Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romney Wants To Eat Your Soul

The poor interviewer-guy.  He's caught in the hypnotic gaze by that creepy Mormon vampire Lastat

Crap, that's not Lastat, its Willard Mitt Romney...  Double-crap, Lastat wasn't Mormon, was he???

From the video footage below, you can observe as Mitt does not break eye-lock with the interviewer for 95.7% of the time.  Lurking over him like a starved carnivore stalking his prey, ready for takedown, ready for his bloody meal.

Well, that was a long time ago, like almost 20-years.  
I'm sure he was able to fine tune his stage-presence and work social respectability.

The creep factor just doesn't seem to fade away, now does it?  Like a leering used car sales man that's breathing heavy, eager to seal the deal to coordinate your many payment options. Somehow relying on some sort of outline or gameplan that continues to alienate a growing populace.

A nefarious character with an alleged car-elevator garage would bear a hint of resemblance of a fictional tycoon.  See if you can test your skills to distinguish between fantasy and reality (?) with this pop quiz:

Such a passionate man with charm and charisma to spare...You have the endorsement from huggable American Ambassadors such as Donald Trump and George H. W. Bush.
Your so close Willard! Go for presidential gold and defeat Obama in 2012!