Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meet "The Bachmanns"

"Marcus and his wife, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are the parents of five children and have been foster parents to more than 20 children. The family lives in the St. Croix Valley."

Please, follow me into a visual assessment on how I analyze these series of images within my own personal thought processes:


I'm sure talk show staff writers are overjoyed having The Bachmanns readily available for public ridicule, granting them x-amount of comedic writing potential during a dismal economic reality.
I mean, come on; these antics are beyond laughable and the two of them offer little charismatic and authoritarian weight.

So much blatant hypocrisy that form waves of nausea at times, leaving one curious to know if these roles they artfully portray on an international stage are somehow engineered or fabricated.

Meet "The Bachmanns" 


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