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Debates with Capitalist Conservatives, Vol.2- Chapter 3

Volume 2 - Chapter 3

Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own

Topic: NBC's Golf Tournament Pledge of Allegiance

-Morgan H.
"the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion" -- treaty of tripoli. one of the writers of the treaty of tripoli was george washington. if anyone does even a little bit of research you can see that many of the "founding fathers" were against christianity.

this is not a christian nation. there are many other religions and people with a lack of religion in this country. would people have them be deported? the constitution does not mention anything about supporting religion, in fact it says just the opposite saying that no religious tests shall be administered.

christianity has had its hayday of destruction in the world and because of it millions of men women and children have been assaulted and murdered. the ethics described in the bible are atrocious and far from ever could christianity be considered the origin of morality.

and to top it all off, there is no evidence that the jesus character ever existed. it's all hearsay from people who never met the character. and the bible is not valid evidence as it contains a plethora of fallacies.

it is because of secular society that we have eliminated slavery, which the bible says is okay. we have also a democracy that gives people the right to free exercise of speech and practice of their beliefs.

and besides, under god was first put in the pledge in the 50s along with in god we trust on the currency. this was because of the fear of communism.

so when you feel that well of anger rise in you because someone thinks differently, as yourself if that's what an ethical person would do.

if this god thing were so great, there's no need to avoid tv stations because if it is as powerful as people would like it to be it would hardly be insulted.
-Maryann A.
NBC---thinks that it is above any of the above statements made. It is time for the viewers to show NBC that we will not watch the programs. This is so unfair to us who try so hard to be good parents.
-Will C.
The funny thing, NBC has moved on from this. Most of you haven't (I've been told that not all of you are Christians who are upset so I can't really place it all on them, but you know who you are). I for one will keep watching the few shows on NBC I watch now, and still purchase from their sponsors, and the NBC Universal DVD's that I want in my collection.

Enjoy being hurt about something that they are allowed to do because of the 1st amendment of the US Constitution.

Damn if I won't fight and die for your right to say what you will about NBC and your God, but I would also do the same for NBC in this matter. I've seen people in this and other threads call NBC unpatriotic, NBC seems to be the only ones that are patriotic allowing you to keep speaking like this on their boards, mostly in anger and hate. Remember this is their board they can delete any discussions they want. They want you to have the 1st amendment right which you seem to not want to give call them unpatriotic? I'm looking at it the other way around and seeing you as unpatriotic.

Before I get called a liberal for speaking my mind, I'm just going to put a joke out there now, and say I'm not a Liberal, I'm a commie pinko!
  - Morgan H.
aww. it's really funny to see christians acting like victims. when they have had millions of victims in their history. for two thousand years christianity has foisted itself on people and when they didn't go along with it they were killed or converted.

so boycotting nbc because they show the secular quality of the constitution, the secular desire that our founding fathers wanted is a sad petty thing to do. the founding fathers would be repulsed at the religiosity of many americans. and there is a strong correlation between religiousness and a lack of education.

america will never ever be a christian nation, not as long as there is one jew, or one muslim, or one hindu, or one buddist, or one atheist in it.

and if the mob mentality wants to "send this person out of america" they would have done the same thing to the secular founding fathers if they were alive today.
-Chris S.
we need to get by to wart made america graet however we need to pray for the nbc leaders that thay will come to know jesus as there saver if not we have faild god we pray for thso hu we dissagree and for our enmey so pray for theme and bless theme becase wan we pray god bless for praying and he really pleas wan we prays and bless thso that its hard to pray for
-Chris S.
cheak out
and look up

Our mission is to re-establish the presence and influence of the Bible into American public schools.
-Tim E-fat Smith
"Join or Die"
"Join or Die"

Everyone seems to use this kind of mantra in regards to religious topics.

That sounds more like Nazi or Stalin-like propaganda to me.

"Believe or burn in Hell"

"Believe or burn in Hell"

America was built on the freedom to choose, especially in regards to religion.

It seems we haven't learned from the "Burn the witch" motto from so long ago, and its 2011.

Shame on us...
-Jan P.
wow there really are people like will and morgan and yes we all make our own choices
-Tim E-fat Smith
There are tons of people "like will and morgan" who live normal lives using Free Thought & Logic to motivate themselves.
Unfortunately, money talks in our Capitalistic society, and religion has managed to influence our American way of life.

Seems kinda petty and narrow-minded to judge others who don't fall in line to conform to populous beliefs.

Definitely opposite of most Christian values I've been introduced to.

"Turn the other cheek" and move on.
-Jan P.
oh i didnt judge you no different than you are judging us!!!!
-Tim E-fat Smith
We're on page, what now, page #11 on this topic?
I've lost count of all of the people casting "Shame on NBC" and wagging their finger back and forth.
People love to form mindless mobs to spread hysteria and judgment.
This linked mentality is easily comparable to the "Burn the witch" mindset.
It shouldn't matter, NBC and the other pagans will be "going to hell" anyway right?
Again, "Turn the other cheek" and live progressive lives.

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