Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unhinged: The Imperialist Voting Machine

So it has been decreed, the 2012 Presidential debate session has begun and the world is tuning in with gasping anticipation.

Ultimately, I could care less, it all matters not.

Creating this, a Lose/Lose scenario, requires an expanse of scholastic knowledge, instinctive cunning, with a dash of generational misanthropic attributes.

It takes great skill to engineer social indoctrination, akin to having the skill of a surgical hand in order to navigate vastly complex cardiovascular systems.
The modern collaboration of multimedia and its influences have furnished the necessary methods to materialize social interconnection via TV, web, music, etc. in order to finalize their mastery in Mind-Lock control.

We continue to witness Mind-Locked citizens focusing on this political prefabrication, this well-funded WrestleMania event, as our schools, infrastructure, and healthcare continues to crumble due to malnutrition.  Watching a pair of perfect teeth politicians spar over matters concerning public need with synthetic sincerity has got to be a classic comedy routine in the making.

The greatest contradiction lies in part of our great country draped in the glittery and adorned Stars and Stripes, evoking democratic collaboration through the use of citizen voting.  Voting is a rewarding process allowing citizens to vocalize opinions upon ultimate outcomes that have been ominously decided months prior without general consent.  
A waste of efforts and finances spent to occupy the fleeting moments of time of a dozen voting staff members across our multiple districts.  
Such fraudulence has been thoroughly proven on its own accord as governmental officials have exhausted numerous efforts to narrow the citizen demographic via “voter fraud protection” as well as arranging various vehicles of excessive voter enforcement.

Ushering fallacies of “hope”, “change” and “moving forward” along a predetermined path for lost sheep grasping for artificial salvation.  To march and funnel among the percussion of the slave-drum is an engagement within hypnosis; this, a fruitless exercise is to showcase how unimportant, meaningless, and ordinary of a citizen you truly are.  Allowing us to decide the face of human extinction is the greatest joke for those within social power, they laugh to watch the wage-slaves arrange these events, all much to do about nothing in this most grand scheme.  

The rules of the game have been set, even if the Gamemasters have chosen to bend the rules to ensure certain voters are restricted from vocalizing their democratic opinion; it would generate unnecessary conflict of autocratic oppression.  After all of the polarization, the outcome of these political debates will ultimately result with governmental powers purposefully exhausting taxpayer dollar to reinforce Imperialist conquest at the expense of fellowwage-slaves.

Thanks to a recent demonstration within modern fashion, we are reminded of our expected role in blind consumership and constructed obedience toward an omnipresent master leering over its flock of wage-slave sheep.


Creating a promise for jobs amongst the desperate and utterly destitute among escalating rates of mandatory incarceration, thus creating an inner industry resulting in slave labor and benefactors.  An intentional masquerade to hide American intention as a steam-powered workhorse to historically spread false democracy with the use of military might with unquestioned authority.  


A steam-powered workhorse that is fueled by the energies expelled from Mind-Locked wage-slaves who are overly eager to argue which puppet-strung politician is the best ambassador for the “greatest country on Earth”.  
A slavecycle in which I, and many silenced individuals, choose not to entertain, nor exert precious mental capacity to engage in artificial distraction.
True, the better you’re paid the more golden your chains, however, the chains of some citizens are more transparent than others, thereby tarnishing the ideal of true American liberation and true American equality for all men. 

If American citizens have been convinced these debates are actually authentic, then Evil, to my dismay, will stand triumphant and regrettably unopposed.