Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unhinged: "RedTails" & Star Wars In 3D

Congratulations can be extended to George Lucas for successfully creating yet another re-release within his Star Wars mega-franchise.
Although, please hold your round of applause until after you have read this entire entry.

One would have to question the current state of creative integrity, specifically within the Sci-Fi sector, in addition to the amount of fortified confidence empowering Mr. Lucas to set forth another  re-polished installment.

This: Star Wars Phantom Menace in 3D.


After stumbling across one of the dozens of movie posters while en route to work, I encountered one of the greatest SMDH moments within recent history…

With a shocking collection of re-imaginations (the recent “Three Musketeers” release) and landslide of sequels (Resident Evil 5 scheduled to be released late 2012) (damn, go-head Mila!), I have mentioned in a previous blog release of a most dangerous and unsung epidemic: a social Neanderthalic backslide.

More importantly, the social acceptability for discarding $15+ for sci-fi engagement with a story-line that’s memorized and well adored on a global basis.

A very closed circle of industry producers will tally snowballing profits generated from these comedic projects that exert minimal creative effort and exclude the possibility for expanding the story telling experience.

This also translates into arenas within music and fashion, borrowing/replicating elements from previous successes while retaining great trepidation toward ambitious projects.

Sure, Mr. Lucas has released a well-timed homage project depicting the Tuskegee Airmen, his gesture of “3D-izing” another bankable product extends his overriding lack of confidence. 

This “Red Tails” project, obviously, is shaky territory that may prove with great difficultly for him to exact the profits & popularity of which he’s normally “entitled”.

One would hope that Lucas would allow the legendary Tuskegee Airmen saga to stand on its own merit.
RedTails should not have to compete for commercial space against "Star Wars".
Thank you Mr. Lucas, but I’m going to pass on both accounts. As stated earlier, you can hold your applause, as I believe he deserves a round of something else.