Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RePost: Class Domestication

The following repost has significant relevance in light of current governmental practices and actions.
Our administration have begun to outline an enhanced push toward Class Domestication to keep the general public unaware and (for the most part) dangerously stumbling toward total mental submission...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Class Domestication- Modernized Slavery

Yes, recent gestures displayed by our governmental powers indicate that f-ing slavery is soon approaching.
This unfortunate event within our society transcends race, gender, sexuality in voluminous detail.

Taking into consideration the following items that suggests an underlining method to execute patriotic serfdom:

-Recent political candidates running for President have demonstrated great enthusiasm in regulating civil rights reform, liable to send America into a segregation relapse (Romney, Sanctorum, Paul). The current Obama administration has not generated any sign of upholding the needs of the People creating a political vacuum for taskmaster-like tactics.

-According to "Shooting Illustrated" magazine, gun sales in the U.S. have exceeded expectations. Allowing those who would like to protect their property & fortunes by firing shells of ammo into "suspicious" suspects.

 (pisst, notice the advertisement for "Crossbreed Holsters"??? Yeah, cute....)

-Our government’s NDAA will use tax payer dollar to kick down the doors of “suspicious” perpetrators with minimal due processing. Reminiscent of past totalitarian rule and regulation American troops have met with bloody warfare to eradicate.
Those oily pigs continue to get away with ruthless bulling that is totally sanctioned by our lovely government.
Current police brutality is but a tipping point, they are minor social infractions of the cruelty yet to come.

-American troops that are scheduled to make their grand return back home, allowing them to regroup on the homefront. Thus exacting a well-timed performance by our government’s behalf and overpower said “suspicious” suspects into indefinite detention with American Stormtroopers. I'm becoming more revolted by our country's forms of diplomacy. With the introduction of NDAA, U.S. soldiers will soon have American citizens on the ground face-first for their barbaric amusement.

Marines Humiliating dead Taliban insurgents by urinating on their bodies:

-Once incarcerated, the enforcers overseeing the "detainees" might as well be placed into a "work program". Involving low-overhead that would surely jumpstart our deflating economy, causing profits to soar while citizens are bound with iron chains & collars, like a domesticated Boston Terrier.

This is the beginning of 2012, the beginning of a new despotic era that will spawn great hostility within our borders and abroad. A disturbing outlook that garners great urgency for social reform and the need shake the foundation of modern American democracy.

Referencing a previous entry: Unhinged: The Imperialist Voting Machine, the rules of the game have been set, even if the Gamemasters have chosen to bend the rules to ensure certain voters are restricted from vocalizing their democratic opinion; it would generate unnecessary conflict of autocratic oppression.  
After all of the polarization, the outcome of these political debates will ultimately result with governmental powers purposefully exhausting taxpayer dollar to reinforce Imperialist conquest at the expense of fellow wage-slaves.

A steam-powered workhorse that is fueled by the energies expelled from Mind-Locked wage-slaves who are overly eager to argue which puppet-strung politician is the best ambassador for the “greatest country on Earth”.  
True, the better you’re paid the more golden your chains, however, the chains of some citizens are more transparent than others, thereby tarnishing the ideal of true American liberation and true American equality for all men. 

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