Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stand Your Ground Soldier, and Reload!

Back by popular demand, multiplied coverage featuring shootings/killings of “suspicious” men are being reported and streamed across the globe.  

Each story providing gruesome details of conflict and take-downs (very successful take-downs if I might add), each occurrence resulting with hazardous aftershocks toward humanity’s attempt for social tranquility, is  comparable to heart-break, is comparable to nuclear fallout.


We now have 19 year old Kendrec McDade:

McDade, a college student who was accused of stealing contents from a gentleman’s car in Pasadena California.  The accuser, Oscar Carrillo, called 911 stating that he was just robbed by a group of armed black men… 

at the back of a taco stand…  The police was successful in tracking the young man down and was able to appropriately lay down the law assess the situation. 

McDade was unarmed according to the authorities, but you may never know when “Breaking News” will announce that “a new investigation has surfaced with footage of McDade carrying a switchblade!”


We now have 60 year old former Railroad Police Officer Howard Morgan:

Morgan was pulled over on his way home the morning of... February 21, 2005.  He soon discovered that the police had stopped him for an alleged traffic violation. 

Though identifying himself as a police officer, Howard Morgan was forced from his vehicle and shot multiple times by four police officers.  He was charged with 4 counts of first degree attempt murder and three counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm. Officer Morgan was shackled to his hospital bed for over 6 months. Medical testimony indicated that Mr. Morgan had 28 bullet wounds, the majority of which were to the back of his body. 


We now have Jimma Reat, a 26-year-old from Sudan:


Reat and his party called 911 to report they were being threatened and pursued by four men.  The dispatcher “instructed” them to return to the scene of origination as police assistance was en route. The same group of men (it has been reported that these were four Hispanic men) shot and murdered Reat, still, without any apprehended suspects.


So, this collection of dead dark-skinned bodies are beginning to stockpile.  As in any case, the decomposition phase has been known to cause a distinguishable and foul odor. 

It stinks.  As in the plausibility of these tales of murderous tragedy, fostering as many holes in its foundation as it has bullet wounds.

Taking a back step away from the dramatics that is so abundantly in front of our plasma screens, there has been a repulsive multimedia trail having connected ties to these events.

With great timing, The Oprah Winfrey has now entered the arena.

Challenging Zimmerman to a dialogue duel, on the world’s stage, and more than likely, on her terms.
Most definitely as what The Oprah says, goes.
And goes.
And goes.

CNN’s persistent coverage, that is carefully dissecting all of the evidence within the Trayvon Martin case, has been flooding the airwaves.   

Recent tertiary related programs, such as their “Kids on Race” offers a host of concerns, on this distractionary round table, raising children in this Melting Pot society.

Despite our ongoing disputes to chastise ourselves how this country objectifies racial tension, so many of our citizens remain deadlocked on how we should be maintain our borders. Specifically the borders dividing the southwest territories.  

Much to the effect of chastising those who we deem as directly responsible for border security issues, as represented from the pointed finger of Arizona Governor  Jan Brewer:

Actually, certain bloggers would have preferred to re-imagine this visual with a different interpretation (she felt “a little threatened (suspicious)” after retelling this encounter):

Current Arizonian legislation has granted law enforcement officers to determine an individual's immigration status (usually someone dark-hued complexion, brown usually) during a "lawful stop, detention or arrest". 

The powers within SB 1070 allow officers to assess each confrontation while utilizing “reasonable suspicion” in order to investigate that individual’s government registration.


Basically, see any reference to the Yellow Badges used during the Nazi occupation, which is hauntingly comparative by variable historical degrees. 

Speaking of Nazi occupation, the television show “Sons of Guns” just aired a segment showcasing a client’s prized possession.  

An antique MB 18, which was the effective sub-machine gun favored by Nazi forces during WW 1 & 2.  Of course; Nazism, well known for dramatic propaganda to agitate themes of national pride and political tradition, are a relic of the past…

Despite all of our efforts, there are governmental and economical powers at large who covet the time-era for social divides and restriction of free will. 
This reflection of our modern society are mutated versions of those dreadful, infamous times. Honestly, I really don’t want to go back to 1950’s.   
Air conditioning wasn’t commonplace back then, plus, WiFi and cell phone reception was terrible back then…

At this point in time, anyone who challenges the notion by discounting race within these cases are (at best) fooling themselves, or (at worst) a cog in this cycle of deception most despicable.

It's completely contrary towards basic human understanding, human appreciation, and human compassion. This, propelling the agenda for distrust amongst ourselves is very much a distraction towards human advancement as we are all, a human community and indebted to Mother Earth.
To advocate low-level discriminatory tactics to remain armed and divided at all times is a step toward de-evolution. This in part is due to proposed "suspicious" activity that is lurking and dubiously found around them.