Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lines, LINES, LINES!!!! Muha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

I wonder when is the Swine Flu, or any other pandemic flavor of the month, going to come back in fashion.
Public vaccination is a tend that tends to come and go, like trucker hats and wide-legged jeans.
Vaccinations that are ever so generously distrubuted by our governements:

Of course, its up to their best interest to make sure the regular town-folk have ease of access to make our public safe from detainable commutable diseases.

I don't live anywhere near Calgary, however, this scenario was rampant all over the United States. Even still, there was understandable apprehension for injecting "Government approved serum" into your body, opening up additional avenues for speculation:

What is this you say, one shot isn't enough? Two shots are now deemed sufficient for small children. More time has to be taken away from our working class schedules in order to accommodate your request?
What's that? Oh, its free??? Okay, I'll line up for that...

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