Friday, July 1, 2011

U.S. Patent #4647773

Skepticism towards our United States Government has always been a high-ranking topic.
The sheer volume of taxation that can potentially be drafted from every U.S. citizen is exponentially tremendous, its ginormous!

Enter U.S. Patent #4647773

The video has a low-grade quality but its message is invaluable. Feel free to Google and YouTube search this item.
His very conclusive flow chart can be found here as well:
Dr. Boyd Graves gave explicit detail on the HIV/AIDS engineering program and have been subsequently interviewed online and uploaded here.

The details and evidence against the U.S. Government has snowballed against their favor, however, there has been little mention about this course of action.
It is with great horror and despair that I just discovered Dr. Graves untimely death back in June 25, 2009. Just as he was making great strides in educating the public, how tragic that even I became aware of his endeavors two years after his death.
His legacy and body of work has been posted in the blog address listed below:

Now that this very well known virus has gained international attention, the public have been urged to participate in Anti-retroviral drugs and programs 'help reduce' the dangers of the virus itself.
These programs are never cost-effective, most insurance companies tend to shy away from adding these medications on their scheduled list of preventive care.
Often leaving the patient to come out of pocket for such progressive medicine, or by chance, able to connect with privately funded institutions for cost assistance.
Either way, the profit margins are astronomical, allowing a select group of people high upon the social pyramid to generate net gains beyond belief.

In addition, there government funded vaccination solutions for those who wish to enroll in preventive advancement against the HIV/AIDS monster.
However, studies have shown that said vaccines may prove to be an even more diabolical "dead-end" for those who sign up:



*** Ruse Complete, Genocide Continues***

  HIV: Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds


"Know Dem Bones"

-Referencing Aboriginal, Native American, Palestinian & African legacies
(Happy Invasion Day Jan. 26th )
-A previous blog post: "African History In Atrophy: Wiggle Your Big Toe"


U.S. Patent #5676977

The United States Patent office has listed in great detail of an agent that will destroy the AIDS virus almost 20-Years ago:

With this overwhelming level of conspiracy in favor of eliminating the HIV/AIDS threat on a global level, why is it that this message has been swept under the rug with generations lost on a daily basis?

The highly debated secret ingredient is called "tetrasilver tetroxide", and there are conspiracies stating that its being withheld in order to maximize profitability for alternative medicines.

Perhaps even still, a method of population control of a certain sector of an undesirable population along the lines of eugenics and its sins against humanity.