Friday, July 8, 2011

Walmart CEO Makes Average Workers Annual Salary Every Hour

Walmart CEO Michael Duke’s salary is $35 million; it equates to earning an American employee's annual salary every hour.
The statistics compared to the wages of workers in overseas factory employees would be even more comedic.
This is the distribution of wealth gone horribly awry.
How would one single human use 35-million in a lifetime?
He won't. He'll make sure its handed down to his affiliates and push government agenda so that he retains as much of the pie as possible.

Overseas workers deserve to earn a decent wage comparative of the American workers.
Walmart can continue to sell/thrive and keep the prices competitive; just make sure overseas employees are not viciously exploited.
If that means Michael Duke’s multi-million dollar salary (and other "top earners") has to be trimmed and redistributed into his company... so be it.

This blog directly relates to a previous entry: "P" Is For Profits!!!

Our escalating costs of maintaining Welfare/Medicare on a national scale is creating an ELE (Extinction Level Event) towards our government's budget. Forever expanding a level a debt unlike anything our generation has ever witnessed before, ushering in financial crisis and collapse.
All of this is perfectly fine for the top-earners with millions in the vault, they have been made immune toward the potential plague of looming tax hikes and unemployment woes.
I wish other Americans would realize a broader sense of their repercussions from buying from crummy outlets such as Walmart & Gap.
Exploitation for cheaply manufactured goods are undoubtedly not worth the cost of slave labor.
This, in turn, creates a perpetual effect, since the workers in the U.S. are scratching themselves for available work, leaving many with little opportunity and forced to shop @ crummy outlets.
Plus, if low income families would make an effort from having children they cannot afford, that may help remedy some of our national burden.
But that's another topic for another day...

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