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Debates with Capitalist Conservatives, Vol.2- Chapter 2

Volume 2 - Chapter 2

Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own

Topic: NBC's Golf Tournament Pledge of Allegiance

There shouldn't have to be a "pledge" to begin with.
Mankind should have enough mental capacity to operate independently without having to recite some ritual, some holy chant.

Surely we have evolved as a species to acknowledge free will & thought rather than relying on patriotic (fascist) psychology.

Now that "under God" was removed, there drew up a high level of hostility.

Seems counter-productive to argue about an omission like this, if in fact, living "under God" is an absolute truth.

Is the sky blue? Yes

Are lemons sour? You betcha

Living "under God"? Well....Some say yes, some say no.
·  Kathy H.
O.K. who made the sky blue and the lemons sour? Science every day is evolving to the belief that all this just didn't happen, it had to be designed and planned. So again I ask who made the sky blue and the lemons sour?
-Tim E-fat Smith
Electro-signals tell our brains that it is sour.
Gravitational and atmospheric conditions create the hues in the sky.

Saying some merciful (and recently, quite vengeful) entity created....everything, is too simple and doesn't challenge the brain.

God has no place on national broadcasting, keep it on the 700-Club or something.

That way it can appeal to a target audience.
-Jan P. 
all people who believe in GOD including golfers should have walked off that tournament but thats right we dont stand up to our beliefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Kathy H.
O.K. Who made the electro-signals that tell my brain that it is sour and the gravity and atmospheric conditions that create the hues in the sky? God has every place in our whole world because He not only created it He owns it. As for vengeful, does a father not punish a child? We make our own choices, making the one to deny His presence and not accept His love and forgiveness is an eternal one.
-Jan P.
be still and know i am GOD
-Jan P.
you said it kathy we need to pray for who ever did that as hard as it will be to pray for them
-Liz W.
Thank you, NBC, for omitting "under God" - wording that was added to the Pledge in 1954 during the McCarthy era. The "under God" wording unnecessarily excludes millions of Americans who don't believe the nation is under a deity. Don't be bullied by a million comments presenting only one point of view. The version of the pledge that you ran - the original one - is actually inclusive of all Americans. Bravo!
-Kathy H.
We need to pray for our country, it is going to hell in a hand basket. Too many people want to deny who, what, when and why this country came about and what made it the country it is today, or should I say was 30 years ago. Since then it has been torn to shreds by the people crying politically correct at Gods expense. I pity those that never get it, God loves them but making the wrong choice is a mistake with eternal ramifications.
-Jan Samonie Panek
yes unfortunately there are ignorant people who dont get it but it is in GODs hands
-Tim E-fat Smith
"under God" influenced a fellowship towards God & country, something people desperately needed during those turbulent times 50-years ago.
That also brought in many of the standards of Capitalism that has also run amok lately.

Thus being mandated into American society as the "go-to" source for reasoning and some sheer veil granting us instant stability.

Faith in God should have been designated differently, as a hobby or past-time.
-Ace S.

Our forefathers insistence on a separation of Church and State DOES NOT mean that no one is allowed to publicly declare a belief in a god. The founding fathers came here from a country where the church was run by the state (Church of England), where religious beliefs were mandated by law. The religious persecution is what they fled, not the belief in God. Nowhere in our constitution does it say that political leaders, schools or even television broadcast companies are not allowed to have or state religious beliefs, only that you cannot be forced by the state to adhere to a specific religion. To insist that any utterance of a belief in God by anyone in any position of public service is unconstitutional is ludicrous.

-Andrew R. 

boooo NBC!

-Tim E-fat Smith 

The early states were already divided concerning religious beliefs. 
Thus the need to prohibit the federal government, or any national institution, to take sides with any one religion. There's so many tribes & denominations here in America, you can't stamp all of the public addresses with one type of God. Oh wait, there doing it anyway, looks like money talks, huh? Funny we are still up and arms about this matter 200-years later and still going nowhere fast...
-Jan P.
tim smith there will allways be a divide between GOD you know as will as i the people coming in our country now dont like GOD or JESUS and we are expected to change thats wrong you can talk about way back when all you want im talking now
-Charlie K.
this will be my last reply to the topic, because I feel enough has been said. Also, NBC does not deserve any recognition which may prompt further episodes. I will continue to evade NBC stations, networks and those who purchase advertizing space with them.

Although you seem to be an intelegent person, Just like many in your camp you have chosen to be where you are today. I do say that is your right. Remain where you are until the end of time. If I am wrong then what have I hurt. If you are wrong, whoa to you on the last day. Oh, by the way you "will" bow your knee.

'nough said. Good talking to you and all the others. Keep the faith. and, never throw pearls to ...........
-Tim E-fat Smith
Amen to that. Throw salt over my shoulder. Burn the candle on my mantle. Do the hokey-pokey and turn my self around...
 (to be continued......)

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