Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Americans With Guns: The New Social Cancer

"One who advocates gun concealment will seek an excuse to stand their ground with carnivorous intent, with concealed enthusiasm."

-E.M. Kadarr

According to Huffington Post, The Discover Channel has decided to pull the reality series "American Guns" off the air entirely.
No repeats, no renewed contracts, off the air completely.

Despite the fact of earning a 50% increase in ratings, Discovery never confirmed whether or not this decision was based on the recent Sandy Hook school shooting at Newtown Connecticut.

***News Flash***
Yahoo has announced a spike in gun sales within the past two weeks, curious if this has anything to due with everyone's paranoia meter now cracked up to an 11.

What excellent holiday timing!!! 
Unsure what to buy the man who has everything?
For that special-someone who needs to have all the modern conveniences within arm's reach and minimal effort? 

Be sure to pick up a few M-16 mags as a stocking-stuffer for that all important quick-reload while fending off the Zombie Apocalypse.

Oh, unfamiliar with this pending disaster? 

Such highlights of the American Guns show included selecting the best selection of weapons to use during the soon approaching Zombie Apocalypse and expert opinions on maximizing the potential of your well preserved Civil War era cannon.

No worries, for those of us seeking additional televised artillery erotica, this American firearm pornography, fear not.

American Gun's not-to-distant cousin called "Sons of Guns" have yet to announce any cancellation of the upcoming season (despite the show's head honcho William Hayden being investigated by the ATF for numerous firearms violations...)

A prevailing concern pertaining to gun regulation has remained to be a lightning rod of American controversy, having a distinct possibility of de-legitimatizing our fabled 2nd Amendment Right. 

The adaptation of Switzerland's gun policies has brought forth an energized debate, whereas arms training is a mandatory requirement, they offer low statistical violence as a country.

With cryptic analyses such as this, it appears (on the surface) to justify the means of issuing high-powered firearms to every capable shoot-lusting citizen. One must be eager to incorporate such an ideal social model for the American populace, yes?

In fact, uh hell-to-the-naw... 

Is this true? Can this be? A possible blog related tie-in of a previous post earlier this year pertaining to the social challenges of gun control regulation and the Aurora Theater Shootings
Go Team 'Merica!!!