Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mcdonald’s Wants To Feed You…

During a routine walk back home late evening, I was very much distracted by an ominous sight.

Amongst the nighttime fog and the glow from the overhead crescent moon, a surge of light filled the skies along a busy street-side intersection.

No Batman, you will have to wait your turn.


It was this, a rotating beacon that demanded the attention of the meek and the weary.

The white light has been placed to pull in more hungry consumers to fill their dual-drive thru lanes and spend their money on Mechanically Separated Meat Product (MSMP).

Oh, allow me to clarify, MSMP is a paste-like batter that is comprised of bones, eyes, intestines, etc. Once its packaged, this assortment will take a new form:

The “meat” will need to take on a more attractive color to entice their customers brimming with dollar bills. It is most definitely dyed to match their specifications, in addition to the concoction of secret spices needed to mask the ammonia & other anti-bacterial compounds.


These items are fairly inexpensive to obtain, therefore the “low cost” of the final result: Your #10 Combo of Chicken McNuggets with optional Honey Mustard dipping sauce.

Notice how I made sure to qualify the aforementioned barely digestible food product as meat. The USDA has mandated this heavily labored profit generator must be labeled with the clear distinction as Mechanically Separated Meat Product for legality purposes.



So yes, the supreme McDonald’s overlords want nothing more to fill your intestines with the intestines and other miscellaneous edible tissue of fallen foul and bovine.

The required wattage to power that bad-boy must be quite costly. No matter, the surplus of profits originating from our dollars are paying for 
it time and time again (in addition to paying for it atop a very unsuspecting toilet as well). 

I was able to spot that white beacon while driving the downtown highway, calling to serve the billions and billions they rightfully broadcast upon introduction.

I sat down to enjoy my fries, apple pie, and $1 large drink, in addition to enjoying their amazing Free Wi-Fi setup. Of which is being used to post & upload this delightful dedication of their fine McProductions.


Thank you to Bruce Hampton for providing the references and detailed research, listed here: