Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Abolitionist 10 Affirmations, Defining The Power Within

The Occupy Movement is only the beginning. The Human Society are releasing themselves from artificial and transparent bondage. We are aware and intuned with global humanitarian causality.
We are awakening into a movement that will generate great concern amongst the Conservative Regime. A movement that calls to abolish all methods of previous Religious persecution and Capitalistic malice.

Out of disparity, a known presence that been instilled within all of us must come forth. The Power Within will change the tide and alter complacent perception. It has given birth to this: The Abolitionist 10 Affirmations to provide inference and suggestion of current revolution. Action must take place, not with joined fingers in prayer, nor a closed fist in retaliation, but with Open Hands.

Open Hands to catch and protect, touch and select, to share and connect.
The necessities of these affirmations are human bonds that are unspoken to most.
However, in observances of obvious global corruption; haste and urgency is now social priority. 


The Abolitionist 10 Affirmations

The Power Within never fades.
                It will perpetuate. (Self-appreciation)

Be kind to your fellow man.
                They will aid to make you great. (Strength in community)

Discover your drive that paves your way.
                Then gather and educate. (Mandate education for all)

Humility toward lovers, family, and friends.
                We live together; cohabitate. (Keep your personal circles intact)

Land of Earth can be shared without borders.
                For rulers will eviscerate. (Dictatorship poisons the brain & the soil)

Constriction of Love divides chance & possibility.
                Abolish intentions ruled by hate. (Discrimination is cowardice)

Bend and sway with the winds of change.
                Rigid roots will tear and break. (Enjoy variations and life-phases)

Materialize your will for divine tangibility.
                Scripture will manipulate. (Religion is an aging manual)

As the light of truth is purest form the heart,
                It’s the sun that resonates. (Guilty thoughts are heavy in weight)

Found only from The Power Within, it moves us forward,
                It Elevates!!! (Liberation, find time to celebrate!)


-E.M. Kadarr, A Modern Day Abolitionist

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