Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Infernal Machines: The Trayvon Martin Killing

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R.I.P. fallen Trayvon Martin.

The recent slaying of this young man by the hands of alleged shooter George Zimmerman has created systematic shock-waves across the globe. An embarrassing roster of investigative actions on the behalf of Florida’s Seminole County has proven to be a grave disservice toward its taxpaying citizens.

As the questions behind personal motive and forensic evidence continue to rise, so does the expected racial tension and subjectivity. In fact, the tension has started to balloon among those who would fall within the select category of a natural “suspicious appearance”, a tension filled balloon that is sure to POP POP POP with unbridled kinetic forces.

What perfect timing this came along in addition to the concealed gun laws that are being revised/modified in the south...

The highly contested “Stand your ground” law will enable the PPP (Privileged, Pale, & Paranoid) to exact their cowboy dreams. A new addition to their arsenal warranting great possibilities for revenue growth and much needed job creation.

Organized “Hoodie Marches” (relating to the “suspicious” attire Trayvon wore at the time of his murder) have shown their solidarity in regards to protesting such obvious racial divides amongst our modern society. The level of active involvement has begun to intensify similarly to the global charge of the Troy Davis execution and its many vile irregularities.

What occurred during the social movement and rallies that vocalized civil injustice less than a year ago has been revitalized in light of this very muddled tragedy. In fact, we begin to see the reappearance of another institution that appear to be the vanguards of challenging racial oppression, all the while, gaining valuable press and network air time:

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…)

The NAACP were strategically placed on the front lines during the Troy Davis movement and have repeated this fashion of representation throughout this new social travesty. With great possibilities to further polarize dynamics within class and race, the NAACP manages to swoop in with majestic grace and timing.

The NAACP, the first and usually the only nationally recognized institution that makes an exhaustive effort gathering the masses, herding the sheep.

As depicted in the photo, this member in his shiny suit represents an intermediary collective, leading the charge with a rallying cry to instill trust, sincerity, and security amongst these delicate times of civil unrest.

This has occurred in the past, present, and the inevitable future as the dramatics continues to unfold.

Of course, establishing a sense of trust amongst the people and dispatch agents of sincerity under NAACP guidelines is paramount. To corral and encircle the hopeful masses under a shroud of duplicity and deception, keeping the pawns in a unified state of mind. Within a very slow brewing, calculating and deliberate gameplan, is when true intention is revealed of seismic proportions.

Ultimately its up to the Gamemasters to seal the fate of those who engage in this mockery. Eventually drawing the line in the sand in order to “Stand your ground” as it will become an “Us vs. Them” scenario in this most orchestrated racial catastrophe.

Supposedly maintaining their concept of the advancement of Colored People, the Gamemasters derive from the funders and financiers of this infernal machine, the famed NAACP.

Who are these angel investors you may be wondering?

Who would like nothing more than to ensure that certain members of society are “put in his place”?

Who maintains vested interest in the precious NAACP brand, this precious “stock”?

They are clearly displayed as a Who’s Who encryption on the 2010 annual report listing, case in point:

Fox Entertainment Company (A.K.A. Fox News)

Bank Of America


PepsiCo & The Coca Cola Company (A.K.A. cancer cola company)

ExxonMobil Corp.

YUM! Brands, Inc. (gimme dat fried chicken!)

Lockheed Martin Corporation (ballistic missile and aircraft developer)

A growing fester of mega-corporations to name a few.

Without fail or hesitation, another set of institutions make their annual contribution towards the NAACP with keen interest.

The United States Department of the Army.

The United States Department of the Navy.

Wait… What???

Government funded programs can afford to make charitable donations? Interesting…

A shadowy group of individuals ranking high upon the PPP class, sitting along a round table to materialize deeply rooted plans within plans. Capacities for human atrocity are highly favorable within this and any other tyrannical regime exacting methods for supremacy.

"The Project For the New American Century"

 "The Neo Conservative Manifesto"

Time and time again, making their self-interest very much apparent, an Invisible Empire locked in combat against humanity and its potential.

Institutions such as these have expressed new depths of greed and social disconnection, while maintaining a duplicitous veneer to foster “equality of all persons”.


I will not join in on any Hoodie Themed Marches, again, a form of organized pageantry that has been broadcasted on the world’s stage for entertainment purposes.

To engage in these mere methods of modern mind lock would cause even greater harm towards the advancement of all people (yes, even the colored ones).

Collected donations from socially detached corporations have made their contributions towards ensuring these methods abundantly clear in keeping class and social distortion intact and unwavering.

Conversely, another rampage of merciless killing in Afghanistan has surfaced at the hands of decorated United States solider.

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales has been shown on international television screens wearing a bright smile and protected by his proud American armor. 

We seem to be at a pivotal pitfall of information as we have yet to see the photo of him wearing an orange jumpsuit with handcuffs and chains.

All the while, the Gamemasters sit from afar and watch the Muppets dance on a string in a timed sequence. Now armed with law and legislation, following a connective and mutating thread between gun concealment, “standing your ground”, the recent NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) will leave those imposing a glimmer of suspicion either indefinitely jailed or effectively dead.


See into their eyes.

Beat into their hearts.

For True Perception

Will set us apart.