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GasLand: New Days, Old Ways

Various members of the press and news reporters begin to arrange themselves along the northwestern sector of Los Angeles during the annual 2035 Earth Day celebration, sponsored by Halliburton.

One of the last surviving/founding members of the board has begun to address the public of the latest “Safe-Suit” to be sold on the market during Q4 2035. 

Starting at $459.99, this suit promises a whopping 92% filtration of the hazardous toxins that have coagulated our lower atmosphere.  This is a vast improvement from the previous suit sold by their competitor that advertised only 87%, of which the 5% differential has great possibilities of preventing a series of cardiovascular cancers.

How did we get to this dreadfully painful, yet profitable scenario for our planet? Well, this tale could possibly illustrated in the greatest ironic comedy ever told: Our American History.


Let’s start at a pivotal turning point for Earth and Her na├»ve inhabitants.


America, a sprawling landscape enriched with natural resource was unknown to most, however, a playground of opportunity for those with an imperialistic entrepreneurial spirit.   Glory onto those who are willing to risk manpower and ingenuity for the promise of the great conquest; damn any expense and degree of manpower required for absolute dominion above the luxury of human precaution.

Of course, the grey period of genocidal slaughter of the firm-standing indigenous tribes and overusage of natural resources was a necessary cog in the ever mutating system of self-identified nobility.  So noble in fact, that confirming our list of grievances atop hemp-lined scrolls must be an annual celebration of flare and fancy.  The night will ignite with a cascade of colonial majesty, making a glaring announcement of independence from oppressive rule, absent of the tyranny that became overwrought with infamous austerity.

A celebration, in fact, that must remain intact within this ever-growing colony, for the bounty of land these settlers have……acquired…. must be properly cultivated with scientific precision and exhaustive labor.  The result of sweaty backs and sullied hands was a squeamish task for most.  A chore that belonged to the lowest of the low; sociably beneath the illiterate and the destitute ranks amongst their clan.

Simple solution; a highly volatile, multi-week transatlantic venture to wrangle hard working minions by the boat-full to generate incalculable all-profit gains for generations to come.  Again, glory onto those who are willing to risk manpower and ingenuity for the promise of the great conquest; damn any expense and degree of manpower required for absolute dominion above the luxury of human precaution.

Of course, an ongoing system to maintain the ever-constant stranglehold suppressing non-landowners has been a necessary cog to secure what we know to be the splendor of the Great American mythology. To encourage the annual celebration of flash and pageantry while maintaining a cultural masquerade to smear historical fact and human tragedy has been a favored form of holiday.

The progression of time and advancement would call for a new form of social exploitation.  It was a new class of society that was plundered for the sake of generational wealth within the mutating American system of self-identified nobility.  Our Industrial Revolution maintained a kick-starter effect toward recognizing multiple representations of human rights and human dignity. 

Defining moments in history where the division of social class became more obvious, a  manifestation of conflicting crossroads have become both metaphorically and physically paved with steel and concrete, with sweat and sorrow. 

Political obligation would rock the foundation of collective social consciousness; radical divides would generate glacial shifts toward those who acknowledge class segregation.  Political flip-flops would become commonplace circus events with distractionary rhetoric headlining every show (not much has changed since then as well). 

The once defiant Democratic Party (previously known as the Dixie-Crats) would make a political shift to the Republican namesake as worker’s rights and civil rights were trending topics for debate.

What seemed to be the one cherished item to remain off limits through patriotic consensus had become preyed upon, ready for take-down as a predatory prize. 
The last shining symbol of hope and opportunity: the American Dream and the Preservation of the Land. 

This became even more obvious as my 4th of July was spent watching an informative documentary by Josh Fox called GasLand (Can You Light Your Water On Fire?). 

I felt inspired.
Heaven help them, as the Agents of Capitalism shall not be spared…

Corporate and Political machines have formed a colossal tagteam on the hunt for tapping the vein of our American landscape with the use of Hydraulic Fracture Drilling (Fracking).  Glory onto those who are willing to risk manpower and ingenuity to expedite scientific method for the promise of the great payoff; damn any expense and degree of manpower required for absolute dominion above the luxury of environmental sustainability.

Personally, I have been aware of the fracking method for some time now, the use of artificially creating mini-earthquakes in order to extract highly profitable, localized natural gas was nothing new to me.  GasLand, however, was able to place a video camera in front of dozens of the toxic ground-zero locations across America. 
Revealing dramatic evidence schools, residences, farmlands, and faces in constant bombardment of irreversible damages as the result of byproduct aftereffects.

Corporate and Political machines have begun to strong-arm American landowners to forsake the land their forefathers maintained with generational patriotic pride.  With a penstroke from socially detached predatory capitalists, the American frontier has begun to undergo a frightful mutation. 
A frontier that, with wretched irony, has been the singular source of pride and identity toward once hopeful landowners.  A daily dislocation tugging away every fiber, every memory, every strand of life until the only thing remaining would be the intentional sludge and cancerous residue.

A smiling double-cross is most definitely in effect:
Cabot Oil & Gas
, Chesapeake, EnCana, and Halliburton have made their intention obviously clear. 
To strategically rupture once fertile grounds with the hope to parasite off of the mineral deposit arteries below has been their Soupe du jour.  Meanwhile, paid political vampires perpetrate a shroud of public self interest to promote citizen false-trust of big-corp promises.

They excite urgency of American dependence from foreign oils, making it necessary to raid the abundance of American resource; thus eliminating the need for American military occupation in the Middle East.

A farce in the grandest spectacle within modern history, this of course, within the deceptive glory of all things Halliburton, a warmonger institution standing to profit from military conflict and oil extraction.

A Pied-Piper corporation that will fool and misinform, who would lead American troops into the charge of battle draped in an American flag, later arranging their private jet ready for their immediate departure as they tally Q4 profits.

They excite urgency of American dependence from foreign oils, making it necessary to raid the abundance of American resource; thus eliminating the need for American military occupation in the Middle East.

Of course, the grey period of contracting a laundry list of genetic diseases being passed from one generation to the next, in addition to arsenic exposure of our beef and agriculture is a necessary cog in fulfilling our ever mutating system of self-identified nobility.
Curious of our listing of ongoing efforts to promote urgently needed awareness of recent sustainability/zero-waste campaigns to combat against natural gas dependency.  Other cultures have made great advances in both the possibility and execution of cultivating fuel alternatives.

Sustainability efforts, such as Anaerobic Digestion comes to mind, has been employed to not only to improve regional food waste management, but also, harness food waste into energy. It is a process that shows terrific potential that collects food being thrown into landfills taking up space and emit methane and other greenhouse gases while decomposing. Instead, these discards have been used to generate biofuel, and this process has many advantages and benefits. The demand for biofuel is already guaranteed. Boeing and other airplane manufacturers have made it clear they want an alternative to the volatile prices of petroleum and are investing to advance this line of research. Various Californian hospitality locations have integrated a progressive procedure to better sort food waste. Excess food (specifically food scraps and discards) is sorted on-site during the preparation process and is separated into bins and collected later for processing. Purdue University currently engages in a very progressive system that delivers a high benchmark among sustainability projects. The methane gas extracted from food waste matter is used to power the county utility plant. Food that is collected from campus dining courts (approximately 20-tons a month) that would have alternatively been stockpiled in local landfills to rot and decompose...    
Unfortunately, discoveries such as these make a rare appearance within the mainstream. Any proclamation for encouraging the use of widespread Anaerobic Digestion would combat the Halliburton ideology, an American system of self-identified nobility. Instead, and with great success, their goal is for the American youth of our generation to continue to be blindsided, oblivious of the need for global awareness.
To continue listening to the auto-tuned sounds of the Pied-Piper and the rest of his crew. To Tweet and Tumblr and religiously follow Tosh.0, Ridiculousness, and Loiter Squad, while wearing “Risky Business” generically styled neon framed sunglasses that continue to block out the sun and all of her light, her glory, her nourishment. Many thanks to the banjo playing Josh Fox and the GasLand team for their great work, additional progress within spreading public awareness have been creatively cataloged and linked here: GasLand: The Movie.  

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