Sunday, July 24, 2011


Here's a new equation for you to ponder over:

Guns + God x Blackwater = Loafers Grenades (???)

There is a great margin of duty and responsibility bestowed upon what many have unconventionally labeled as the great "American Burden". It has been a mantra that has been written in patriotic stone to wage genocidal war for the sake of spreading democracy. Given our county's prominent display of imperialistic conquest, we have earned a world-wide reputation of a shoot-first "with guns blazing" set of mannerisms. 

What can also be taken into consideration is the acquired gun culture the United States have maintained for centuries, most likely enabled by our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms ( along with the estimated 5,000 gun shows take place each year in the U.S.  according to Michael Bouchard, Assistant Director/Field Operations of ATF).

Furthermore, the U.S. Armed forces are fulfilling the need to exercise a rather boastful obligation for the rest of the world to uphold ideals of righteousness and independence. As seen below, a warrior's plea towards those who have become increasingly apprehensive about our country's Middle Eastern engagement.

Unfortunately, I was one of many who was not able to cultivate sympathies for this wayward solider. An arcane desire to willfully put oneself in the line of hostile artillery for the sake of using government issued weaponry has not justified the concept of foreign bombardment. This "American Burden" of engaging war-minded activities for the sake of “democracy” and “liberty” is a masquerade, a farce.
Instead, our country has remained steadfast in its war profiteering programs, our contributions funding wars (both in economic cost and human lives) are double and triple (quadrupled?) in comparison to other countries as well.

Studies have shown our country's priorities of war and education has been deemed to be a comedy of errors. Which proves to benefit a certain sector of stock holders invested in war with Capitalistic intention, the means to turn a profit no matter the cost.

The "progress" made by our troops both achieved thus far and to be determined have been victories that have yet to make any substantial impact on the daily lives of those living on American soil. If anything, these crusade-like activities have only "stirred the hornet's nest" creating anger and discord across both shores. A timely incident that reflected an occupied region's level of discontent toward an over-zealous dictator who prioritize his own self-interests over those of the indigenous people (duck, Leather-Loafers INBOUND!!!) was a modernized version of the shot heard 'round the world:

There has been punitive evidence placing a spotlight toward recent presidential campaigns that have made our international occupations comparative to a rich man expensive game of chess. There has been a increase of private military outfits that have been constructed and heavily engaged in heavy-arms combat. A clandestine group previously known as "Blackwater" (recently changed their name to "Xe" pronounced "Z") have distinct ties to our government's branches of defense that have been aggressively fighting for, again, the sake of spreading democracy.

Resources used to fund these and other countless projects engineered to support our troops locked in combat ultimately must derive from an outside source. A source that virtually untapped and is nearly self-replenishing that can enable mounds of surplus streams of cash. That source has been the national budget that was meant to sustain our country's growth and means for prosperity. As shown in the collection of insurmountable debt that has done nothing but reach critical mass levels with no signs of debt stabilization.
Illustration pertains to recorded data pulled from our very own Congressional Budget Office ( These debts originated fulfilling the needs of our great "American Burden". The invoice for this ultimate cost are increasingly redistributed and paid into forms of gross taxation, specifically targeting individuals of certain lower class and rank amongst society. A former President's "War on Terror" has and will cost taxpayers a great deal, in regards to monetary disregard and overall cultural detachment.

View the counter linked below that provides a "real-time" ticker of the rising costs of war orchestrated by fellow humans demonstrating power beyond our control:

Recent activities of war have been executed solely for the means of occupying foreign territories and exploit its resources to increase profit margins.  The costs of war, affected in both physical and metaphysical needs across the globe, are losses that have proved to become less than genuine as the decades progresses.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Murdoch & Murdoch: A Public British Bashing

The following is a PhotoBlog comparison of the televised events that took place July 19, 2011.

This 3-hour barrage of questioning was similar to observing two gladiators battle for their lives within the confines of a Roman Colosseum. However, instead of two well buffed combatants armed with steel and spear defending themselves from hostile opposition, we have to endure and watch these two characters bear witness:

Thanks to @KeithWildman for this amazin’ Twitpic.

The axes were lobbed to and fro across the horseshoe-shaped table, as father and son were set to testify of any background knowledge of these scandalous accusations known around the globe as “HackGate”.

While news coverage of these proceedings saturated the airwaves, I had to bear in mind the level of objectivity most networks would have to honor while broadcasting these lines of questioning. One broadcast network in particular, Fox News, sprang into the forefront to make its required presence along side of their news covering rivals.
Fox News’ involvement with this case carries a multi-tiered array of involvement as Murdoch & Murdoch are indeed owners of said Fox News. Which means Fox News would make darn sure that the representation of the two head-honchos would need to be minimalisticly demonizing as possible while its being televised.
The energy saver light bulb in my head illuminated as I decided to track how fairly and balance(ly) would Fox portray the attacks from the British Assassination Squad. How do you ask? By of course, the use of softening the offensive blows with less-than incriminating bulletins spackled with streaming banner-text across the screen.
Let’s see how Fox’s graphics compares to their lesser known rival CNN and their use of well-timed banners addressing the overall presentation.
The saying is that a picture’s worth 1000 words, but strategic words on that picture can illustrate an entirely different story altogether. Both networks appear to be quite parallel with one another as far as their word selection, but notice the gradual contrast and digression of tone between both networks:

CNN provided very succinct and factual updates whereas Fox might as well have been playing a very sympathetic violin solo in the background… There was severe case of repetition on Fox’s behalf, most of the captions were used over and over again, evoking a sense of sympathy to the viewer.

Now that these CEOs have the luxury of hindsight, after getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar so to speak, they can express their “deepest sympathies”. Just like a mischievous 12-year old, they promise never to do it again (with their fingers crossed behind their backs no less…) Who could have foreseen that the News Corp. mogul was mere minutes away from an assault a la “shaving cream” pie?

Jolly good show Sir Jonnie Marbles!!! You have won the hearts of many more fans across the globe for this noble deed.
After the excitement levels began to wear off, the two titans of industry was able to clean themselves up, dust off the additional layer of public shame that was just bestowed upon them, and finish the last line of questioning. How poetic, this event ended just as it started, this time with Murdoch eating his shaving cream flavored humble-pie.

Aside from this devious scandal, the overall theme of conduct upheld by Murdoch & Murdoch was very typical of their brood. Both were able to deflect any blame and ownership of malicious tactics; teetering back and forth of acknowledging their roles with within their corporation and blasting their subordinates. 

Murdoch, Jr. would use typical delayed reactions toward answering most questions by always addressing/re-addressing the interviewer and rephrasing the question on numerous occasions. Murdoch, Sr.’s body language displayed visible discomfort throughout the entire session, his notable fist pounds on the desk projected an aging alpha male form of aggression.

Either way, for their corporation to operate under the guise of being fair and balanced is so distant from their wicked realities. Fox News, under the News Corp umbrella, has maintained a landslide of scrutiny when it comes to objectivity and favoritism while participating in raking up 32-billion dollars in annual revenue. Given News Corp.’s history toward political donations, even more persecution was brought onto their billionaire-boys club for only aiding the Republican Governors Association. 

I question whether or not if this is far from ethical example of journalism would be acceptable for the world’s 2nd largest media conglomerate; would they truly want other institutions to follow suit?

 This is the worst kind of oxymoron to represent a corporation, however, I would rather place emphasis on the suffix instead by removing the "oxy".