Thursday, January 24, 2013

Absolution- Alchemical Spark, Merkaba Realized

A product of a vision, involuntary transmutation of cosmic energies
perhaps ;c)

One so bold just might be able to find their connective bonds relating to reality and various perceptions thereof. Lucid dreams and various practices of meditation, within a shamanistic or clinical setting, have outlined interpretations providing pathways expanding mind/body consciousness to become better acquainted with the divine. 

A branch within the ‘Absolutions’ collection with prints now available via; digital expressionism displayed above projecting the union within. "The Alchemical Spark".
Used to reinforce personal method of channeling masculinity and femininity, a Blessed Convergence many shamans past & present have collectively approached with wonder in search of the divine.

This, according to esoteric belief and ironically adaptable within quantum physics, help to understand our relation to the cosmos, all depending on your connection to your conscious and metaphysical pluming. 

Many lack within this level of internal communication, the inner workings of the chakra system (or the Endocrine system within technical constructs) remains to be the driving engine empowering human metaphysical development. 

Lore and mystics alike have achieved these conditions (quite possibly through variable meditative states) activating this inner energy grid known as your electro-magnetically charged Merkaba

People engage in lucid dreams to maintain (regulate) balance within consciousness allowing 
manifestations to occur. 
These creations reflect a metaphysical homeostasis within the body perfecting the Merkaba grid.

Merkaba interpretation is best developed by the individual- the graphic at the top of the page corresponds to my own.

Furthermore, aligning these electro-magnetic energies with our chakra system (Endocrine System) fosters a metaphysical connection with the Earth's North/South 
magnetic grid. 
A process of synchronization that directly corresponds with mystical traditions that encourage internal regularity, balance and compatibility with the environment around you.

Continuing the discussion of expanding collective consciousness 
in the previous post below:

Absolutions 01: Retrogenesis

Retrogenesis- Digital art interpreting variations of consciousness.
The Conditions of the Mind and The Fall of Cosmic Man.

Thanks again everyone, stay safe and be well.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Workslave Sponsorship

A snapshot of Haiti 2013, a representation of American aid toward economic rehabilitation- in prison workcamps. Not quite
Auschwitz (not yet), but government contracts seek to improve the current deplorable conditions- 
by constructing new prisons.
What appears to be an unfortunate line of rational, the graphic represents an undeniable truth for humanity. Although it may be difficult to conceptualize the return of investment when it comes to human trafficking and prison labor, an all too familiar aggressive stock has regained its popularity.

The method of subliminal delivery illustrates the limited competency of their ideal target market.

(BTW, thanks to "Gun Owners" from Facebook and its over 147-Thousand "Likes" Links)


Yes, the unofficial buzzword for profit seekers in the 21st century: slaves.
Low-brow humor often has reflective public sentiment that is difficult to ignore. 
Look beyond the smoke-screen diversion to filter what belies corrosive intent to promote justified superiority. 

Dating way back in 2012; witnessing a new attempt in street fashion and social amusement was The "Handcuff" Roundhouse Mid by Jeremy Scott.  
An underlining concept of “the fool and his money” becomes a sadistic joke originating from pedestaled designers.

It has been a gradual process.  A slow and melodic method to massage the mechanics of social-polarization within the membrane of social consciousness. You’ll forgive me if I hold my enthusiastic applause, minimizing my interest to observe exactly how Django became “Unchained”.

Thanks Quentin Tarantino, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside, definitely after hearing the colorful use of the word Nigg*r proliferated throughout the lion's share of your assembly of films.   Box office gold I suppose, give the crowd what they want, obviously.  

A rising commodity trend has created a surge in popularity, allowing newfound corporate confidence within the realm of work slaves partnership corrections. 
Following the same marketing procedure, the need to advertise on a mass scale has become even more evident within recent months.      

By all means; indulge me by finding out what is horribly wrong with this picture below?  


In "Class Domestication- Modernized Slavery", for-profit prison pigs such as the CCA (Corrections Corporations of America) engorge themselves with potential earnings.  This pleases their nameless, faceless stock holders with cheerful Facebook adverts with intent to besiege a certain populace with capitalistic cruelty.  

The CCA, whose revenue for the first quarter of 2013 totaled $425.7 million compared to $435.3 million in the first quarter of 2012, would never have  vested interest within America's surge of socially carnivorous marijuana charges and selective racial profiling...   

Given the fact of our country’s budgetary ration has been embarrassingly one-sided, another illustration provides obvious and tangible evidence of social intention.


With what appears to be an untapped resource for revenue seems to be a gold-find, a new American gold-rush by comparison.  


This country’s ideals for prosperity has been mutated into an entirely new predatory creature: the U.S.A., Untied States of Arrest, most definitely as these States are far from United.    
A playground of opportunity for those with an imperialistic entrepreneurial spirit to invest in work slaves partnership corrections facilities.  


Glory onto those who are willing to risk manpower and ingenuity for the promise of the great conquest; damn any expense and degree of manpower required for absolute dominion above the luxury of human precaution.”  -From GasLand: New Days, Old Ways

Here's a fun fact, many banking and corporate institutions outside of the U.S. forbid obvious methods of excessive fees, taxation or "usury" in its business practices.     

Sharia Law prohibits this act while 3% of India's population pays Income Tax. Any bonds and fines executed by government-funded enforcement become revenue for our Big Brother Watchtower, therefore validating the need for partnership correctional facilities to "fill these beds".  

Let’s not forget: “Free People Own Guns. Slaves Don’t”. Kinda creepy, right?  In relation with rising firearm sales and gun license applications, one wonders if  some sort of catastrophic and catalyzing event is on the horizon. 

Like some sort of pending Neo-Con Zionist Confederacy themed 
Civil War funded by an elitist social circle.   
Right? Naw….

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blocked & Banned: Facebook Agents @ Work

If there was anyone still unsure or in need of confirmation of the GameMasters' use of social control, this post should be an eye opening alarm for ya.

The action of blocking activity without due justification is a sad attempt to strangle the peasant, to muzzle the workhorse.

A continued act of cowardice to maintain biased public opinion and silence vocalized criticism of socially-destructive privileged amnesia.

Something I said must have caused some serious aggravation amongst the tightly clinched MoneyPower circle. 

In case you've never received warnings from Facebook, here are some of the screens you will most likely encounter:


Now I can't comment, like, or add friends, only post within my personal page. 
The screen-grab below was FB lame "response".

Not only that, it appears Facebook has begun a progressive tracking campaign everytime I post online as well. 

I wish Facebook would open with at least an introduction before they start stalking my profile.

Thanks Facebook for contributing my view count ;)

Placing a previous post onto my Reddit account also reflects the opinion of a bored, rather attentive hive, ready to scoff and debase those exhibiting the audacity disrupt this commercially fragile utopian ideal. 

These troublemakers must be "put in their place" with autocratic restriction or face the wrath of the inarguable DownVote...

Twice. Twice blocked/banned/booted off because of this wickedly sharp tongue; likely to lash a wound most vulnerable without a resourceful rebuttal to quell my combination.
All of this, and for what?

My 1st offense was investigating the obvious landslide of Jewish influences effecting social disparity.

after posting the inquiry below:

For what?

Mentioning our country's trigger-happy mindset, exhibiting instinctive needs to conceal and carry loaded weapons to fulfill a false sense of invincibility?

The statistics are unsettling to the core, so much that caused a cancerous growth of discouragement that is bound to excite primitive instincts.  

Too bad our modern punishments have evolved from generations prior huh?

Either Facebook Blocks and spastic Down-Votes are effortlessly more tolerable than 20-lashes on the Whipping Post as a consequence for speaking out of turn.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent Awareness: Emotional Energy Transference

There was a typical day coming home from work, catching the train in a timely manner was no surprise.
Sitting on the one available seat before me, however, was a hand-written message, no, possibly a memento that was left behind from the previous occupant.

I, along with the rest of the domesticated people-pushers, take my seat silently and proceed to analyze the note with its cryptic etching.

The linear repetition taking the entirety of this eerie transcript sparked my interest for the remainder of train ride home.
The one word, hard to distinguish, phonetically puzzling and almost questionable penmanship…



Hand-drawn boarders occupying every centimeter, written in sequence that is mirrored on the bottom half in equal measure.
Additionally, the paper itself carried a different kind of weight, metaphysically speaking. 

Not because of a handwritten note existing in our isolated e-culture, rather some energy source began to become more transparent throughout every pen stroke.

In my eye(s), every letter began to emit a “glow”, becoming an emotional signature, akin to the Light Writing technique found in digital photography (thanks Picasso!).   

Going further, I would place my hand on the paper itself, allowing the sensitivity of my palm to rake across every handwritten indentation.   

Internally, waves of stress, frantic urgency and excitement began to consume within my shell; no doubt the emotional imprint left behind from the anonymous author.

Was this really happening? Or has this experience become the result of excess fluoride intake effecting brain functionality.
I began to fish the idea to friends and colleagues, showing the parchment to those who could be more receptive toward empathic inquiry.

One friend reinforced an original assessment that I aspired to be true, mentioning the possibility of “TUNNEL” being maniacally spelled from beginning to end. 

Naturally I gravitated towards that possibility, this in part of the Sci-Fi short story entitled “TUNNELS:The Darkest Nexus” I developed, of which my friend alluded, indicating this being “some sort of sign” (insert corny ghostly sound fx here). 

Why did I find this orphaned handwritten note, on a commuter train filled to near capacity, that appears to (aspiring empathic accessibility implied) exude a wavelength of transferable energy?

This note, of which has become a personal keepsake and continues to travel with me.
It will continue to keep me guessing of its metaphysical components, as well of guessing any level of brain matter lost due to possible fluoridic erosion...