Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear John King:

The rampant cruelty of this modern administration has been making great advancements in strategic, categorical oppression.  With time, resource, and creative focuses helping to mature various restrictive policies (“personhood”, voter IDs, DOMA), government officials have made their idyllic yet disturbing intentions for this country more and more apparent as the months progress.

Taken from Nazi Fascism 101, the aggressive stance of SB 1070 somehow remains to be welcomed by an alarming percentage of the American population.  SB 1070 is a crown jewel amongst their corrosive constellation of American colonialism. 

Media attention has targeted the state of Arizona, a segregationist arena placing human rights and free will in a daily bout to the death against the gladiators of the unyielding GOP confederacy.   


One of the star quarterbacks leading the charge for craftfully advocating old fashion Americanized oppression is Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer.   

Ever eager to enforce divisionary lines that will impose an overcasting shadow of isolationist tactics, Gov. Brewer stands ready to consume tax payer dollar in order to keep the mass incarceration engine running with great maliciousness.

If the concern of citizens coming to the U.S. in search for work and evading the bureaucratic process of contributing income tax, well, abolish it! Instituting a consumption tax policy and eliminating income taxation would create a much needed remedy. Now all citizens will contribute their fair share in taxation without being able to dodge this trivial income tax dilemma. 

Of course, this exercise easily reflects the use of deportation and imperialistic disregard for civilization that is the hallmark of our countries progressive development. 

Blatant racism is most definitely a contributing factor to this modern event, as stated in a previous entry: At this point in time, anyone who challenges the notion discounting race within these cases are (at best) fooling themselves, or (at worst) a cog in this cycle of deception most despicable.

Reference, see previous blog: Stand YourGround Soldier, and Reload!

Kudos to Ashleigh Banfield of CNN’s Early Start with Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin.  Ashleigh stated on air based on her Canadian background, she doubts quite favorably of the likelihood being stopped and questioned to prove her immigration status at random checkpoints.

Again, the question remains, Dear John King, please explain to the public why you are talking to a baked potato?

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