Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unhinged: The Adidas "Shackle" Sneakers

The "Handcuff" Roundhouse Mid by Jeremy Scott.
Retailed for $350, that is, before its final stage in mass production, was cancelled.

An underlining concept of the fool and his money becomes a sadistic joke originating from pedestaled designers.

Perhaps the Jeremy Scott crew was inspired from watching the hilarity that occurred nationwide several months ago with another shoe phenomenon:

A sadistic game indeed, that fosters a sense of urgency from both the mentally manipulated and the manipulator-predator.  An isolated individual with a false superiority complex, usually very bored, taking great pleasure and effort to observe human reaction. To test what would come forth as a result of his/her creation, that is, with test subjects nowhere nearly affiliated with their fraternity.

This is an investigation of mutual responsibility on the behalf of both parties, another insult toward Human intelligence and progression, in addition to being a grand testament toward the power of Human conditioning and Modern Mind-Lock!

A Mind Game that showcases dominance among the top of the mental food chain.  Allowing those who subscribe to suggestion over fashion, politics, and religion to be drawn out to the public for shameful ridicule, which self-perpetuates a lack of self-confidence and self-identity.

As far as the Shackle reference, well, I've prepared a lengthy rebuttal.
Six months ago.
Dusting it off now, enjoy.

"Class Domestication- Modernized Slavery"


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