Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Deception Is Over.

You are either aware of the joke, 
or part of it.
Demand disclosure from the Kingmakers and their Superstructure.

More details coming soon, regarding our Pop Star In Command:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Contaminated Soil May Prove Counterproductive, Study Reveals

Time to hurry and grab your customized HAZ-MAT suit that you ordered online last week.

Don't have one, that's OK; just be sure to buddy up with those Doomsday Preppers, of whom everyone keeps snickering and finger-pointing on reality television.

Our nation’s leading administrators will continue to steer the United States into a full-on collision course into bedlam, beyond a lost civilization.   

It will be a gravely distant alternative, quite a difference from those "Good 'Ole Days" so many sit around longingly anticipating.  As of  March 2012 nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen collected various soil samples throughout the Tokyo area and was able to deem them saturated with radioactive waste.

This in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred 15 months ago, having residency among a notorious disaster short-list of irreversible destruction and disfigurement. 


According to Gundersen, "the lab determined that all of them would be qualified as radioactive waste here in the United States and would have to be shipped to Texas to be disposed of."

Learn more:

Ah, so it sounds like the American public would be very displeased to know of the imminent potential for American children to play and frolic on their glowing backyards.  
That is, should something similar occur, here, in America. Which could be a positive turn for you depending on your overall outlook; this could increase your home’s curb appeal (if your in to that sorta thing) in conjunction with your God-given tolerance for nuclear waste.

Oppressive regimes will always find a way to blur the truth and criminal intent.
Japanese officials, shown in the link below, displayed much cowardice with acknowledging dire issues of the public.
Many of them with their heads hanging low with their self-interests glaringly obvious.

Hmmmm, deleted again.... Lets try this one more time:

Its actually quite comedic how the general consensus has allowed distraction and propaganda to fog the path that will ultimately trace back to the root of the problem: the secret lair of rogues and thieves, of concealers and deceivers.

The industrious United States have become leaders of exporting industry and innovation, however, it seems as if U.S. citizens reap the spoils of this chemical/commercial war. Spikes in Autism and other neurological disorders, cancer in its plentiful, nefarious variations throughout the human body, are calculated to be among the highest of other "super-power" countries.

Oh what a surprise, spikes in privatized cancer “treatment” facilities that welcomes your preexisting conditions, with proper insurance with sky-reaching deductibles, are coincidentally plentiful.

These same contributors must have logged some serious hours playing Fallout 3 on Xbox. A fictional fable of life post nuclear apocalypse in which you must survive of the land, fending off other hostile scavengers and find your meals among mutated (yet meaty) oversized cockroaches (called Radroach Meat in game).   

How devilish indeed, the makers of policy and legislation are inching their intention closer towards a distorted reality. A reality in which the susceptibility of life imitates this forecast of art most sinister.

Correlating posts from both the Atlanta Journal Constitution and have reported improper and faulty construction of a new Vogtle Nuclear plant near Augusta, GA. These details were pinpointed during a federal inspection in May, from the offices of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC).  Construction will begin a series of re-dos in Mid-June according to Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson.


Thanks Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson, it’s good to know they have some sort of preventive game-plan, this in order to avoid converting 1/3 of Georgia into the equivalent of a radioactive deep-fryer.

It wasn’t very long ago the United States Government hand-delivered a loan totaling more than  8-Billion dollars towards this business venture. David Ratcliffe, CEO of Georgia Power parent, Southern Company, said that lower financing costs that will result will benefit the utility's customers.

The NRC is currently conducting national public meetings to address the many concerns outlining the new reactor projects. Anti-nuclear groups have opposed the project, saying it is costly and potentially dangerous.  These NRC tours/exhibits/resorts national public meetings continue until August 2012 and heading to a town near you.

We have also received word of the NRC’s Chairman Gregory Jaczko resignation this month as well.  He said neither a pending federal inspector general’s report on his time in office nor pressure from the nuclear industry prompted him to resign.

Jaczko said he voted March 30 against issuing the operational license for the nuclear plant. He wanted mandatory assurances that lessons learned from the Japan disaster would be applied to the South Carolina nuclear plants before he signed off on construction. He was the only NRC member to vote against the license.

A disaster that has unofficially being filed under the term “Plume-Gate”. This transpired due to the NRC and the White House purposely did not warn Americans about a massive radiation plume that struck the West Coast just days after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's eastern coast.

So I guess it’s time to suit up after all, there’s gonna be a new market for Bio-Hazard Gear in the near future. 

With that line of reasoning, perhaps Romney & Obama are correct, job creation in the United States will increasingly surge towards the demand.  Haz-Mat suits with the “Made In U.S.A.” embroidery will become quite coveted, governmentally approved leisure wear with only 92% leakage rates.


Again, it all depends on your overall outlook on life, many Americans won't be able to afford the top of the line suits needed for survival.  Once I turn into a radioactive mutant/zombie, maybe my dancing skills will start to improve by 30%. 

Finally, I can get that...

-half turn -step -pivot -arm out

-arm out- step -pivot

...sequence down like a legendary pro.

In the long run, there's no need to panic.  Just sit back, relax, grab the shortest short-shorts you can find, and have a Coke and a smile!

...Radioactive Coke Crazed Mutant/Zombies havin' a good ole time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Inspiration based from Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Transportative trance, traversing this tectonic temporal terrain.
Like a champion, with an observant stance, a rival with powers far beyond comprehension.

Talking to me within this; the pathway of my mind, unraveling the center of my processes.
Giving commands, both verbal and not, demanding my actions and then my reactions.
Taking control, of this sudden submission, while wondering about in this temporal storm.

Taken over by light, by chaos and distraction, enjoying the ride beyond my better judgment.
Although, I do have but this one regret.

That, I have this one life to live, with absolute caution, I must find a way for transport back home.
Where I can be safe forever, rest my processes to repair from such a ravaging.
To stand aside until the chains of this sanity can become inevitably undone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crystallis: From March Madness to April Anarchy


Crystallis, taken from term crystallization:

The formation of solid mineral by a series of chain reactions, resulting in a repetitive pattern that extends in all spatial dimensions.

Crystallization also occurs within a metaphorical dynamic while making ideas come to life. The process of combining thought and ideology within a collective pool takes place during the creation of a grand design.

Notice the recent series of events corresponding to the materialization of rigid GOP/Right Wing principles forming before our very eyes.  
Our expanding American frontier continues to regain an ominous theme of expressing proud imperialistic heritage that has been overstimulating the airwaves.  
An ever present phenomenon that seems to artfully and collectively broadcast a message of both American glorification and the mockery of foreign principles/beliefs.  

With an eye on the media, witness the slow formation of their most insidious deeds as this agenda has begun to crystallize and take form into wretched brilliance.
Listed below are events, movies, and TV shows within an oddly timed sequence throughout March & April 2012.  Please be aware, the message below will not be eloquent, it will be (quite tragically) very literal and a reflection of our most troubling times.  A connective chain of relevance in zero chronological order:

Starting with Romney’s shining endorsement from the Big Pimp Daddy himself, former Director of the C.I.A., former Vice President, and former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush.  

Don’t worry kids, more Bush and CIA to follow soon enough…

From one legend in his own right to another, we observed with great discomfort as Muhammad Ali was displayed akin to domesticated livestock during an opening pitch ceremony in Miami, Florida.  A gallant display unveiling Ali in his current condition, the opinion of most, as a fraction of a titan. To showcase this morbid use of symbolism of a hero in this state, allowing the public to sympathize with an Olympian idol was beyond questionable.

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said Ali's appearance actually has been in the works for two months… Mmmmhmmm
"I wanted to give the fans the sense that we're doing special things here," Loria said. "He is still the most famous person on the face of the earth."

Read more:

North Korea poised to display ballistic advancement was pageantry for some, a military crisis for most.  
Those who began to take high notice, like paranoid jittery squirrels, began to take defensive actions during this prophesied world war against American forces.  

Yes, America with our abundant overflow of nuclear warheads, we should be justified in our obvious vulnerability.  The outcome was spectacle for the world to see, allowing America, of all countries, to observe with divisive laughter and defiant ridicule. 
We sit on our leather-bound wingback recliners and watch another country attempt in imposing American ingenuity and might.  

But why and why now?

Consistent coverage of gluttonous GSA workers and Secret Service personnel is currently being funneled down the multimedia pipeline.  Boastful spending has, of course, hit viral capacity.  


These workers were resourceful enough to heed the call, to take action, to record their parasitic Spring Break antics, reaping the benefits of luxury in varying degrees and altitudes. 
Access of taxpayer dollars led toward devious spending sprees, making international news that’s quote “currently under investigation for review: someone will be going to jail for this” (according to a CNN News Ticker).  

The level of cronyism was apparent and appropriate as Sen. Liberman advised that it’s best for the White House to conduct its own internal investigation.  

Sure, these oily pigs will be processed out of jail so quick and easy, their limo will be eagerly waiting for them outside.  Instructing the driver to leave the engine running as they continue to shuffle some bothersome paperwork…

A woman’s role within achieving American equality has become compromised yet again under dogmatic Conservative powers.  Electing ex-frat boy conduct to rally around old-fashioned misogyny, lawmakers demonstrated a new purpose for the violation of the female body. 

This in addition to the override of choice with imposing “Person-hood” restrictions is yet another form of Neanderthalic backslide. 

The GOP: War on Women

What they have done may very well disprove laws of evolution, particularly with presiding lawmakers that have exceeded their legitimate usefulness.

Additional restrictions are currently being ushered-in proposing laws to increase methods to minimize Voter Fraud and American citizenship (something that the vast American public has demanded with great conviction).   

As this subject is often a case of “much to do about nothing” (in light of systematic recalls/recounts/”lost votes”) citizen voting have become archaic forms of measure and reason.  Super-Pacs and billionaire sweepstakes often shift the power struggle of allowing privileged citizens to change the landscape as they see fit.

To widen the gap even further, lawmakers (of the Neanderthal kind remember) have mandated certain areas to enforce Voter ID Card guidelines.  This new card will need to stuffed in your overcrowded card holder among your maxed credit card(s), driver’s license, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream of the Month Card and debit card.    
That is, if you have been informed about the new change in the first place. With this amount of bureaucratic busy-work, surely government officials would never attempt to deter voting rights in its most basic form, would they?

Oh wait, and the whole Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trainwreck as well.
A multicultural field-frenzy maintaining a slow dose of racial divide that is attempting to cause great harm to our American culture.  Predominant portions of March and April have been riddled with news segments addressing all of the details as they become available within this “trending” case.  

“I am sorry for the lost of your son.”

In the wake of flashy Trayvon Martin graphics, this media attack is the slow yet rewarding process of beautiful Crystallis.
Crystallization, selecting from of a collective pool of thought or ideology, drafting this design to artfully arrange this cruel image of racial distraction.

To properly accessorize the moment, odd sequences of similarly themed broadcasts have been aired across multiple networks during this timeframe. At the height of Hoodie Themed citizen protest and outrage, these networks were diligent enough to present for our viewing pleasure:

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” : a hip hop star’s “autobiography” reliving his adolescence within inner-city violence, often wearing a dark hoodie with a concealed weapon.

The Express”: a drama based on the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy during a horrible Segregationist period.  The first 5-minutes of the movie illustrated the tone as the protagonist was approached by agitators and was addressed as a “black dumb nigger.”

National Security”: slapstick comedy a la 2003 that revolves around running gag involving Martin Lawrence’s character being “assaulted” by LAPD officer Steve Zahn. The message and imagery, with its timeless importance, must have been top priority for network executives; it aired twice during the weekend of early April.

Why?  Where is the social relevance of these features, this including a Rolodex of other select timeslot fillers as well:

Piers Morgan Tonight decided to have Rodney King as a guest recently. You know, just to have a chat to see how he’s getting by in life.  Definitely not trying to court some method of media suggestion toward our society, are you now? This in conjunction to the upcoming VH1 documentary entitled “Uprising: Hip Hop and The LA Riots”… Of course…

To Kill A Mockingbird” was aired with limited commercial interruption with a marketing cherry-on-top; President Obama was able to reserve time for personally introducing the film’s 50th anniversary.

President Obama introduces To Kill a Mockingbird



The timing of this legendary tale of accusation and socially/racially charged dramatics automatically build layers of suspicion.  Mmmmkay, “Mockingbird”.  Remember this kids, “Mockingbird” will be mentioned again very shortly…

Conversely, the recent upswing of TV shows that uphold very traditional, questionably Confederate based imagery have become repetitive visual assaults.  One would question a theory of the media’s intent of forging a pathway that would outline proud “Southern Strategy” and its quest to dominate the airwaves:

-Sons of Guns & American Guns

-Discovery Channel’s “Top 10 Shootouts”

-Mentioned on a previous blog post, the visit at a gun range by once famed Rick Santorum. An on-looker encouraged him to visualize President Obama in his direct line of fire.


Hmmmm, let's re-upload the video file:


-CNN’s coverage of the new book entitled “Battle of Shiloh” depicting the Civil War’s most gruesome conflict amongst American citizens.

-The announcement of a new star studded mini-series to air entitled “Hatfield & Mccoys”

-What? A bobble-head maker is getting media attention for the John Wilkes Booth replica he’s created, and selling:


- A surge of Nikon Rifle Scope advertisements across multiple networks.

- The well publicized announcement of Charles Manson's 2012 parole that was reviewed and promptly denied.  This, in part, due to his Helter Skelter antics he was/is highly hopeful for an inevitable social clash to come into fruition.  

What timing, there has been claims as well as streams of CNN coverage reporting Manson's possible "love child" Matthew Roberts has vocalized his concern passing the legacy.

Yeah, time to find Maury Mr. Manson.

-Nicholas Cage’s portrayal in “Drive Angry” is pure testosterone fuel. As a vengeful father on a murderous shooting spree after returning from Hell, he firmly uses his methods to “Stand His Ground” time and time again. He is virtually indestructible, MANeuvers muscle cars to their maximum MAN-HANDLED potential, and shoots his assailants with ammo to spare (hmmmm… flashback of United States Sgt. Robert Bales gunning down Afghans).

The conclusion of these shootouts (both fictional and not) will ultimately bleed into the recent events taking place at the April 2012 NRA convention.

Members of the NRA, according to their executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre, “represent the very best of America’s character and strength”.
NRA’s insistence of colorfully illustrating that:

“This is our moment, our destiny, our place in the history of preserving
American liberty!
This is our time, our election to rise up and fight for ALL our rights.
It’s all or nothing and we will fight and defend our nation because we must. And we will prevail! We will prevail and we will stand for who we truly are.
We are Americans! We are patriots! We are the NRA and in this election, by God, we are ALL IN!”

Ummm, all the ALLs were All Caps.

All in for what? Why Now?
What is the intention behind his podium with an ensemble cast of middle aged, upper class American men?
Oh what impressive timing, for a more in-depth analysis of this hateful rant, lets listen to what NRA posterchild Ted Nugent (Da’ Nuge!) has to say about his suggested Patriot Act:

These men, these “Braveheart” men, brandish an array of automatic weapons but seem to fail in the notion of brandishing an opinion in regards to obvious American racial division.  These images have been stitched into our patriotic fabric, addressing corruptive motives overlapping moments of delusional and entitled glory.

An odd sequence of events, certainly not by luck, but by meticulous arrangement.  The kind of arrangement that requires massive amount of coordinated effort to serve a singular purpose.  A crystallization of law and theory that will provide an outline for great domination over the mind and even weaker body. 

Covert operations led by the C.I.A. have maintained a metaphoric stranglehold toward American ideology, all funded with citizen taxpaying dollar.  One act of organized crime has been disclosed within Operation Mockingbird (Ha! “Mockingbird”. Cleaver nicknames boys) that was(?) implemented to instruct the media to air fabricated stories authored by the CIA.


CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA

A governmental scheme that would carry the ruse of Patriotic struggle into American homes and hearts, paving the way of citizen manipulation to carry out well calculated, insidious deeds for domination.

To execute and maintain this legacy would require continuous dedication and hands-on experience.  Leaders within this operation should have a high pedigree of privilege and firsthand knowledge. Consequently, the shortlist of likely candidates pertains to a very small circle.   

Those within the Executive Class having access to “power” with the intention of never letting it go anytime soon and passing it down through generations.

An American Monarchy portrayed at its highest state of brilliance, cheers to Big Pimp Daddy himself, former Director of the C.I.A., former Vice President, and former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush.  To forge stories with divisive yet artistic imagery, combined with intent toward citizen divide (preying upon racial, social, and economical prejudices) is a crushing blow, a haymaker to flatten autocratic resistance.



“I’m going to be so much better a president for having been at the CIA that you’re not going to believe it.” -GHW Bush

The surname alone maintains a level of lingering modern relevance has been elusive and shadowy, just as The Bushs would prefer it most likely.  Indeed, such intention has become transparent as crystal, an inside joke that bares such intention that depraves the human spirit and aimlessly fails social outreach.

Congratulations are in order; this is our modern, American potential on the verge to become realized.  

A crystal is starting to form into its final stage, a crystal forged with the blood of the fallen, from the sweat of our labor; the glorious U.S.A., our United States of Arrest.

All operating within this current administration that is truly E-FAT: Evil, For All Time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romney Wants To Eat Your Soul

The poor interviewer-guy.  He's caught in the hypnotic gaze by that creepy Mormon vampire Lastat

Crap, that's not Lastat, its Willard Mitt Romney...  Double-crap, Lastat wasn't Mormon, was he???

From the video footage below, you can observe as Mitt does not break eye-lock with the interviewer for 95.7% of the time.  Lurking over him like a starved carnivore stalking his prey, ready for takedown, ready for his bloody meal.

Well, that was a long time ago, like almost 20-years.  
I'm sure he was able to fine tune his stage-presence and work social respectability.

The creep factor just doesn't seem to fade away, now does it?  Like a leering used car sales man that's breathing heavy, eager to seal the deal to coordinate your many payment options. Somehow relying on some sort of outline or gameplan that continues to alienate a growing populace.

A nefarious character with an alleged car-elevator garage would bear a hint of resemblance of a fictional tycoon.  See if you can test your skills to distinguish between fantasy and reality (?) with this pop quiz:

Such a passionate man with charm and charisma to spare...You have the endorsement from huggable American Ambassadors such as Donald Trump and George H. W. Bush.
Your so close Willard! Go for presidential gold and defeat Obama in 2012!

Stand Your Ground Soldier, and Reload!

Back by popular demand, multiplied coverage featuring shootings/killings of “suspicious” men are being reported and streamed across the globe.  

Each story providing gruesome details of conflict and take-downs (very successful take-downs if I might add), each occurrence resulting with hazardous aftershocks toward humanity’s attempt for social tranquility, is  comparable to heart-break, is comparable to nuclear fallout.


We now have 19 year old Kendrec McDade:

McDade, a college student who was accused of stealing contents from a gentleman’s car in Pasadena California.  The accuser, Oscar Carrillo, called 911 stating that he was just robbed by a group of armed black men… 

at the back of a taco stand…  The police was successful in tracking the young man down and was able to appropriately lay down the law assess the situation. 

McDade was unarmed according to the authorities, but you may never know when “Breaking News” will announce that “a new investigation has surfaced with footage of McDade carrying a switchblade!”


We now have 60 year old former Railroad Police Officer Howard Morgan:

Morgan was pulled over on his way home the morning of... February 21, 2005.  He soon discovered that the police had stopped him for an alleged traffic violation. 

Though identifying himself as a police officer, Howard Morgan was forced from his vehicle and shot multiple times by four police officers.  He was charged with 4 counts of first degree attempt murder and three counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm. Officer Morgan was shackled to his hospital bed for over 6 months. Medical testimony indicated that Mr. Morgan had 28 bullet wounds, the majority of which were to the back of his body. 


We now have Jimma Reat, a 26-year-old from Sudan:


Reat and his party called 911 to report they were being threatened and pursued by four men.  The dispatcher “instructed” them to return to the scene of origination as police assistance was en route. The same group of men (it has been reported that these were four Hispanic men) shot and murdered Reat, still, without any apprehended suspects.


So, this collection of dead dark-skinned bodies are beginning to stockpile.  As in any case, the decomposition phase has been known to cause a distinguishable and foul odor. 

It stinks.  As in the plausibility of these tales of murderous tragedy, fostering as many holes in its foundation as it has bullet wounds.

Taking a back step away from the dramatics that is so abundantly in front of our plasma screens, there has been a repulsive multimedia trail having connected ties to these events.

With great timing, The Oprah Winfrey has now entered the arena.

Challenging Zimmerman to a dialogue duel, on the world’s stage, and more than likely, on her terms.
Most definitely as what The Oprah says, goes.
And goes.
And goes.

CNN’s persistent coverage, that is carefully dissecting all of the evidence within the Trayvon Martin case, has been flooding the airwaves.   

Recent tertiary related programs, such as their “Kids on Race” offers a host of concerns, on this distractionary round table, raising children in this Melting Pot society.

Despite our ongoing disputes to chastise ourselves how this country objectifies racial tension, so many of our citizens remain deadlocked on how we should be maintain our borders. Specifically the borders dividing the southwest territories.  

Much to the effect of chastising those who we deem as directly responsible for border security issues, as represented from the pointed finger of Arizona Governor  Jan Brewer:

Actually, certain bloggers would have preferred to re-imagine this visual with a different interpretation (she felt “a little threatened (suspicious)” after retelling this encounter):

Current Arizonian legislation has granted law enforcement officers to determine an individual's immigration status (usually someone dark-hued complexion, brown usually) during a "lawful stop, detention or arrest". 

The powers within SB 1070 allow officers to assess each confrontation while utilizing “reasonable suspicion” in order to investigate that individual’s government registration.


Basically, see any reference to the Yellow Badges used during the Nazi occupation, which is hauntingly comparative by variable historical degrees. 

Speaking of Nazi occupation, the television show “Sons of Guns” just aired a segment showcasing a client’s prized possession.  

An antique MB 18, which was the effective sub-machine gun favored by Nazi forces during WW 1 & 2.  Of course; Nazism, well known for dramatic propaganda to agitate themes of national pride and political tradition, are a relic of the past…

Despite all of our efforts, there are governmental and economical powers at large who covet the time-era for social divides and restriction of free will. 
This reflection of our modern society are mutated versions of those dreadful, infamous times. Honestly, I really don’t want to go back to 1950’s.   
Air conditioning wasn’t commonplace back then, plus, WiFi and cell phone reception was terrible back then…

At this point in time, anyone who challenges the notion by discounting race within these cases are (at best) fooling themselves, or (at worst) a cog in this cycle of deception most despicable.

It's completely contrary towards basic human understanding, human appreciation, and human compassion. This, propelling the agenda for distrust amongst ourselves is very much a distraction towards human advancement as we are all, a human community and indebted to Mother Earth.
To advocate low-level discriminatory tactics to remain armed and divided at all times is a step toward de-evolution. This in part is due to proposed "suspicious" activity that is lurking and dubiously found around them.