Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bachmann says she's "Hot" for God!

Amen, please be sure to place a dollar in the box!

Be sure to sit and stay and listen to her husband's seminar on how to deal with the Barbarians:


  1. DUDE SHE MAKES SENSE... "God would rather you be cold than lukewarm."

    Now her cold-hearted bitch stance makes sense.

  2. This woman is a NUTBAR! Real Republican presidential material... on a different note - Attention webmaster: please change the background tile image on this page. My eyes are bleeding.

  3. If the American public's level of paranoia and religious buffoonery has led to the rise of this whacked-out zealot, the losses toward humanistic intellectualism will be incalculable if she and others like her continue to gain political power.