Monday, February 20, 2012

Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds: Part 2

This entry will extend the same sentiments from the previous blog chapter entitled
“HIV / SIV: Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds”

If you could, please assess the photo below and count the many items that is wrong with this picture:

I was able to capture this assault toward the urban culture last week while running errands in South Atlanta. “South Atlanta”, or “the ‘hood” from what many would label based on demographic and income based statistics.

A well-placed arrangement that showcases a trio of intelligent, socially conscious brothas.

Standing defiantly confident in their message of HIV awareness, advocating a sense of urgency for federally endorsed testing/processing.

These particular signs are highly prevalent within this particular region of our beloved city, appearing to cover its territory like the reddening scab of a measles outbreak.
Such a shame these public announcements addressing one of the most biological social crises in modern history, with HIV/AIDS causing great threat toward humanity on a global scale, have been placed within select/strategic locations.

Indeed, “the ‘hood”, addressing the need to advertise within a target market, a target demographic. 
Which of course, draws a distinct parallel toward the need for Sean “Diddy” “Puffy” Combs’ endorsed
“premium vodka” CĂ®roc to stain his product placement efforts within a “strategic” line of sight, with their crosshairs locked onto this, a target market.

Both references are intrinsically bonded to yet another reoccurring instance of product placement while enroute via mass transit (MARTA) to Atlanta’s International Airport.  A pit within the lower depths of my stomach began to churn as I was bombarded with visual assaults from these:

Pre-Paid Visa Rush Card programs, which are notoriously riddled with engaging in consumer-based predatory practices.   

A program directed by hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons that are purposefully rigged and reek of malpractice, currently catching the flames by state legislators & investigators.   

An apparent trend amongst the ultra wealthy with matching parasitic appetites to attain the jewels and bobbles they so desperately need.  Kardashian Inc. well included.  Locked onto this a target market.


Streams of Low Income job placement ads that are designed to instill a sense of manufactured confidence.  While cleverly boasting of a fickle 90% job placement curriculum, you too can aspire to become a nurse, a construction worker, a replaceable and exhaustable cog within a well-saturated market.

You too, can attain a level of conditional work, where dreams and aspirations for achieving intellectual fulfillment and self-realization lay slain on a daily, abysmal cycle into generational servitude and Mind-Lock.   

Once again, locked onto this, a target market.

Not surprisingly, additional HIV testing campaigns were included in this subliminal cornucopia.  These are vividly showcased side-by-side, all of which, riding the current of obvious class propaganda to maintain an organized superstructure of human fallacy.

Even more curious after witnessing this; an ongoing roster of microbiologists, again, being systematically targeted for their scientific advances:

Leaders within viral epidemics and bio-terrorism in its vast arrangements have removed from this Earth at a disturbing rate.

The possibly of any variation of whistle-blowing would generate impossibly destructive damages within HIV provocateurs’ web of income/job creating markets.  

Coincidentally, dead men tell no tales

Case in point, Dr. W.D. "Bill" Hamilton was a vanguard with a clear objective to dismantle and discredit HIV/AIDS misconception.


Without a doubt, the need to silence scientists with silencers was a just cause in the truest of Capitalist intention, engaging in costly affairs that evoke great harm locked onto this, a job creator, a target market.

Once again, congratulations.

*** Ruse Complete***

Follow The Dollar, Follow Where It Bleeds.

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