Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Abomination Beyond Measure

I frequently use the television to watch most current events as they unfold.
Most of the talk across the airways are usually filled with toxic political rhetoric that becomes unwatchable towards my attention span in a matter of minutes.

However, a story in reference to another misogynist/religious zealot has surfaced across the "blog-o-sphere" here in the U.S. These tragic series of events took place in North Carolina where a string of missing persons reports were linked to countless acts of mental and physical abuse. There was an unsettling amount of non-coverage for this story, I barely stumbled across these events while on Facebook.

My skepticism toward the national selective coverage; side-stepping such horrible human atrocities which compelled me to advocate the distinct levels of irrationality and derangement religious factions hold so dear to their dark-hearts. Was this a matter of this story being "swept under the rug" simply because lack of humanistic interest or merely because other stories were deemed more valuable toward national appeal?

The man, Peter Lucas Moses, 27, who shot his four-​year old step son to death because he thought the boy, Jadon Higganbothan.

Moses got angry at Jadon for hitting another child on the bottom. Prosecutors believe Moses thought Jadon was a homosexual, like his biological father, and it was against Moses’ religious beliefs so he shot Jayden in the head. Moses also shot to death a 28-​year old woman, Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, may face the death penalty.

According to the local press at

Moses beat her throughout most of the day, with the women joining in at least once, and tried to strangle her with an extension cord, according to the witness.

The witness described how McKoy begged for her life, but Sisk got the gun Moses used to kill Jadon and took it to the bathroom, prosecutors said. The women told Moses “you cannot let her go” and said they feared him going to jail, Cline said.

They turned on the same music in the bathroom and took McKoy in there, prosecutors said. Sisk shot McKoy several times, killing her, they said.

The group threw a party a few days later, prosecutors recalled the witness saying, and Moses showed McKoy’s body to several relatives, including his mother Sheilda Evelyn Harris, 56, his brother P. Leonard Moses, 21, and his sister, Sheila Falisha Moses, 20.

McKoy’s body was also kept in the house for some time, taped up inside black garbage bags placed in garbage bin, prosecutors said the witness told them.
Moses shared his house with multiple women who called him “Lord” and bore eight of his children.

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