Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Evil Introduction

Euphoria, whether it is a state of mind, Nirvana, Heaven, what have you, everyone makes an attempt to achieve this. This is a primary and hereditary trait shared by all, starting from your days as an infant. Time and prejudice obstruct humans to find Euphoria. Those electo- surges within the brain that can be seen traveling our pathways providing what could be described mental-stimulation. Everytime you learn, make love, smoke, or eat your favorite meal, fragments of Euphoric moments can be attained.

Humans instinctively want to be happy, that’s when we feel our best, or after we have taken the suggested milligrams of an over-the-counter tablet. Rifts within so many religious pit-falls, the scourge of modern capitalism/commercialism, and the hardships of trying to search for true happiness are true every day terrors. Being happy is the key of finding truth. Many Eastern philosophies have outlined this detail for countless centuries.

With the majority of modern society that have become generationally Euphoria Lost, follow me as I attempt to view past this screen of superficiality. Through an exhaustive lifetime of effort matched with a composition of research and a Marxist approach, my book, Evil For All Time punches below the belt. Offering brutal honesty and wonders society’s goal to enforce daily guidelines that tend to block any form of achieving happiness. Why we continue to rob ourselves of required Euphoric levels and why our own devices we use to perpetually feed a cause that generally works “in mysterious ways”.

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