Monday, September 12, 2011

After The Fog: “Manufactured Patriotism” & “9/11 Fatigue”

Patriotism can be deceptive.

Patriotism should be a volunteered sense of pride of country, instead of force-fed theatricality. 

Given the 10-year anniversary of this country’s worst assault on American soil, chaos from terrorist actions are practically daily routines for the populace of foreign countries. 
Akin to the inconveniences of interstate congestion that may spoil a carefully planned rendezvous with the fellas/ladies; bombs, famine, and impalement from shrapnel are inconveniences that may also put a damper toward planning an evening with friends as well.

The motive behind this post was not meant to discredit the unparalleled valor and resolve of 9/11 victims, not in the slightest. However, careful analyzation have unveiled very disturbing details of what most people have been describing this horrible event to be a well calculated self-inflicted wound.   
A wound that takes a great deal time and human involvement to heal and mend, allowing certain groups, in a menacing way, to actually generate profits beyond scope and comprehension.

Opportunistic human beings have been guilty of crimes causing great suffering toward humanity throughout history for the sake of dominion over land and wealth. We know of early American settlers offered blankets to Delaware Indians covered in small-pox in order to reduce their numbers and finalize their goal for territorial conquest.

During the 1930’s, Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, was an US senator and an operating partner of Brown Brothers Harriman Company. 

(The delicious segment between :35 and 2:02 sums up the whole interview and definitely displays “Bush-dialogue”)

That company was one of the largest private banks in the US and acquired a number of corporations. One being Union Banking Corporation, owned and funded with Dutch/German affiliations during our battle against Nazis of World War II.

There are countless other malicious occasions that have taken place traversing other continents as well, honestly, there simply isn’t enough bandwidth and storage to label them all.  

Skip ahead to the 1980’s, Donald Rumsfeld was an American diplomat (before he became our country’s Secretary of Defense, how well-timed…) and proudly shown here shaking hands with America’s soon-to-be most wanted man, Saddam Hussein. 

Of course, our collaborations and money trail with Iraq begins to quadruple within a decade’s time, which ultimately begins set the stage for international war. 

It’s the perfect plan; a necessary evil to rake in the kind of wealth that begins to leap off of the charts.  The transition between the 1990’s & 2000’s, prices of gas increased, human loss-of-life increased (a minor set-back…), profits rose particularly with oil producers/distributors:

(Halliburton, previously managed by our former Vice President Dick Chaney)

As well as military weapons and aero technology specialists Lockheed Martin:

(stock activity for both companies obtained from )

War is big business, Dick Chaney has been quoted saying that American occupation in Iraq has been a “remarkable success”. In order to keep the business running smoothly, the war needs human beings to “turn the cogs”. 
Thus reinforcing the fact that US will need to be gripped by fear and paranoia to make sure the war is just and necessary for the nation.

The master plan is set, with no end to America’s occupation within the Middle East in sight, our government will need to ensure stockholders in certain commodities for a constant stream of revenue. 

Fast forward to 9/11.

America witnesses a breach in security, delivering waves of tragedy that will create an unrivaled psychological impact on its citizens.

(thank you for the YouTube link)

Again, money-trails and diplomatic correspondents with Middle Eastern groups have been archived and presented to the public, for at least, what was permitted for us to see with governmental clearance.

Coincidentally, levels of American patriotism instantaneously skyrockets, devising even more alienation between our countries and surrender legislative freedoms to sniff out “suspicious behavior & individuals”.

Secondary means of generating profits were plentiful as well, modes of personal security, devices manufactured to monitor family members, all of which were cash-crops in light of our entitled “War on Terror”.

One instance in particular would evoke a level of odd precaution & preparedness in response to property damage adjacent to Ground Zero: The World Trade Building # 7:

The anniversary has past, after making additional observations while watching TV; I was drowning with multi-network coverage pertaining to the attacks that appeared all too choreographed.  

During the 9’o clock hour of 9/11/11, the primetime hour was ablaze with the following:

CBS: 9/11- 10 Years Later

AMC: We Were Soldiers

Discovery: Killing Bin Laden

TBS: Forrest Gump

History: 102 Minutes That Changed America (9/11 related)

USA: “The Space Between” (a fictional film depicting a flight attendant during 9/11)

OWN: Twins of the Twin Towers

National Geographic: George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview (gag me with a spoon)

VH1: Concert For New York

CNN & Fox News both conducted hourly interviews of survivors.

Yahoo’s front page has been re-calibrated for the event as well....of course it was.

The cherry on top was the well-scheduled football game that aired, showcasing the Cowboys (mmmmkay…) vs. the New York Jets (mmmmmhmmmm…)

Flags were flowing in the air, fellowship and harmony was shared that was clearly visible on-screen; it was a magical time of Sunday Night American Football.

The score, if you’re wondering: the NY Jets came up from behind and barely slicked by in the last quarter with the winning score 27-24. 

Who would have guessed New York would be victorious on this, the 9/11 anniversary…

Hmmm, I wonder why the TV stations conveniently forgot to re-air coverage pertaining to the limb-less soldiers gripped with volatile PTSD and the “Pat Tillman Story” .

(Pat, a star pro-football athlete volunteers to enlist in the Army post 9/11 and receives an odd personal thank-you letter of enrollment from then Secretary of Defense….DONALD RUMSFELD

Instead of focusing on fraudulent accountability, the American people are left with a distractionary “festival of flags”.

Such pageantry & propaganda.

These force-fed tactics would deter anyone from the wicked paper-trail that led to economic mayhem and the destruction of families worldwide.

With our government budget maxed beyond belief, our citizens remain under-educated, unemployed, and unable to support their families. 

They have little choice but to reach for the closest and most obtainable object that’s planted in front of them; the grand and waving American Flag of Red (blood hemorrhaging from 9/11 victims), White (chalky fog of the deadly 9/11 dust) and Blue (at Ground Zero there’s a better view of the sky).

Sounds perfect, don’t you think? 

To build an army of hyper-fascist, over-fed, and sexually frustrated men and women (crossing fingers DADT expires this month) to shoot first and conquer later. 

All in order to spread American dominion and tyrannical methods of industry; ignoring the blatant possibilities of what climate change has done to the planet Earth we inhabit until the end of time.