Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Abomination Beyond Measure- Part 3

A link to "An Abomination Beyond Measure- Part 2" for details of the Troy Davis case



The Georgia Judicial System has forced our hand.



Despite aging and crumbling credibility of witness testimony, in addition to hundreds of thousands of signatures in bold opposition, the execution of Troy Davis has been rescheduled on September 21, 2011.





This level of callous, this obvious alienation from "American democracy" has generated shockwaves of public demand.

In this modern age of intellect and reason, one can only compare this unwavering performance of negligent execution as a renactment of Salem witch trial tactics.

An embarrassing and primitive craving for blood, to "burn" another human based on hearsay and malicious intention has, unfortunately, made its insidious return in 2011.



The sheer magnitude of this injustice reverberated across international borders, declaring September 16, 2011 as Global Day of Solidarity:

•Atlanta  •Berlin  •Boston  •Paris  •New York City  •Chicago  •Madrid  •London •New Orleans  •Washington, DC  •San Francisco, many cities, many vigils, many protests to tremble the ground.



Its energy was undeniable, to be included amongst the kinetics of a charging thousand was a emotional reminder of this social ultimatum.






These photos/videos were captured during the brilliantly organized Atlanta march that took place in the heart of downtown and concluded at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The volume of our war-cry was loud and plentiful. 

Fueled with creativity, united through solidarity, we made sure to part the skies with the voice of the people.








Our efforts were re-channeled and re-focused in the form of continuous rallies throughout the weekend. As the Georgia Board deliberated on Troy's fate, a number of rallies and vigils were organized at the doorsteps of Georgia's Board of Pardons and Paroles Monday morning.

10 additional bins filled with signed petitions advocating clemency for Troy were also delivered to the before Parole Board, reaching a total number of nearly 1-million. 

The morning commuters were well aware of our presence surrounding the public designated space allotted to us, adjacent to the golden dome of the Georgia Capital building. 

With this monumental and tragic event culminating within our city, media coverage was very much on task to record this level of human calamity. Both families and communities are, unequivocally, left forever scarred awaiting legal conclusion.

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