Sunday, August 7, 2011

WTF! Who is buying "Well Tabs"?!?!?

Only in the land of Mega-Churches, For-Profit Hospitals, and sky-rocketing Drug Incarcerations.
As I came across this commercial last week, I can only say.... Wow!

Where has the rationality of a strong, industrious nation, not able to see that a group of business men are pulling another con in the form of a placebo sugar-pill.

Pure Medicinal Quackery!

Although, these sales tactics have been used before:

Crowds of yester-year have been drawn in by the pageantry of salesmen armed with charm and lure, promising to have a tonic that provides a cure-all to ail you (minus the speaker system as depicted in this photo of course....)

Any coincidence that salesmen of this caliber made their claims in order to make a quick buck, while maintaining a mobile and nomadic lifestyle on wagon-wheels roaming from town to town.
Once the word begun to spread that his elixir has been deemed fraudulent and worthless, locating him would prove to be very difficult as the dust settles with his wagon-wheel tracks embedded in the ground.

This collective of Well-Tab well-wishers must stop purchasing artificial stimulants as they have proven to be trinkets for profit-driven corporations.
Hopefully within a year's timeframe, Well-Tabs will become a relic of the past.  Of course, these corporations will always be less than forthright detailing the legitimacy of their products.

Products such as these can be filed along the ranks of artificial sweeteners using Saccharin and pain relievers like Celebrex that consequently, generated a rolodex of adverse effects on the human body.

However, elder scrolls have described another medicinal source that countless of subscribers have used and loved throughout humankind. Use of cannabis/hemp detailed a multi-faceted mass-manufactured approach by our country’s forefathers.
A quote taken from America’s 1st President:

Thank you George Washington!
There were quotes from industrialist Henry Ford who was a proponent of hemp agriculture with its vast potential.

Here is an outline which he proclaimed over 60-years ago stating the use of what was described as “Biomass” fuels in completion with temperamental Fossil Fuels.


Kudos to Mr. Ford, and to cannabis ambassador Joe Rogan for his advocacy on the more recent corporate prohibition of hemp use.


Also, please follow along with Mr. Jan Irvin’s videos uploaded via YouTube as he chronicles the historical tapestry of hemp & human civilization.

 “Well-Tabs”…. Its a f**kin' joke with only the tyrannical tycoons to laugh at our buffoonery and their monthly invoices.

These companies will make millions, cease production, and within time, resurrect their efforts with a new concoction to sell to the masses. Such salesmen tactics that has been used time and time again, exploitation that I'm sure certain American dynasties has become very keen to master over the past century: