Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Greyhounds: The Coolest Commercial On This Planet

Amazing.  I was spellbound after witnessing this video.  Just watch.



 The complete, unabridged version listed here:




With such a high threshold of creativity, its painful to remain optimistic towards humanity's current capacity to bring concepts such as these into normal, everyday life.  

Some might say that we are definitely making some progressive generational achievements.  There's an argumentative percentage that will disagree and would qualify applied advancements to be, at best, snail paced.  

Personally, this Swedish House Mafia themed Absolut Vodka commercial reminds me of the many hours logged playing the WipeOut series (thank you Psygnosis!!!) on the "old and faithful" Playstation during the 90's.


Both videos carry similar vivid themes fostering visions of the future that display human potential in a frenetic form of sport. 
Did anybody else get a heavy wave of nostalgia just then? Or, perhaps I'm one of the few WipeOut 3 (Wip3out) fans who inadvertently is revealing my age and 90's teenage temperament.  

Although we are far away from cybernetic "Avatar" -like Greyhound racing and anti-gravity death racing, one might wonder why our society is soooo far off from materializing these concepts.




The sheer amount of technological advancement during the past two centuries appear to have its sporadic peaks of excitement.  

Human potential to this very day is still uncharted to a fascinating degree (human echolocation, memory recall, restorative/repairing qualities, etc.). One also must take into consideration the many variables that have proven to be constricting possibilities for evolution, of which are socially acceptable factors of everyday life.


Research analysts have provided details on revealing a link between Low Intelligence & Conservative ideology that bonds like-minded individuals within a dangerous collective.

Many of these ideas generate potential prejudices within adults, who ultimately contribute to our working society and can become lawmakers and members of our democratic Congress. 

Conservative ideology (ranging from Moderates, Tea-Party members, and nationalist Nazis) maintain restrictive concepts that are counter-productive toward social unity and sustainability.
In fact, most Conservatives would scoff at the idea addressing unity and sustainability, which is the antidote for constant and underlining racial/social alienation.



It is a train of thought that is foreign to children & adolescence who are introduced and mentored during their impressionable years to entitled thinking.  

Eventually, a thought process known as "DoubleThink" begins to occur, in which instinctive actions and desires are subconsciously overruled by contradictory beliefs brought on by society.

These methods of fooling oneself to live by a creed that is harmful toward themselves and others create mental-blocks (mental-barriers or mental-locks).  Think of the Hoover Dam, its a preventive tool that restricts the irrigation of the Colorado River. Thus reducing the percentage of mental processes and restricts willing minds to but themselves in a self-induced handicap. 


Conservative ideology have been overwhelmingly successful with installing "DoubleThink" Dams that prevent humans to evolve and utilize our vast mental capacities.  One might also consider this generational gesture of social arrangement to be a weapon of sorts, an instrument of psychological warfare to trap people within their own cage of misery and self-loathing.  Previous civilizations that utilized sophisticated practices that confound scientific minds to this very day (Mayan, Egyptian, early Chinese Dynasties, etc.) thrived and were Christ-Free.

Any coincidence the coalition of Conservatives have stubbornly rigid approval of the predominant Christan faith?  

No surprise, concepts of Conservatism & Christianity are the chromosome deficient offspring of less favorable practices of Malice and Corruption. 



All of this after watching The Coolest Commercial On This Planet.

These futuristic images such as the hyper-stylized "Greyhounds" provided a glimpse into humanity's inner desire to surpass the many harmful threats of acceptable Methods of Modern Mind-Lock.

Thank you very much, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take a small break and load up on some much needed Wip3out time ;)