding the nation captive. 
Captive within a spell doomed in deception while purposefully divorced from ancestral and liberating knowledge.

A path of Forced Consciousness remains for all citizens to accept within a smiling state of perpetual compliance. 
Quite strategic within Empire Building; a constant attack toward Consciousness to domesticate citizen behavior stands off-topic from general discussion.

Constrictive themes of Coercion appears to be peculiarly absent from this apparent cultural cannibalism, moreover, quite tolerant of true savagery that satisfies all. 

Carnivores develop Boss-Pattern Cliques draw from within, a constant need to join the feeding frenzy of depravity to encourage self-preservation. 
From this, a collective of the lowest-level, giving birth to our shared concept of Democracy, unified by, at best, a slight of hand.  

Distinctions promoted above, of which are traits of the sociopath: callous detachment & disregard towards human life, ultimately a form of rejection aligning with anti-life, creating sympathy for the functional sociopath.

This projection is transmitted via modes of deception, allowing such treachery to materialize with image and lore that would baffle Dante himself upon his return from the frozen Ninth Circle.
To which many who share this void may exert forms of desperation for fulfillment, allowing primal vibrations/urges to take over the mind-space, a creeping plague forming Necrosis of the Mind.

Cultural extinction upon the sociopath's stained hands form cliques throughout our generation and watch in amusement. Watch as the swirl of slobbering Delirium & Denial consumes them, inspiration as an artform apparently Grammy inducing.  

Happy Minions stand with peace of mind and hands outstretched in a blissful contradiction to the delight of Pharrell Fans and his handlers. 
Strategic Infil-traition now deified to proper delegate hierarchy, Minions default to Insta-Manic reactions around the convention of pyramid schemes.  

Categorizing such depths and barometer of fraternal Irony may prove to be paralyzing for some, obviously as many succumb to the drudgery ('the works of the masters') and proclaim blind assimilation without provocation is submission disguised as a victory.


All the while, within consensus, provide a reflection of Unapologetic shamelessness, of apathetic narcissism and aforementioned sympathy for the sociopath among likeminded descendants.
The outward projection of anti-life psychology that can be difficult to associate due to waves of social scorn which flows into the anti-life equation quite nicely, again, most will socially never associate to such perversions -generational distance and duplicity is key...

Being devoid of empathy while masking contempt towards co-existence pretty much requires one to maintain humane detachment at all costs- often shrouded within Westernized Esotericism (Vow of Silence).

A thriving form of devoted detachment presents a metaphysical abandonment; this cellular rejection aligning with anti-life in wondrous  contrast to our cosmic objective of absolute connectivity whilst the construction of Elysium remain with continuous pride. 

Gilded walls of social sentiment (sympathy for the sociopath) justified in the form of entertainment is duplicity without question;  
barbarism lost in song for influential consumption, a delusional stupor at full speed beneath the waves in a Prized Yellow Submarine.