Friday, December 9, 2011

From Beasts To Barcodes: All Part Of The Plan

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According to this CNN segment, NASA is currently developing a new and powerful telescope. A telescope so powerful, with the capacities to better understand the complexities of time & space, certain science experts would not be able to place a price of the valuable data it is likely to output.
Hmmm, actually, it will come at a price.
Over 2 Billion Dollars thus far, costs incurred due to intense trial and error according to the Program Director.
Of which, the final schematic is scheduled to launch in the year 2018, nearing a grand total of over 8 Billion Dollars (gues-timate) (hypothesis) (mmmm-aybe tag on another Billion just to be safe…)
Just wanted to check if the members of Congress are actually looking outside their “lux” condos & offices buildings.  This characteristic of social disconnection between an autocratic government and the citizen demand could not be more obvious.  

Despite the fact of NASA’s known reliance on (A) internationally funded technology and (B) resources used to expedite the public need of space transportation, more tax dollars are being funneled into this governmentally approved, comedic routine of a budget.
Yeah, our nation is in, what has been prominently showcased through the media, to be in an economic crisis.   

Politicians maintaining callous charisma appear to be bonded to this: the Manufacturing of Americana, an ideal with great poise and allegiance.   
Ultimately, these same Politicians have spent time and effort to keep said NASA related programs alive.
Alive for the sake of earning additional exploration bragging rights within outer space, perhaps? 

In order to proudly declare this “interstellar property” in the name of the U.S.A. (neither China nor Russia, its all ours baby!). Perhaps, it’s all part of the plan indeed.
With government deficits that have well breached the Trillion dollar mark (1,000,000,000,000), our citizens have witnessed our government splurge on excessiveness in the attempt to create a “safe and greater tomorrow”.  What we also witnessed were mountains of lies, lives, and collateral dollar spent within a flash to “protect” our borders and abroad. 

Occupiers have maintained their solemn dedication to protest their collective disgust and disenchantment with governmental spending.  
They continue to display citizen outrage, akin to the peasant subjects of yesteryear storming the walls of the castle, all while protecting a king bloated with avarice and pride. They make their message loud and clear; they do not appreciate our current administration farming their families for the sake of egregious acts of war and imperialism. 
Major thanks to Michael Moore for showing exactly how our beloved government must feed upon the downtrodden in “Fahrenheit 9/11”.  With surgical precision, they pounce and maintain operations amongst the poorest/lowest class citizens, lusting to send the young and the virile in sardine tins to fight “For Democracy!!!”. 

In fact, Mr. Moore graciously extended the offer to our elected Representatives to send their offspring into the collective fight. They spat in his face laughed in his face and promptly made their departure. 
In Karl Marx’s era, he would have said the wealthy bourgeoisie (booz-rah-zee), the 1%, would never allow anyone of their class-level to engage in such simple, silly savagery. 

That would be the work of the lowly proletariat, the 99%, to dirty their hands and extract the land that is needed. 
American troops reported for duty, to flock knee-deep into the fields of shrapnel blast, into IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device), and WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). 
Wait, ummm, nevermind, again, those cleaver boys are always up to something, aren’t they… It’s all part of the plan.

Afterall, once our troops come home from their repeated stays in warzones & gunfights, Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reid will be happy to employ our battle weary soldiers in our recent city beatification project.  In another effort to appease public demand, the government will be excising the “Better Buildings Challenge” to help improve our metro areas energy efficiency by 20%. 

This is a farce; an attempt of “keeping up appearances” by letting the public know that their U.S.A. will start taking care of the well being of our citizens and generate jobs. The “Better Buildings Challenge’s” premise is transparent and moot. Our country’s infrastructure has been on built with known unsustainable material and toxic composition.  The risk of using hazardous materials was a necessary evil in order to exact their profit margins, mindful of their costs of overhead. 

Such as asbestos (exposure related deaths were recorded as early as ancient Greece and in the early 1900’s and lead paint/pipes. The “Better Buildings Challenge” is scheduled to unveil a stack of new jobs for working citizens, which also is a P.R. effort in conjunction with Kasim Reid’s “Hire Atlanta” campaign. 

Under this philosophy “Your company is one of the 150,000 companies in Atlanta. If we each hire one additional person, we’ll put 150,000 Atlantans back to work. Have you done your part? Join this citywide initiative and get our neighbors back on their feet by getting them back to work.”

Good job, a win/win for both Reid and Atlantans.  The subjects can quiet down now since there’s a few extra jobs for them to piddle around amongst themselves, give them a shovel and cement mixer and they’ll be happy… In exchange, Reid will be able to say he was able to improve Atlanta’s employment rate by 15% and add that to his Mayoral resume… It’s all part of the plan.

What we are witnessing is the next evolution human extortion. We have transcended what we can perceive as racism; it has undergone a drastic metamorphic state of being. Decisions are now influenced by Elitism, in which power is concentrated in the hands of a limited number of people. 

In addition to Elite African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Gays; all of whom will stop at nothing to ensure class supremacy at the cost of their own people. A corrosive collective that have lost all connection with humanitarian need and the advancement for the human community, above individual gluttony.

The expense is for someone else to bear; “better them then me” is the usual mantra. Using scholastic leverage and calculated risk to engineer “the better mousetrap” to ensnare the consumer with a predatory appetite, the business practices of certain financial intuitions constantly reek of fraud and scandal. 

Trained professionals are paid extremely well to stretch Federal Regulation that, within itself, implies consumer deception at its very core. A ritual or a need to dispel the burden of capitalistic intent will continue to unify those who are a slave of their own malicious productiveness. Of course it’s all part of the plan.

Curious, why was a report able to announce Atlanta having the widest income gap of all major U.S. cities? Am I surprised, not in the slightest. A chasm that wide is very much intentional to segregate and irrigate the poor away from the wealthy.
A former colleague (while referring to lazy poor people) told me that “The shit always rolls down hill.” A racial divide that remains glaringly obvious of Atlanta’s current standing as the South’s Big Apple; which is a Shining Symbol of Southern Segregation, standing proud and erect. Ah, and the same report stated that Utah, Alaska and New Hampshire have the smallest gaps. Yeah, go figure…

Also, curious as to why another report announced that there were zero 0 jobs createdfor the American people during August 2011. The people will eventually bite themselves in order to find any paying job lately. Even if it means working the construction line, building “better buildings”, building better monuments for their cause, for showy presentation among their kind.
This really shouldn’t be too much of a difficult transition for you, according to Mitt Romney’s policies: there’s nothing wrong with a little corporate competition, corporations are people too! So, Mr. Romney, whose portfolio carries great heft within the leagues of executive robbery, now creating a grand detour within the Presidential circle... 

He stands as the very ambassador of vampirialistic capitalism, maintaining his insatiability for creating financial ruin. During the early 1990’s, Romney’s previous firm, Bain Capital, utilized a ''roll-up strategy”. (

A firm who buys up similar companies in the same industry in order to expand revenues and cut costs.  They made huge fortunes and created a budget that ballooned throughout his mergers & acquisitions, while workers lost jobs, stockholders and creditors lost money. 

Slashing pay raises of workers, reducing benefits, such tactics may have inspired corporations such as Verizon among others. Definitely part of the plan.
The drive to brazenly acquire an over-saturation of wealth combined with robotic disregard happens to be two of Romney’s strong suits. Such unwavering dedication would bear great similarities of such simple automation that’s required for first or second level survival skills: eat, mate, stay productive. An insect or drone honeybee would be a close representation of this catalog of survival traits found within the wild (excluding any emotion, human empathy, or social camaraderie tasks). 

Take the drone honeybee, whose sole purpose in life is to mate with the Queen Bee, is subsequently killed after sexual intercourse due to total abdomen separation.
The honeybee, which shares its honeycomb home, on the flag of the state of Utah. 

A collective hive of their own accord, which also remains the Mormon birthplace and capital, are proud to display their cultural affection towards insect-like intellect. To replicate and provide for the nest, at any means necessary and as early as necessary. Provide for the nest, acquiring mounds of wealth at the expense of others (who are a selective bunch that tread lightly among those who are “cursed” and inhabit the Earth).

Although the recent level of recruitment methods have spiked dramatically within this calendar year. Very prominently displayed billboards showcasing that it’s okay to be part of the in-crowd with them, all are welcome.

Which is another farce in itself, its very religion is attention grabbing enough to sponsor its own method of advertisement and buzz. The oddly paired advertisement campaign that parallels Romney’s dash to the White House are both well engineered.


Engineered to create a sense of collectiveness, of course, during our nation saga of political/financial unrest. Making its commercial appeal, analogous to that of an Old Navy song & dance jingle to reel in more clients.

Each vapid and droid like “I am Mormon” ad has the charisma of the Borg from Star Trek: TNG:
 “I am Reploid 7 of 9.  I am Reploid 4 of 12. I am Reploid 2 of 6.” All the while, having Romney appointed as Locutus of Borg.


Thus, carrying an underlining theme to perpetuate the sense of urgent productive need, to condone and produce goods to advance capitalistic self-destruction.

Satisfying the demand (not limited to any religious group, since capitalism is its own religion by itself) to create shitty products, with the use of shitty customer service ***I’m sorry, can you say that again please?***, and employ shitty working conditions; all in the need to over-provide and over-populate.

All under the potential Presidential advisory board of Mitt Romney, to make sure the beasts to barcode transition is quite complete and unopposed.

The gears are turning indeed; tagged and barcoded to this very day, insuring the great investors of their all-consuming, all-American livestock is well accounted for.

It is most definitely going well within GameMaster plan. “To confirm your barcode number, please enter your social security number at the sound of the beep…” *BEEP*