Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Showdown @ Target

A continued momentum from the likes of Lady Gaga herself has been made to reconfirm the public's stances toward LGBT Equality. Gaga terminated her deal in Q1 2011 with the retail giant in order to set a precedence of much needed reevaluation while dealing with corporate intolerance.

There have been various efforts across the country that have been engineered to increase public awareness of Target's business practices of funding more than $150,000 towards Anti-Gay government benefactors. Protesters further spark the debate pertaining to these funds directed toward conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer opposes same-sex marriage and utilizes his campaign engine to proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Perfection, thanks Rachel Maddow!

Target's approval rating from consumers have taken a noticeable nose-dive after these backdoor business tactics became public:

Emmer & Target, however, defended its donations as they're primary objective is to advance the organization, MN Forward, a political action group that advocates job creation within the state of Minnesota.

These terms proved quite contradictory coming from the LGBT community, now betrayed mainly because Target Corp. has long been seen as an ally by the gay rights movement.

The backlash has resulted with pockets of resistance all over the country and thankfully recorded in various fabulous forms:

Such dedication and complex choreography within the Target sales aisles is commendable and applaud worthy 4sure! Plus, the dude in the tophat and faux-tuxedo makes me smile everytime :c)

For the "announcer" to read her message with a straight face is admirable. Totally grossed out with "My Store" "My Building" robot speech. An unfortunate mind-wiped corporate-clone.

Shoppers with her mindset would impact Target in the most vulnerable weak-point. Yeah, I was thinking a kick to the family jewels too, but the sales revenue would speak louder than any speakerphone and flash-mob routine.

Plus, check out "LavenderPoppin's" blog which contains a response letter from a Target zombie Client Representative"

Try Again TARGET

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