Thursday, January 24, 2013

Absolution- Alchemical Spark, Merkaba Realized

A product of a vision, involuntary transmutation of cosmic energies
perhaps ;c)

One so bold just might be able to find their connective bonds relating to reality and various perceptions thereof. Lucid dreams and various practices of meditation, within a shamanistic or clinical setting, have outlined interpretations providing pathways expanding mind/body consciousness to become better acquainted with the divine. 

A branch within the ‘Absolutions’ collection with prints now available via; digital expressionism displayed above projecting the union within. "The Alchemical Spark".
Used to reinforce personal method of channeling masculinity and femininity, a Blessed Convergence many shamans past & present have collectively approached with wonder in search of the divine.

This, according to esoteric belief and ironically adaptable within quantum physics, help to understand our relation to the cosmos, all depending on your connection to your conscious and metaphysical pluming. 

Many lack within this level of internal communication, the inner workings of the chakra system (or the Endocrine system within technical constructs) remains to be the driving engine empowering human metaphysical development. 

Lore and mystics alike have achieved these conditions (quite possibly through variable meditative states) activating this inner energy grid known as your electro-magnetically charged Merkaba

People engage in lucid dreams to maintain (regulate) balance within consciousness allowing 
manifestations to occur. 
These creations reflect a metaphysical homeostasis within the body perfecting the Merkaba grid.

Merkaba interpretation is best developed by the individual- the graphic at the top of the page corresponds to my own.

Furthermore, aligning these electro-magnetic energies with our chakra system (Endocrine System) fosters a metaphysical connection with the Earth's North/South 
magnetic grid. 
A process of synchronization that directly corresponds with mystical traditions that encourage internal regularity, balance and compatibility with the environment around you.

Continuing the discussion of expanding collective consciousness 
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Absolutions 01: Retrogenesis

Retrogenesis- Digital art interpreting variations of consciousness.
The Conditions of the Mind and The Fall of Cosmic Man.

Thanks again everyone, stay safe and be well.