Sunday, July 10, 2011

Debates with Capitalist Conservatives, Vol. 4

I will be chronicling my conversations with those who appear to be oblivious of social awareness, and quite surprisingly, quite comfortable with our current system of administration thank you very much!

Behold, the masses (Their identities shall be concealed for their own protection, but their avatars are just way too precious):
Topic: Left Action- America “For Sale or Sold Out”
   Tim E-fat Smith 
‎"Capitalism is slavery in a very polite form, you and I are only worth so many dollars, and that form of currency is depreciating by the hour"
      •   Grandy E.- You got sold out by the left who does not care about you unless you specifically agree with their narrow mindset. As for capitalism, where to do you think the money for jbos comes from (the lettuce patch)?

      • Tim E-fat Smith - Huh... lettuce patch? Ummm, job creation is the result of commerce. Multi-millionaires condoning slave labor camps in order to make a profit is completely different & sinister. You should ask yourself: WWJD?

      •  Patrick H. - You're right, Grandy... They don't get it!
People who work their asses off their whole life are greedy "evil" rich people BUT the people who don't want to work and think that it's their "right" to have those greedy "evil" rich people support them.

Now I ask, which one of them are REALLY the "greedy" ones?

      •  Marla L. - People must come before profit. 
      • Tim E-fat Smith - There's no greed here, only requesting equal taxation amongst ALL Americans. If you make more that 106K, the remainder is exempt from Social Security taxation. Otherwise, all of your check is taxed. Where's the equality in that?

      •   Patrick H. - @ Marla - It's the profit that allows a company to HIRE employees!

      • Tim E-fat Smith - I've heard that argument before... Check the unemployment statistics. Check the jobs that are outsourced for pennies on the dollar. If you say "BLAME OBAMA", I will LOL & lose all respect for you...

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