Friday, June 24, 2011

Harrisburg mayor asks God to balance the budget

A Pennsylvania town's budget has ballooned out of proportion and the Mayor has made a critical decision to help solve their financial crisis:
Forming a hunger strike for 3-days?
Sacrificing hunger pains for fiscal responsibility, really?


  1. Maybe she could ask Oliver Perez for him to just give them some money. He's getting $12m this year from the New York Mets, but they fired him and he is now pitching for the Harrisburg team, a minor league AA affiliate of the Washington Senators.

  2. I guess it seems unlikely that Oliver will help them, but not as unlikely as God doing so (God will not be doing so).

  3. Maybe Perez could use the situation to rehab his image, as he is presently one of the more detested athletes in the US.

  4. Sad that this public display of desperation has to resort into well-wishing. Honestly, if God was all powerful and nurturing, (s)he wouldn't want you to freakin' starve yourself in his/her honor!!! WTF!