Thursday, December 22, 2011

Abolish Super-Imperialism

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You can’t spell “Imperial" Wizard  without  "Imperial"ism.

For your consideration, this is not a xenophobic, black-separatist, nor racially bias message.

To the contrary: this message and the formulation of this work is meant to demonstrate the corruptive perspective of our modern fascist U.S. Government.

A form of government that has been executing method & motive that are obvious mirror images of a propagandist Aryan-charged dictatorship.

The images that are bestowed upon the general public have been meticulously engineered to showcase what true “Americana” is supposed to represent. A representation that members of a certain class level would like to preserve and to be staunchly reestablished.

Awww, don’t be shy, I see you hound doggy! Why are you hiding in the attic?

Was this some sort of cleaver approach, to showcase one’s love of Basset Hounds peppered throughout this advertisement campaign? Basset Hounds, an offshoot of Bloodhounds. As in the catch-phrase we all know and love: “Release the hounds” uttered by snobbish land-owners.

Snobbish Slave-owners to track their human property that have broken free from their hopeless bondage.

Alas, I’m deviating… 

Anything outside of that sterile template to showcase American heritage would simply be out of character and rightfully unpopular by the upper-class.

***Warning, harsh language***

Generations of Imperialism has stained our history as a species, which is an inbred method of acquiring wealth for Capitalistic nations.

The harm it employs will always send systematic shock waves throughout every region.  A true “trickle down” effect that causes irrefutable damages toward once thriving eco-systems and its inhabitants, with death and dismemberment in its wake.

We strive not to repeat that cycle by acknowledging the unnecessary and sinister use of totalitarianism.   You want sinister? Look up The Indonesian Massacre of 1965.   Nixon describing Indonesia as "the greatest prize in the Southeast Asian area.


This was soon followed by US imperialism in order to dominate and drain its natural wealth.   That's sinister.” Such proponents of this monstrous act of taking and pillaging have vocalized their opinion of sending U.S. shocktroops in the Middle East.

All in the name sake of fostering good will and democracy, right Bill O’ Reilly? 

Yes, quick question for ya: What to do for those who oppose our government’s steadfast tradition of utilizing militarized force to siphon resources of other countries?

Ah, so instead, it would be best if one would simply comply with governmentally issued information and send articles of appreciation to our troops serving abroad.

Simply comply with governmentally issued information and allow our governmentally approved enforcers of the law to serve and protect United States citizens.

**** Protect United States citizens ****

This country has mutated into an entirely new predatory creature: the U.S.A., Untied States of Arrest, most definitely as these States are far from United.

Until then…
“The voices of the people cry for change, 
a woeful demand for a decent wage. The powers engage in combative exchange, 
steel in resolve and greed without range. The people unite, unhinged with rage, 
to unleash their struggle on this, the world’s stage. All of us stand, Black, White and Beige, 
revolution is at hand, to turn the page.  For Change."
--E.M. Kadarr, A Modern Day Abolitionist
Abolish Super-Imperialism