Friday, March 2, 2012

Herman Cain: The Organ Grinder Monkey, Part 2

Similar to a stubborn malignant tumor that resurfaced due to an overgrowth of puseous skin tissue,
Herman Cain returns with a vengeance to warm our hearts with delight and child-like wonder.

He returns with this campaign teaser:

From this link, you can follow his cross-country bus tour as he outlines the best possible solutions for our swamped economy.

Salutations are in order as you will also be greeted with a very prevalent, very red "Donate Here" button at the top of every page.  Most likely to cover the costs of $4.00 a gallon gas to fuel his steel chariot from point A to G to O to P.

So…What in the world is he doing on the campaign trail you might ask? 
Why, he’s spreading his patriotic gospel to the masses by making a stand, to reinvigorate the American Spirit & the American Dream. 

He thoughtfully addresses many solutions that are vigorously bi-partisan according to a mangled mantra:
“This is NOT a republican, democrat, libertarian, conservative, liberal or progressive movement.  This is a “We the People” movement!”

Wait. What?!?

An obvious bias can be assessed after reviewing his spiraling travel schedule, attending repeat speaking engagements, appearing on Fox News’ Hannity. 

Remember this crafty holiday reminder that was released a few months ago?  Lovely Fox News... Thank you for extracting the last remains of subtlety by unveiling true intention.

There will be frequent correspondence for Cain, filling in for Ultra-Right radio host Neal Boortz, all while sporting the best in Men’s sweater vest technology (made of new fibers that are flame retardant due to hot air exposure).
Also… placing animated endorsements for…Joe the Plumber.

His TKO presentational punch was unleashed onto the public by broadcasting his latest attempt into the “viral” ad consortium:

Hmmm, a vintage concept stuck in the 80's, imagine that..

This is another reflection of corporate dollar influence, specifically in that any salesman/pitchman will stand in front of a podium mic to spew and blab.

Corporate donors will make sure find the proper “Gun for hire” to kill worker’s rights and necessities t.  All reduced to slug-slime; unusable and definitely counter toward human progress and collectivism.

Herman Cain, still dancing for loose change to entertain quivering PPP (Pale Paranoid Privileged) Men to ensure the work is properly allocated, the way our Lord and Savior intended. 
And please pass the collection plate.

Have my views toward Sir Cain’s deceptive agenda altered since our previous tango on ‘da trail?  Abso-freaking-lutely not!