Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blocked & Banned: Facebook Agents @ Work

If there was anyone still unsure or in need of confirmation of the GameMasters' use of social control, this post should be an eye opening alarm for ya.

The action of blocking activity without due justification is a sad attempt to strangle the peasant, to muzzle the workhorse.

A continued act of cowardice to maintain biased public opinion and silence vocalized criticism of socially-destructive privileged amnesia.

Something I said must have caused some serious aggravation amongst the tightly clinched MoneyPower circle. 

In case you've never received warnings from Facebook, here are some of the screens you will most likely encounter:


Now I can't comment, like, or add friends, only post within my personal page. 
The screen-grab below was FB lame "response".

Not only that, it appears Facebook has begun a progressive tracking campaign everytime I post online as well. 

I wish Facebook would open with at least an introduction before they start stalking my profile.

Thanks Facebook for contributing my view count ;)

Placing a previous post onto my Reddit account also reflects the opinion of a bored, rather attentive hive, ready to scoff and debase those exhibiting the audacity disrupt this commercially fragile utopian ideal. 

These troublemakers must be "put in their place" with autocratic restriction or face the wrath of the inarguable DownVote...

Twice. Twice blocked/banned/booted off because of this wickedly sharp tongue; likely to lash a wound most vulnerable without a resourceful rebuttal to quell my combination.
All of this, and for what?

My 1st offense was investigating the obvious landslide of Jewish influences effecting social disparity.

after posting the inquiry below:

For what?

Mentioning our country's trigger-happy mindset, exhibiting instinctive needs to conceal and carry loaded weapons to fulfill a false sense of invincibility?

The statistics are unsettling to the core, so much that caused a cancerous growth of discouragement that is bound to excite primitive instincts.  

Too bad our modern punishments have evolved from generations prior huh?

Either Facebook Blocks and spastic Down-Votes are effortlessly more tolerable than 20-lashes on the Whipping Post as a consequence for speaking out of turn.

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  1. Best Voltaire quote I've never seen.
    I like it.