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Monday, December 19, 2011

From The Gallows: A Modern Day Abolitionist

 **** Warning: Troubling/Upsetting Images Used Below To 
Better Emphasize Troubling/Upsetting Times ***

The image above was drafted from the classic etching   
A Negro Hung Alive by the Ribs to a Gallows .

A runaway slave was captured, impaled by the ribcage, and mercilessly hung by his forcefully created orifice, courtesy of his vengeful owner.
Yes, “troublesome property” indeed.
Conservatives seem to have a fetish for crucifixion and history has an unquestionable way of repeating itself. 

Has this disgusting image of bloated human supremacy adaptable into our modern society?

Perhaps providing a connective thread between alleged "thrill kills" rife with biases will justify savage trophies of dominance in its most primitive form:

Bombardment of daily visuals that have become unfortuate prideful representations, connecting influence and ideals into wretched commonality.

(License plate details provided by

Note, the video below was removed from Youtube and I will continue to frequently repost as as necessary.

"Marines Humiliating dead Taliban insurgents by urinating on their bodies"

Taxpayers of the nation will want to have these troopers to explain themselves with their careers in jeopardy.

We all have to sit and wonder...

These images- symbolizing its portrayal of our modern social pyramid, its pursuit for gore on frontal display will surely manifest its desire for success with artillery & anarchy.

After varying successes in life, why is it that so many of us, members of the obvious lower class, have to fight, have to struggle for own rudimentary need and comfort?

So many of us, like King Sisyphus before us, hold a romanticized ideal firmly within our grasp, only to stumble uphill and fall in backwards recoil from oppressive gravitational forces.

Thus, watching dreams and aspirations falter into the muck of discontent.

The creative talents that resonate within each and every one of us are set aside, extinguished for the sake of grinding, regurgitating daily work output. Gone are the days where the two spheres of education and ingenuity were all inclusive for a collective society, in stark contrast to modern privatized education.

During the 1770’s, Scottish economist & moral philosopher Adam Smith, suggested that the factors between the wealthy and the poor was harnessing the ability to focus select skill sets and ranges.

From this, societies would greatly benefit from labor incurred from those who are empowered to seek, thrive and excel within human ingenuity, human progression.

Instead, we have an economic system that has relied on human negligence and intellectual barbarism.

How ironic advances found within empire building have a proportionate amount of growth in terms of disproportional  wealth and cost of living.

An evil that represents the greed and hunger inside us all, exclusive to the human species and remains to be the foundation of imperialistic violence. 
A quote that has been repeated on my behalf on numerous occasions.
From Marx: "the better you're paid, the more golden your chains".
The effects of Capitalism are very tangible; it employs slavery in a very polite form.
You and I are only worth so many dollars, and that form of currency is depreciating by the hour.

The saying that “Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It” could be applied in our modern era. Funny thing is that coincidentally, our modern era has transcended into a radical shift.
We cannot qualify ruthless autocratic rule and imperialism as a historical past-time event.
Not by a longshot, for there is nothing to repeat, this process of Empire Building is still very much alive and binding to say the least.

Most still stuck in that bubble of current ideology; we’ve simply never left the station of disproportion at all, despite influences from the agenda based Media to perpetuate bliss and comfort.

“All aboard, next station is: GET BACK TO WORK, NOW PUSH!!!”: definitely echoes across the country as many aspire to obtain the illusion of Middle class is the new masquerade, the new slave class.

Slave class has no preference in color, any lukewarm body with a shelved, dusted $45,000 bachelors’ degree need only apply.
Wage slavery is deceptive by its very definition and an active involver within this, our lobotomized and fruitless economy.
Long time stagnation of wage increases and vast underemployment will continue to digest social prosperity.

These GameMasters, armed with alligator skinned briefcases, know exactly what they are doing.
We have all recognized the Federal budget’s verge towards total implosion and have witnessed legislative disregard vocalizing this as a necessary routine of economic process.
Leaving us to combat against bankers and corporate devices, which have been engineered with decorated collegiate minds for blatant consumer manipulation and theft.

Witness as the neighboring state of North Carolina focuses on discontinuing unemployment benefits among the Labor Class within the very near future while employment opportunities are rapidly evaporating; guess which industry may decide to move all-in towards a time honored business strategy?

Peasant class is slave class. Your corporate owner will generationally deprive working conditions and limit what you once could consider as reasonable health care for employees. Instead, your corporate owner will, not on your behalf, purchase “dead peasant” life insurance policies (or the more P.C. term “Corporate-Owned” Life Insurance). Policies on employees' lives that are owned by the employer, with listed benefits payable to the employer, only the employer.

The slave class property must be monitored.
The legalization of the recent National Defense Authorization Act ( NDAA ) will be able to grant Military uncharted might and authority.
With heightened paranoia of possible terroristic threats, Military personnel will neutralize  aforementioned internal "threats".

Any presumption made on their behalf that would link you to a fantasy terroristic militia would result in shift, tactical punishment: being hung alive by the ribs to a gallows…..

Ooops. Oh wait, let's use modern jargon…. subjected to indefinite detention with limited civil rights.

Animals in the wild instinctively know to join together during times of crisis. Networking, bridge-building, flocking together, all to ensure the resiliency of their species with minimal hesitation.

They also have a fraction of human brain capacities; we, as a sophisticated species, can only hope to learn from their evolutionary progress and silent optimism for preserving future legacies.

A collective front for the human species must be obtained to dissolve generational Mind-Lock, to dissolve GameMaster Deception, to study the chatter from an elevated perspective to better anticipate and neutralize hostile intention.

Business moguls present elitist ideals through subliminals, through symbolism and subtly as a masquerade in the vein of entertainment must be severed from its continued popularity.

However, people are afraid, intimidated, or ignorant of the public need for social economic change.

Instead, it’s time we let this concept of capitalism, of which encourages chaos and servitude, to hang and swing from the gallows, to waste away in its own filth and ruin.
For acceptance, for unity, for those who encourage others as Abolitionists to lead them towards enlightenment.

“If we must fight for our human rights; remember, they are only broken bones.
Wounds will heal but deception is forever.”