Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Blasts" From The Past

The cruel irony listed below was not intentional in this entry.
It does, however, display the intentional irony of murderous and often celebrated generational cruelty.


Witnesses of this warped collaboration within American Conservatism have made their past proclamations:

*** Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK ***


*** President John F. Kennedy, JFK ***


*** Lincoln ***

Outraged, each of them.
Prophetic, all of them.
Dead. Dead. Dead. 
Yes, make no mistake; this modern regime has become the sum of their fears. These Game-Masters presiding over a friendlier, cuddlier, subtle form of smiling totalitarianism that will mutate outward appearances within a flash, free of both guilt and hesitation. 

Sad thing is we, as the undesired lower class, are standing on the Mirror's Edge of that way of life. 
Doomed to repeat history? It is with great regret to say, absolutely.    
A repeat of history far more elaborate and contagious in contrast to previous events within human tragedy is highly probable. 
You are either in on the joke, or part of it.    

Electing a Presidential mouthpiece to stand behind and play the smiling puppet is the exact role of as scapegoat to promote continued treachery of False-Hope & False-Faith.
Demand disclosure from the Kingmakers and their Superstructure.   
Their actions must be questioned and brought to the surface. 
We must take the time to make analytic decisions based on their persistent exercise to conceal precious truth and collectively abolish methods of modern mind-lock.  

Flip the dollar over, the All Seeing Eye and the Great Pyramid are tell-tell signs.  I want to place emphasis on the cluster of stars placed above the bald eagle’s head. Feel free to connect the dots using the outline listed below. 

Yeah, “In God We Trust” is a laughable joke to the conspirators who really run this system, definitely ranking high in Creep Factor…

Their influence is far reaching, as they cling with the same ideological societies within Christianity and Judaism, particularly with their availability pool of new recruits.  Such symbolism that ranks high in “Creep Factor” is reflected in many coat of arms for college fraternities.   

A consortium of Judeo-Christian subscribers who are able to keep social circles firmly intact and complete many rites of passage handing privilege and access onto generations forthcoming.   Thus by joining clubs such as Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Pi and "mascots" such as Lord Dooley of Emory University. 

Phi Kappa Sigma:

An international all-male college secret and social fraternity unofficially known as the "Skulls" and sometimes "Skullhouse". A fraternal front to pose the concept of promoting leadership skills, entrusting future subscribers to become progressive (again, trying not to laugh) “Men of Honor”.   
Ranking high in Creep Factor (and frankly a wakeup call to the rest of society) is the fraternity’s coat of arms.

Yes, we have seen the use of both the skull and bones and specifically the Maltese cross throughout the pages of history; however, it’s the connective thread that reminds us of hidden intent and inner ideologies. 
This is, in part, symbolism of death and destruction being entangled with concepts of pride, nobility, and caricature.


Alpha Epsilon Pi :

Their coat of arms display a short list of cryptic symbolism, including the Star of David placed within a menorah (a 6-pointed figure, with 6-lines and 6-triangles), there is the rampant lion is also symbol of royalty and a “Lamp of Knowledge & Divine Wisdom. 

Noted as well is the skull or “death’s head” placed on a holy book, symbolizing mortality, which, I can safely presume, one’s mortality can heavily be influenced based on admission within this selective group.

Having 10,000 members in 155 chapters in the US, Canada, the UK and Israel, who would also admit some non-Jews who adopt its "purpose and values". 

Such members including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reporting international news from “The Situation Room” (yeah, prefabricated situations that are prepped well in advance…). 

As well as Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg, which is truly comforting information to know I’m sure…

Emory University's Lord Dooley:

Pulled directly from Emory's website, Dooley represents a light-hearted attempt toward a scholastic and quirky tradition, whose identity is one of the best-kept secrets on campus.  

This self appointed "Lord of Misrule" creeps around during Emory's Spirit Week with a black cape, a black top hat, and white gloves, surrounded by bodyguards in black clothes and dark shades relying on a bent wooden cane—topped with a brown skull—for support. 


From Newt Gengrich's alma mater, Emory's exercise in frivolity showcases Dooley during his grand entrances by every means imaginable—one year coming on motorcycle, another year landing on campus via helicopter to announce his "resurrection".  

Curious as well after stumbling across an illustration of our dashing Dooley in compliance with a Chinese mythological creature, Bixie, who curiously maintains a reputation of dispelling "evil" in various incarnations:

Recruitment and influence have been a grandstanding tools of the trade for these guilds overall.  All of which perpetuate Masonic Methods to thrive independently and report to the upper echelons. 

All of which symbolizes their ultimate pledge toward systematic social control, thereby arranging the ultimate silence or maniacal death onto those who chooses to defy these Methods of Modern Mind-Lock.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RePost: Class Domestication

The following repost has significant relevance in light of current governmental practices and actions.
Our administration have begun to outline an enhanced push toward Class Domestication to keep the general public unaware and (for the most part) dangerously stumbling toward total mental submission...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Class Domestication- Modernized Slavery

Yes, recent gestures displayed by our governmental powers indicate that f-ing slavery is soon approaching.
This unfortunate event within our society transcends race, gender, sexuality in voluminous detail.

Taking into consideration the following items that suggests an underlining method to execute patriotic serfdom:

-Recent political candidates running for President have demonstrated great enthusiasm in regulating civil rights reform, liable to send America into a segregation relapse (Romney, Sanctorum, Paul). The current Obama administration has not generated any sign of upholding the needs of the People creating a political vacuum for taskmaster-like tactics.

-According to "Shooting Illustrated" magazine, gun sales in the U.S. have exceeded expectations. Allowing those who would like to protect their property & fortunes by firing shells of ammo into "suspicious" suspects.

 (pisst, notice the advertisement for "Crossbreed Holsters"??? Yeah, cute....)

-Our government’s NDAA will use tax payer dollar to kick down the doors of “suspicious” perpetrators with minimal due processing. Reminiscent of past totalitarian rule and regulation American troops have met with bloody warfare to eradicate.
Those oily pigs continue to get away with ruthless bulling that is totally sanctioned by our lovely government.
Current police brutality is but a tipping point, they are minor social infractions of the cruelty yet to come.

-American troops that are scheduled to make their grand return back home, allowing them to regroup on the homefront. Thus exacting a well-timed performance by our government’s behalf and overpower said “suspicious” suspects into indefinite detention with American Stormtroopers. I'm becoming more revolted by our country's forms of diplomacy. With the introduction of NDAA, U.S. soldiers will soon have American citizens on the ground face-first for their barbaric amusement.

Marines Humiliating dead Taliban insurgents by urinating on their bodies:

-Once incarcerated, the enforcers overseeing the "detainees" might as well be placed into a "work program". Involving low-overhead that would surely jumpstart our deflating economy, causing profits to soar while citizens are bound with iron chains & collars, like a domesticated Boston Terrier.

This is the beginning of 2012, the beginning of a new despotic era that will spawn great hostility within our borders and abroad. A disturbing outlook that garners great urgency for social reform and the need shake the foundation of modern American democracy.

Referencing a previous entry: Unhinged: The Imperialist Voting Machine, the rules of the game have been set, even if the Gamemasters have chosen to bend the rules to ensure certain voters are restricted from vocalizing their democratic opinion; it would generate unnecessary conflict of autocratic oppression.  
After all of the polarization, the outcome of these political debates will ultimately result with governmental powers purposefully exhausting taxpayer dollar to reinforce Imperialist conquest at the expense of fellow wage-slaves.

A steam-powered workhorse that is fueled by the energies expelled from Mind-Locked wage-slaves who are overly eager to argue which puppet-strung politician is the best ambassador for the “greatest country on Earth”.  
True, the better you’re paid the more golden your chains, however, the chains of some citizens are more transparent than others, thereby tarnishing the ideal of true American liberation and true American equality for all men.