Monday, May 28, 2012

Contaminated Soil May Prove Counterproductive, Study Reveals

Time to hurry and grab your customized HAZ-MAT suit that you ordered online last week.

Don't have one, that's OK; just be sure to buddy up with those Doomsday Preppers, of whom everyone keeps snickering and finger-pointing on reality television.

Our nation’s leading administrators will continue to steer the United States into a full-on collision course into bedlam, beyond a lost civilization.   

It will be a gravely distant alternative, quite a difference from those "Good 'Ole Days" so many sit around longingly anticipating.  As of  March 2012 nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen collected various soil samples throughout the Tokyo area and was able to deem them saturated with radioactive waste.

This in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred 15 months ago, having residency among a notorious disaster short-list of irreversible destruction and disfigurement. 


According to Gundersen, "the lab determined that all of them would be qualified as radioactive waste here in the United States and would have to be shipped to Texas to be disposed of."

Learn more:

Ah, so it sounds like the American public would be very displeased to know of the imminent potential for American children to play and frolic on their glowing backyards.  
That is, should something similar occur, here, in America. Which could be a positive turn for you depending on your overall outlook; this could increase your home’s curb appeal (if your in to that sorta thing) in conjunction with your God-given tolerance for nuclear waste.

Oppressive regimes will always find a way to blur the truth and criminal intent.
Japanese officials, shown in the link below, displayed much cowardice with acknowledging dire issues of the public.
Many of them with their heads hanging low with their self-interests glaringly obvious.

Hmmmm, deleted again.... Lets try this one more time:

Its actually quite comedic how the general consensus has allowed distraction and propaganda to fog the path that will ultimately trace back to the root of the problem: the secret lair of rogues and thieves, of concealers and deceivers.

The industrious United States have become leaders of exporting industry and innovation, however, it seems as if U.S. citizens reap the spoils of this chemical/commercial war. Spikes in Autism and other neurological disorders, cancer in its plentiful, nefarious variations throughout the human body, are calculated to be among the highest of other "super-power" countries.

Oh what a surprise, spikes in privatized cancer “treatment” facilities that welcomes your preexisting conditions, with proper insurance with sky-reaching deductibles, are coincidentally plentiful.

These same contributors must have logged some serious hours playing Fallout 3 on Xbox. A fictional fable of life post nuclear apocalypse in which you must survive of the land, fending off other hostile scavengers and find your meals among mutated (yet meaty) oversized cockroaches (called Radroach Meat in game).   

How devilish indeed, the makers of policy and legislation are inching their intention closer towards a distorted reality. A reality in which the susceptibility of life imitates this forecast of art most sinister.

Correlating posts from both the Atlanta Journal Constitution and have reported improper and faulty construction of a new Vogtle Nuclear plant near Augusta, GA. These details were pinpointed during a federal inspection in May, from the offices of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC).  Construction will begin a series of re-dos in Mid-June according to Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson.


Thanks Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson, it’s good to know they have some sort of preventive game-plan, this in order to avoid converting 1/3 of Georgia into the equivalent of a radioactive deep-fryer.

It wasn’t very long ago the United States Government hand-delivered a loan totaling more than  8-Billion dollars towards this business venture. David Ratcliffe, CEO of Georgia Power parent, Southern Company, said that lower financing costs that will result will benefit the utility's customers.

The NRC is currently conducting national public meetings to address the many concerns outlining the new reactor projects. Anti-nuclear groups have opposed the project, saying it is costly and potentially dangerous.  These NRC tours/exhibits/resorts national public meetings continue until August 2012 and heading to a town near you.

We have also received word of the NRC’s Chairman Gregory Jaczko resignation this month as well.  He said neither a pending federal inspector general’s report on his time in office nor pressure from the nuclear industry prompted him to resign.

Jaczko said he voted March 30 against issuing the operational license for the nuclear plant. He wanted mandatory assurances that lessons learned from the Japan disaster would be applied to the South Carolina nuclear plants before he signed off on construction. He was the only NRC member to vote against the license.

A disaster that has unofficially being filed under the term “Plume-Gate”. This transpired due to the NRC and the White House purposely did not warn Americans about a massive radiation plume that struck the West Coast just days after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's eastern coast.

So I guess it’s time to suit up after all, there’s gonna be a new market for Bio-Hazard Gear in the near future. 

With that line of reasoning, perhaps Romney & Obama are correct, job creation in the United States will increasingly surge towards the demand.  Haz-Mat suits with the “Made In U.S.A.” embroidery will become quite coveted, governmentally approved leisure wear with only 92% leakage rates.


Again, it all depends on your overall outlook on life, many Americans won't be able to afford the top of the line suits needed for survival.  Once I turn into a radioactive mutant/zombie, maybe my dancing skills will start to improve by 30%. 

Finally, I can get that...

-half turn -step -pivot -arm out

-arm out- step -pivot

...sequence down like a legendary pro.

In the long run, there's no need to panic.  Just sit back, relax, grab the shortest short-shorts you can find, and have a Coke and a smile!

...Radioactive Coke Crazed Mutant/Zombies havin' a good ole time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Inspiration based from Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Transportative trance, traversing this tectonic temporal terrain.
Like a champion, with an observant stance, a rival with powers far beyond comprehension.

Talking to me within this; the pathway of my mind, unraveling the center of my processes.
Giving commands, both verbal and not, demanding my actions and then my reactions.
Taking control, of this sudden submission, while wondering about in this temporal storm.

Taken over by light, by chaos and distraction, enjoying the ride beyond my better judgment.
Although, I do have but this one regret.

That, I have this one life to live, with absolute caution, I must find a way for transport back home.
Where I can be safe forever, rest my processes to repair from such a ravaging.
To stand aside until the chains of this sanity can become inevitably undone.